Love Story Table

phonegirlFebruary 27, 2011

The title may seem misleading at first. I couldn't get my printer to print what I wanted off the net. So Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal "Love Story" theme table didn't happen. Put the snow, Graduation cap, piano and sheet music away.

Still wanted to set a new table so... used some of the Stars in our lives for a "Love Story" table. What a perfect time to bring out my Johnson Bros. Friendly dinnerware with the snow scene. Also, my "Giving Plate" Dear Jane sent me last year.

Never thought I would use a flower tc with this dinnerware but I did on this one! The tc is reversible, I picked it up at Ross for $8.99. It's alot prettier in RL.

The lt green chargers are some my DH painted. Love this color and will use them for some spring settings. The green crystal stems are from Christmas gift. Green plates are Norfolk. Small clear plates w/leaves I've had and used before.

The wooden candle holders were DM's. I added some copper leaves and eucalyptus to match the tc. Added a butterfly on our pic. frame too. Set out the new candle holders I showed awhile back that came from Ross. Placemats, napkins and napkin rings, gifts from DD.

I did some tweaking off and on yesterday but couldn't get any great pictures. Nothing fancy but it helped pass my stay at home on a cold winter day. I didn't get my Baby it's cold Outside sign I had started out of the way either.Opps! Maybe I'll finish it today. I thought this was the cutest sign above her mantel which I don't have.

I did get alot of extra cleaning done and hope to do more today. It's 9 above and suppose to hit 16 and then start snowing again. We are 53% above the average for moisture this year.Woohoo!!!

DH's parents. DMIL is alive and lives 3 miles from us.

Both of my parents left us nine years ago, five weeks apart.

A closer look at parents pics and ours in the center when we were all quite younger!

I took off the center table runner and added electric candles around the Giving Plate on sewing cabinet.

May you all have a wonderful day and thanks for looking. Suggestions always Welcome.


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punk ... I don't know if this will help you any...were you trying to copy a pic off of Google? If you right-click on the image in Google & hit "copy"...then go to your desktop & right click & hit "paste"...then it should show there. Then use whatever your photo program is to fix & print by retrieving the pic from the desktop. I typed in "Love Story" in Google Images...& this is the 1st one I saw & did the above procedure...of course, I added it to PBucket so I could post it here...I can't print from PBucket tho so used my photo software to print it.

Anyway, your t'scape! I love the t'cloth you chose & then using those gorgeous JB plates! Your placesetting are so pretty w/all the stacking you do! & DH's paint job on the chargers looks great & yes, a lovely Spring color! And what better Love Story theme than FAMILY! & what great memories this t'scape must bring for you! Lovely!

All the candlelight is so always "light up" your tables! I really like your DM's wood ones w/candles & sayings! And other than candlelight, framed pics are always a winner in my book!

Green stemware looks lovely w/JB plates & you are so good at napkins! Stay warm & this too shall pass! (the weather)...TFS, punk! Jeanne S.

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Punk, it is a "love"ly table. I love the new tablecloth(it reminds me of vintage wallpaper) using the solid placemats really made the pattern dishes work well with the patterned tc. The little flower napkin rings are cute too. Your giving plate looks great with all the ivy and candlesticks. I'm sorry about your weather situation, maybe it'll clear up soon. It is warm here and tornadic storms are forecast for tonight, I went outside and picked all my daffodils before the storms hit.

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Punk...this is a 'Love Story' in itself!
Beautiful 'loving' photos of both sets of parents and also you & DH. YOur JB plates and green stems look so pretty. DH did a nice job on painting the chargers..nice shade of green. I like the way you layered your dishes - using the solid placemats with the floral TC (which looks so vintage).. makes them stand out. Lovely candle light all around and I too like the sayings..The 'Giving Plate' looking good in a lovely 'Place of Honor'! Glad you're still enjoying it.
I have to say that ALL your tables seem to be a 'Love Story'.. You always have so many wonderful things that were part of your family's past, or something new that was given to you lovingly as a gift, by either a family member or dear friend. I always enjoy hearing about them and seeing them too!


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Jeanne, that is what I had tried and for some reason it just doesn't work. I even tried the one you posted. My printer says it's finished but doesn't. I can print anything else so don't know what the problem could be.

The wood candles with the saying came from Ross or TJ Maxx. Clearance for $2.99. I love stacking the plates on my tables now that I have such a lg selection! Enablers here have me running out of storage tho.

I've learned to light most of my candles and enjoy seeing them while lit. The only thing I've noticed is if I let them burn for long some like to drip on my tc. You do love pictures and I didn't show ours real close but since most of our parents have passed they won't mind.

Frou, I have enjoyed my Giving Plate and will always cherish it. When I first started ts I only had plain linnen tc so using some different ones is fun for a cahnage. Hopefully I will keep collecting and have more runners and such to use on my tables.

Tornadic storms sounds scary and I hope they don't get to close to you. When we have all the blizzards here and small earth quakes, I think about what others deal with and we seem lucky.

Jane, you make me want to go out and go through more of DM's things. After all these years I don't think anyone would care. Everyone in my life either buys me or gives me things to enjoy with my ts and I accept it with open arms. Funny how we change through the years. I was not much of a collector before I joined in here.

I appreciate all your comments and hope you will let me know when I need to add or remove things.

Jeanne, Frou and Jane, thanks for all the sweet comments. It will be Spring before we know it and we won't have as much time to play here.


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punk...that is can print other "pics" & "graphics?" I did print this ...but I use my photo software, Microsoft Digital Image Site Plus V.10. Bummer!

It's been pretty quiet on here... I know we are all thinking of purplemoon ... & yes, when Spring is here, not as much time to play here...that's for sure...& I'm so ready to get outside!

Lookin' forward to more of your t'scapes before Spring! Jeanne S.

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Punk, lovely tablescape. That is such a pretty table cloth and the china works great with it because of the placemats. So neat that you think to use pictures of your family in your tablescapes, keeps them always in your heart and mind. Your last picture is my favorite--just looks great. Glad you had some fun time creating this while you were warm and snug inside. Luvs

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Punk, Your "Love Story" Table is a wonderful tribute, to both your and your husband's parents. Everything looks beautiful together. Your tablecloth is the perfect backdrop.
The colors you used accent your china perfectly. Using the light colored placemats pulls everything together. I love the double napkins and those cute napkin rings. It was so thoughtful to feature your Giving Plate.

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What a great idea. I bet your hubby loves this table. Such a nice thing to do. I can remember going to the movie in downtown Los Angeles. The line to get in was wrapped around the block. My friend said she saw Ali M. on the Oprah show last week. She said she's 71 and looks fabulous! Wish I could say that I was that well preserved.

I have to say, I would never have thought to put that tablecloth with the plates, but it looks terrific. No kidding. Love those great, bug clunky candlesticks too.


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What a sweet sentiment, Punk. The table looks lovely!

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Jeanne, things are picking up alittle on here and I'd love to see your Hands again! I'm ready to set my St Pat's table so will have another to share soon.

Luvs, so glad you was able to stop by and post. I've been worried about you and hope you are doing as good as possible. More hugs and prayers to YOU!

Nana, glad you enjoyed this table and thanks for all your comments.

OA, DH doesn't get excited about much but he is wonderful at painting and cutting wood for me. I would love to see Ali M. now. I will do a search and see if anything comes up. I really like the big candle sticks too and hope I will find more tables to use them on.

Kathleen, thanks for the comments and good to see you posting again. Hope you have some tables to share soon.

Thanks everyone for all your comments.


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punk...OA showed my pic right at the begin of her blog post & then told about it at the end, too. It was part of my "Earth Day" t'scape last yr in April. Thanks for asking.

Do you think we will ever see Spring come? I'm afraid I am getting cabin fever & not the cabin fever like wanting to go to your cabin! A couple days of sunshine here, tho...& now some sleet or snow coming next couple days! Ugh!

Lookin forward to your St. Pat's table! I'm changing out "winter" yet ....Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, this is so funny. I thought this looked like yours but then I thought OA had made this not you when I read her post. I best go back and reread her post.LOL

We have been getting some snow every day but then it warms up and we also see alittle sun. Sure brightens my days.

Thanks so much for sharing this and getting me back on line! Your tables always give me a warm feeling and that's wonderful. Spring will come and I hope we have a better growing season this year than we did last year. It' going to be interesting with all the moisture we've gotten so far.


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Punk, I love your version of Love Story. Its so beautiful and touching.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks Karen, so glad your here posting with us. We do miss you.


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