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adellabedella_usaNovember 26, 2007

What is the best way to get rid of an old vehicle? We have an early 90's Trooper that needs to go. It still runs, but barely. Dh doesn't work on cars. We've nursed it along for quite awhile. We haven't found a good mechanic to work on it either. Someone who knows something about vehicles would probably be able to go to a salvage yard and get the parts to overhaul up. We've discussed donating it, but I'm not sure a place like the Salvation Army would want it. I'm not familiar with 'reputable' places that would take an old vehicle like this.

How else do we get rid of it? Will a salvage yard pay us to take it or do we pay them? I have no clue. The license is up in a few days. I want it gone without the hassle of advertising it in the paper.

Any suggestions?



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Park it by the curb with a $100 sign on it.
Some kid will be happy.

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Junk yard will take it for free or give you a few bucks for it.

If the local high school or community college has an auto shop, you might ask them if they'd like to have it.

Tried to donate my dads old 1972 dodge pick-up a few years ago. Nobody wanted it, and it still ran. I didn't want some uninsured low life to get it so I drove it to a junk yard and told them to scrap it.

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I'm sure the Salvation Army will take it. I've donated 2 to them with no problems whatsoever. Even when it's running they load it on a tow truck.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I too suggest making an effort to donate it to a charity. They auction the vehicles and then get the proceeds. A Trooper would likely sell well...I'd kind of like to have that myself.

Several years ago I donated an old boat to Big Brothers and Sisters. (I received instead of money I had loaned someone...grrrrr). I did have a bad experience though. A 'couple' came to look at it, saying they were with Big Brothers and Sis, but when I spoke with their office a few days later, I found out that they had not sent anyone here. Next some 'agents' stopped by with several photoes, and asked me if any of the pics looked like the man who had been here. They told me to not let the boat leave with 'the man' I had picked in the photo, but that the main office would be making arrangements with me to have it picked up, and they would have identification and paperwork for me for my tax deduction.

Another time I sold a good looking but disabled vehicle for $100...I just wanted it gone, and I think the starter was out among other things. A couple of Yayhoos showed up, told me they wanted it, offered to pay me $50 on the spot and then pay the rest later....Sheesh...I told the the car would not leave the drive b4 it was paid for. Then they proceeded to work on it in my drive, even borrowing tools...what a nightmare...They finally got it running and out of here. I'd sure never get myself in that position again.

I sold a small car to a scrapyard for $50 about 10 years ago. A bigger one at the time would have sold for $100. I'd imagine it would be as much or more now, at least here in my area, since metal is up in price.

Possibly you could check with the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Volunteers of America

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I would also park it by the curb For Sale.Those donated vehicals are refurbed for the welfare check collectors.Then you get to pay taxes to buy there gas while they drive around in a uninsured or underinsured vehical.While on there way every place except to a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

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