Love, Hearts, Bears and Butterflies

phonegirlFebruary 8, 2014

This is the buffet and hutch that sits behind the table.

A DF brought in her faux cake to me after she closed
her shop. I told her I would make one and return it but
that hasn't happened so wanted to share it with all of you.
I put it in my Princess House cake dome and added pink
beads around the edge.

This lg bear has been a part of our family for years and DGD
loves to play w/her so I don't dare put her away. Small panda
bear in the cage came in a cup. The mail box was DM's
she received from a friend. She was a mail carrier for 30+
years so received alot of mail box gifts through the years.

It's been so cold I haven't taken my card tree out to the shed
so I added butterflies to it and left it out. I painted the snowie
and it reads LOVE but I didn't get that in this picture. The
pink/white heart dishes are some I picked up for a quarter
each. Got 7 of them and was hoping they would fit in my
cloches w/stems. No luck but they worked out to use on the table.

Stilll hoping I will find more of these square plates. The two clowns are some I painted.

Love is in the air at our home. TJ needs to be changed,
I need to fill the cloches and lite the candles. When I
finish that task I will post our valentine table this year.

Stay warm and safe and thanks for looking. Punk

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Oh punk ...everything here is so much FUN .... you do have fun, don't you, decorating this all your whimsical touches!!

I always love seeing your tole painted cute things ~~ & my snowflake is hanging on the porch yet! I love it! That's so fun to have out a 'mailbox' for Val Day ... cool gifts to your Mom ...lots of memories, I bet.

Were those flowered square plates from Hobby Lobby? Or am I thinking you don't have a HL in your area? Anyway, I think I may have something of that pattern...I'll have to check my stash. ;-) (no square plates tho)

Love all the shapes & patterns of your dishes here ~~ & that cake ...well, girl, just cut me a slice! I'm hungry! ~~giggle.

Fun decor, punk ~~TFS! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, so glad your still enjoying the snowflake. DH
has made me so many plate holders and I've been
painting them black. I will get alot of use out of them
setting up the buffets and china cabinets for all the
different holidays. Seems like I never had enough
before. No interest in painting any fun projects tho.

We don't have a HL around here. I can buy these
Maxcera Amour plates on line but they want $14.99ea.
and I only paid $2ea. for mine and I really don't need
more dishes!LOL I found mine at Ross or TJ Maxx
and hope they will come back for Val Day one of these
years. The most they would be there is $4.99ea. so
I'll wait.

I would and could cut you a slice of the cake but I don't
think even a recoupering girl would enjoying eating a piece
of that one!LOL Glad you enjoyed all the whimsy decor.


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Wow Punk....looks like you got bit by the 'Love Bug'....LOL
You've created quite a Fun Valentine display with so many cute decorations.
I like the heart dishes and the neat Faux Cake from your DD. What's it made
Out of ? I can see it used for many different occasions. I like the
Square plates and the cute Clowns you painted. Like Jeanne, I
enjoy seeing your painted crafts. How sweet that you added your DM's
Mailbox....I'm sure she's real happy you're using it.
Speaking of happy, it's nice to read that Jeanne is feeling well enough and getting
inspired to join in.....Way To Go Jeanne!....looking forward to it.
Thanks again Punk for keeping the Smiles going here....

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WOW Punk this is a Valentine wonderland!!
The square plates are so pretty I hope you find more of them.
The yummy looking faux your friend gave you is putting me in the mood to bake one.
Gosh I love everything you've done..there is so much to see and enjoy. It is delightful and
I'll be back to look again and again
I didn't dig my Valentine stuff out this year it is much to cold in the basement store room to look for the bins
so I'll look at your house and pretend it's mine LOL
Thanks so much for sharing It really has been fun!!!

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Jane, the cake is made out of styrofoam. You can buy them
at Michaels. The top and sides have rose petals glued on and
the sliced part is some kind of pink shredded stuff glued on.

Nana, if it makes you feel any better, I understand you not
wanting to go dig totes out with the cold weather. I still have
several totes in our garage that need to be taken over to the
shed from Christmas. I can't seem to get them loaded and
over there when it's plowed out. And we have a truck w/plow.
I don't drive it so DH and I must have a communication gap.LOL
Loved your last tablescape! As I said before, it would be a
beautiful table for Valentines Day.

Thanks so much Jane and Nana for all the sweet comments.

Stay warm and safe. Punk

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What a pretty display! I'm looking forward to seeing your table. I love your heart plates and hearts hanging from the chandelier.

I was determined to have a Valentine's Day table setting to show and I may still, but it will probably be after Valentine's Day. Right now, there's a vehicle blocking access to my storage. If we can get it started and out of the way, I'll be able to get to my spring and summer dishes.

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Thanks F2BH, I'm ok seeing your Valentine table any time.
Hope you get access and are able to set one. If not spring
is always fun to decorate for.

I'm hoping to set a purple snowflake table after tomorrow
and before St Pat's if our weather continues to be nasty
out there. I'd give it up for NICE weather tho.LOL


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You did some wonderful, delightful, and super sweet Valentine decorating. I must say, the 3rd photo above is my absolute favorite of everything tho. The tree, cage, mailbox, and bears.........oh how I LOVE all of this.

I gave away all my Val stuff last year to a good friend, after not unpacking it for two years. Decided it was better to let someone else really enjoy it. I am still totally lacking any decorating spirit. I had hoped after doing Fall and Christmas, it would kick back in to my previous 'normal'. But it hasn't. Yet. I haven't totally given up hope on me. LOL. However I don't blame you guys if you have.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, thanks for looking and all the sweet comments.
The cage was a find at Ross this year. I have it out and
decorated for St Pat's now.

Did you tell the one you gave all your Valentine stuff to
that's it's mandatory she share her displays with us?
I understand if it's been two years since you shared how
you would want to share with someone who would enjoy
all your goodies.

Have we given up on YOU? NO WAY GF!!! When the
time is right, you will share and delight us, once again.


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Punk, actually HE does share here sometimes. My dear friend, Kirk. He and his family love to decorate, especially his little boy gets a kick out of it. Ben goes thrift shopping with his Dad and they have quite an Easter Village collection going on that I'm sure we'll all see here.

I have a floor cage I got a Hobby Lobby over a year ago,
it is fun to change it out. I know you'll enjoy yours a LOT.

I'm glad you haven't given up on me. I am really dud these days. Just useless, I tell you. And while I may not post or decorate, I still LOVE this Forum and you guys and want to see what you're all doing.
hugs, Karen

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Karen, great to hear it's Kirk you shared with. It's always nice
when he joins in. Hope he shares his Easter village.

I'll have to go check out your floor cage. Mine's pretty small for
decorating but thought I might put it out on the deck this spring.

No mention of you doing Easter this year???
I'll be sharing my ST Paddy's decor soon.


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I hope to do Easter, Punk. I didn't do it last year for the first time. But one reason I want to get it out is to go thru it and pare it down. I've got a lot (not talking just bunnies either) and know I will be decorating on a smaller scale from now on the way the Fibro is kicking my butt worse each year. Between it and my lousy 'decor spirit', I'll be happy if I just do a small area.
I gave my DD some stuff last year but she doesn't want any more. Would you believe I don't know anyone locally who would!! Most of my friends are "dog buddies" from around 40 yrs of showing my dogs, and they barely do Christmas. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, what will you do with all this extra space if you keep
getting rid of your goodies?LOL I know your Fibro is hard
to deal w/daily. I just enjoy seeing all your décor you share.

Do I need to come visit before each holiday to get that décor
mode kickin' in? Keep telling myself to decorate and enjoy
while I can. Also quit buying so much!

What if you would start totes for your DGD's, maybe even
DGS's with some of your sweet things? Would be special
to find their name inside a tote when they no longer have you
to warm their little hearts.

Great to have you back posting. BTW, I tried to get into
your albums and the page wouldn't display. Another reason
we need you here to add links to your albums for us to drool over!


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Punk, there is no "extra space". Trust me. You need to see my Whippet/Greyhound collection, horse collectibles, and of course you know all my bunnies pretty much by now. Having to move stuff to decorate for Holidays is part of my problem.

But yes, you do need to come visit before each Holiday. That would be great. LOL.

My oldest granddaughter is going to want Christmas decor in the future. When she moved back here, she came with nothing but her and my great-grandson's clothes. So she's basically starting over. But I doubt she'll be doing other holidays, at least not for a few years. However she is now first for my list for any of mine she wants.

Don't know why you couldn't get into the inspiration albums on Photobucket, but I just posted links for eye candy to them and the Pinterest one I have set up.
Hugs, Karen

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Karen, LOL 'there is no "extra space". Trust me.' Sweet that
DGD will have first chance. She might surprise you and want
to decorate for all the Holidays if she ever starts going through
your goodies. Funny but my DGD is way more into decorating
than her mom!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post your pinterest album.
Now I need to get off here and go check out your Easter album.
I took a few DR pictures but my camera battery died so have to
charge it before I can download them.

Thanks Again, Punk

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