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compumomMarch 21, 2012

I had to drop my upright vacuum off for repair- it's a Eureka something that we bought at BB&B for under $200 a few years ago. The contractor borrowed it for a quick pick up the last time he worked here and it's been acting up ever since. The final straw was a burned smell and we shut it off. I took it in for repair and just got an estimate of $82 for a new belt, HEPA and "service". If I just want the belt, it's $25 and the HEPA is $28.

I'm debating if I should get a new vac as this one weighs a ton and it has to be carried upstairs for most of the carpeted areas. Our canister vac does the hardwood downstairs. Do those prices seem reasonable or outrageous? Is it worth fixing or should I buy a lighter weight Dyson?

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Years ago I had a Riccar canister vac and a dog that shed profusely. At least every other year the Riccar went in for a servicing that ran $125+. It became an expected expense for me. Now I have a Miele and a low shedding dog - we shall see..

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Personally I would get a Shark Liftaway.

Cost about 1/3rd of what the Dyson does and it is every bit as good if not better.
In fact when I went to BB&B to check out the Shark they had a Dyson area there with a little rug in front of it where you could try it out.
I took down the Dyson ran it over the rug twice.
then took down the Shark and did the same over the same rug.

The Shark picked up quite a bit of very fine dust that the Dyson left in the carpet.
Its lighter, converts to a canister in 2 seconds that you can carry anywhere, the upright swivels virtually as well as the Dyson ball.

For $160 after using the 20% off coupon it is a FAR better deal than the Dyson.
We got the one with the floor attachment so you can both vacuum and dust the hardwood floor at the same time.

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The problem with almost any repair is that it takes some time to disassemble and reassemble and often what should be an easy belt change requires more time than anyone would wish.

I suspect thaqt the Eureka was a Boss or perhaps something older(burning rubber suggests older). They are perfectly good machines. Vacuums do pretty much the same thing, and you wern't bothered before, so any one should do.

I therefore suggest that you find a light one for convenience. Personally, I am as cheap as they come, and I would have attempted to dislodge the tangle or clog or perhaps at the repair point it was simply a broken belt. Unfortunately, the repair seems to be almost reasonable or perhaps a better way to look at it is to assume that the machine was a disposable item.

I was perfectly happy with our Eureka Boss although the utility hose was deteriorating. The wife bought a refurbished Dyson (I would have been really upset if she had gotten a new one). It would have been absurdly more expensive for only minimal improvement (if any). It is just as heavy and less manuverable. It does have a nice vacuum driven small stair/upulstry brush. It also is bagless. I think that is a pain.

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That you're thinking of a Dyson suggests to me that there's something else about your old vac that you dislike. The Dysons don't seem that lightweight to me.

We bought a Miele Callisto in 2009. They're pricey, but I was tired of buying a new vac every 2 years. Repairing the old ones never seemed to be cost effective due to the labor charges. So far so good, and the motor has a 7 year warranty, so I am happy with that.

A Shark or an Oreck might be something to look at if you want a light vac.

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What I dislike about the Eureka is the weight and the awful amount of noise that it makes. I have no idea if Dyson's are quieter, and truth be told, I'm not the one who usually uses it. I've had two older Orecks, and while light, I wasn't impressed with their ability to pick up lint on the carpet. And they don't have attachments.
I like having cleaning attachments onboard, The cannister stays mostly downstairs and this one is useable on the area rugs and upstairs on the wall to wall. I think I need to make a more educated decision. Thanks for reminding me to do my due diligence.

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I was once advised by a professional cleaner to go to a vacuum cleaner repair store and buy a refurbished commercial vacuum cleaner. Most consumer vacuums are overpriced and not particularly good quality. The one I bought, an old Simplicity upright, has served me well for many years.

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