2000 s-type - no heat

jagger00November 30, 2007

Air works fine - when I turn the temp up to turn on heat

air kicks in - took to dealer they want $105 per hour

to tear into it and will let me know what's wrong.

Said it could be 1 of 4 valves or the controller.

It's 19 F here today need help fast!

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So, what are you asking for, a cheep trick to get the heat on? There may be one, I don't know. Did you ask them? Sounds like the shop thinks or knows it's a blend door problem of some kind and have a line on the possible causes. Charge sounds not out of line in this day and age. The shop guy has probably taken a number of dashes like yours apart before and is pretty fast at it.

Odds are $600 will cover it no matter what. Baring a cheep trick which may get the heat on but not fix the problem, the other option is to buy some tools for several hundred bucks, buy a shop manual for $100+, start studying and do it yourself. If it were me, I'd pay the man to fix it.

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