Second Guessing!

mommyto4boysFebruary 21, 2012

Continuation from prior thread...time to move away from that long winded thread. I don't know if I'm getting nervous or just second guessing, but I'm feeling both. Some of your posts have me reevaluating the entire piano area/extended foyer. I have gone back and forth, knowing that this space is expansive & a place to cut back. We don't have a baby grand and perhaps we never will. DO I need that much sapce for the piano...not really. I'm sure the space can still be nice & serve its purpose without taking up so much space. That brings me to the idea of perhaps taking some of that space to enlarge the laundry/utility area? I was originally wanting that area to be much larger and serve as a laundy, craft storage, workspace, and little desk area. I thought I could use the desk space for a calendar and phone while i'm working in there & also be able to help one of the boys at times with homework etc. Also, we are missing needed storage for crafts, school projects. I'm used to having a large closet full of supplies and was hoping to make it "fit."

I made an extremely rough drawing over the plan in photobucket with an idea. I was thinking of replacing the little desk in the mud room with more storage. Opening up the one wall of lockers in order to enter into the larger more multi-purpose utility/laundry room. This would also gain a window for that room.

The foyer/piano area would get much smaller, but have a place still for the piano. Also, straighteing the stair case as suggested too.

I don't know if I'm overthinking, overworrying or both. But, all the feedback has me thinking even more about where we could best use the space.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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I think you're on the right track, although I'm not sure what is laundry area and what is mud room :)

The entry piano area seems like a better fit, especially with an upright. Still a fun place to play and have the music bounce around, but more space for storage, crafts, etc.

As for the 'other issue' on the previous forum (we won't say the B word) I had the same problem, on the kitchen forum, some time ago. Every time I would post my plan (with the very small corner wood stove) someone would get overly concerned (IMHO) about the stove and completely derail my entire post.

Glad to see you started a new thread and good luck with your new plan! Second guessing is always troublesome, but when it's right, you'll know it!

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Sorry, that should say 'previous thread'...I need caffeine! LOL

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I think that sounds like a great idea. I am not sure how "closed off" you would want your landry area, but I might consider opening the entire space up and placing a "work-space" peninsula where you have removed the cubbies. This could serve as drop zone, craft space, gift wrapping area, homework/project space, folding clothes, etc. With the proposed area, you could "hide" your w/d beside the stairs, so you would only see them when coming in from the mudroom entrance - not from the kitchen. If you don't want it open, it may be the perfect place to incorporate a sliding barn door or pocket door since it will likely stay open most of the time, you just might want to close it for company.

You mentioned perhaps gardening/animals in the other thread. I plan to have a laundry sink in my garage to wash the unbelievable amount of veggies and eggs we have. If you don't have such a set up outside, you may want to make sure the laundry sink is close to the door so you are not tracking lots of dirt in. My sister in law loves her laundry sink in her mud room for washing my nephews -they are 3 and 5 and come in covered in mud!

I found online that a baby grand only needs 7 x8' of space. Maybe that doesn't allow for the best presentation of the piano, but it will fit. I would just allow that in your foyer to the right of the door so you could upgrade in the future if you wanted.

I think an expanded laundry/mudroom would be fabulous!

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Here is a photo of a room with all the funtions you mention. It looks awesome... and with the revision... you could have it!

traditional laundry room design by dc metro interior designer Dream House Studios

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Hi Mommy,
I am a little confused (happens often!) about your plans in general. I thought you were posting your final plans and were ready to put them out for bid.
Have you worked with an architect or draftsman and gotten a full set of plans yet with HVAC, foundation, framing etc?

I'm not sure how much of what you've posted is set in stone and how much is still under consideration. I don't want to offend and it can be hard to say what is best for the main level without room dimensions or knowing how the framing from upstairs and the basement tie into the entire scheme of things.

We built our first home with 3 sons under the age of 3 so I know you've got a lot on your plate!

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Well, we thougt we had final plans too, but now we have some new ideas to bring to the designer. I told him we were ready to move on with the rest of the detailed plans. I'm very nervous to tell him I want to put a hault on things and evaluate some changes. Hope that goes well.

Can anyone tell me how to get plans posted that are ledgible. The current onwes were PDF's that we converted. Thank you!

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Nibbling at a house design is a popular pastime at the GardenWeb but is rarely effective.

When you make floor plan changes that create changes in the upper floor and the elevation, you must sketch all of the drawing changes even if in rough form. Otherwise you will quickly arrive at a design that cannot be built.

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Well, I had a nice talk with the designer and even though they have sent things to engineering, he was very professional & willing to continue working on the plan for us. He says he has a few ideas and will get them to us ASAP. I'm excitied to see what he comes up with to rework the plans.

Thanks for all the advice and ideas!

Momto3---loving that picture. WOW, a space like that would really be USED in our home. I'm so excited to have a space that we will really be able to work with and use as a true multi-purpose room. A sink is a must for us too! I have even thought about a floor sink for spraying off little ones, dogs & mop buckets. If room was no problem, I would have both, but I think in the long run we would use a regular height utility sink more. The little ones can be raised up & if the older ones are that dirty they can clean off a bit outside (before coming inside).

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If you seach Southern Living multipurpose room, you will see alot of examples of room like the onw momto3kiddos posted.

We first saw a multipurpose room at the tucker bayou house in Florida. and it gave us the idea to have a large mudroom. No regrets there!

Here is a link that might be useful: SL multipurpose room

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