Timing Belt

jsouth3November 4, 2008

I have a 2001 Toyota Sienna that has 92,000 miles.My maintance book says that it is time to change the belt.I called the Toyota dealer in my area,they said it would be 361.67 just to change the belt.They recommend to change the water pump also.They said it would be 789.26 to do both.My question is why so much more to change the water pump.I call the parts house and they said a new pump is 74.00



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I think that much of the bill is largely labor (at a new car dealership) and charges for tools and facilities. Check out a repair manual to see what is involved to change these two items. The water pump is probably ok right now, but most do not last the life of the engine and will require one changeout before 130,000 miles. Therefore, it does make sense to change it too while the mechanic is into the engine.

There is an element of liability when changing the timing belt: One screwup here and the engine can be damaged.

One other item you should consider is to change the timing belt tensioner when the belt is replaced.

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Thanks, jemdandy for the reply,I also check other places one mechanic said he only uses OEM parts and the water pump is $200.00


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