Oil for new cars

wormNovember 29, 2006

My new Ford recommends using 5W20 oil. It's the only oil they mention. I read an article that says life is much worse with 5W20 oil than 5W30 oil and said only Honda and Ford recommend using it and they only have 3 years / 36,000 mi. warranties.

For some of you with newer vehicles (2006, 2007) other than Ford or Honda, what oil does your owner's manual recommend using? Does it still have the multiple options based on temperature?

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You say this is a "new Ford", so I'm assuming it's brand new. The best way to ensure your warranty coverage stays in effect unchallenged, is to use and do what the owners manual specifies, and keep your service recipts. Once it's off warranty, you're in the clear to use whatever you want.

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2005 with 25,000 miles. Warranty is 3 year or 36,000 mi. so I got 9000 miles left on the warranty.

I'd like to know what other manufacturers like GM, Chrysler, etc. have in their manuals for new cars.

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