How much do frameless glass shower doors cost?

ambergmaMarch 9, 2010

I'm thinking custom, not Home Depot.

Doesn't have to be the thickest glass out there...

Can you tell me what you've paid?

Thanks much!

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Just got a quote today for $1600 installed. 65 inches wide. One 28" x 72" frameless door and the rest is a fixed glass panel. 3/8" clear, tempered glass.

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Our single door (dimensions approx 24"x72"??) including installation and everything was $550.

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Thanks! How thick was the glass? 3/8"? 1/2"?

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I have no idea - haven't measured the thickness, sorry. It seems substantial enough to me.

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$1,400 - $1,900 for most showers including installation, 10 ml glass, door, fixed panel and hardware.

Larger showers with multiple sides, special hardware can range from $ 2,500 - $8,000 +

I just received a catalogue from Fleurco with some amazing door samples and hardware options. Worth a look. Here in Vancouver you can order them through Emco plumbing and heating I believe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fleurco - The shower door company

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my quote was for 3/8" thickness, 28x72" door and 32x44" panel $1700 installed

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too much... Corner instalation:
1/2" starfire glass (true clear)
42" panel
30" door with 12" fixed panel
all 80" high

I think is was about $2800... I tried to let it go in and out of my consciousness.... It was the only thing we did not do ourselves in the bathroom, so tried not to feel bad about the cost.

We are in NY metro area, not a cheap place to buy.

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That price sounds like where our quote is supposed to come in for this shower. There will be 2 panels on either side, with the door in the middle. Had to panels on the side in order to avoid breaking up the chair rail. Around $1500 is what is expected.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our bungalow remodel blog

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collins design

Depends on whether you are talking about an installed price or DIY install.

We bought ours on line, from a company that sells on eBay. Their standard 28" wide door plus side panel (any width) is I believe $650. Ours was more complicated since it was a neo-angle with beveled edge and we upgraded our hardware, and it was about $1000 shipped, I think. We DIY-ed the install. With the neo-angle, that was difficult. A straight design would be a lot easier.

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Sophie Wheeler

YOu'll be many dollars ahead if you can design things from the beginning to use a stock frameless door from one of the box stores. They're not inferior products, just not "custom". And they're without that big custom price tag too!

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For 3/8 Starfire with protective coating, about $63 SF (including installation), based on multiple bids I received.

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We also went the DIY from ebay route, and spent about $350 for our 24" x 66" door in 1/4" glass. We opted for thinner glass because of the small door size; thicker just didn't seem warrented.

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I read this thread and also stacey's recent shower door installation post. I called a few local places (from $950 to $1300 installed) and checked a few online venders. I have decided to go the online/ebay DIY route. I got the quote from Wilson Glass for 3/8" thickness around $520 for a 24" door and 13" fixed panel plus simple hardware. They require me to pickup from a place near greensboro, which is about one hour away from where I live.

Then I found this vender on ebay "cuttiepie11". Their starting price for the 26" door is $195 plus $131 for shipping. Sounds like they can add a fixed panel for some additional cost too. Too good to be true? They do have some positive ebay feedbacks.

My question is: is all frameless shower glass equal in quality? I mean, the quality of the glass itself from different fabricators, plus locally made vs. import etc.

Thanks in advance for any input, I am thinking to pull the trigger fairly soon.

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collins design

All I can say is that I was nervous about buying from an ebay seller, and it turned out OK. The door and panel seem to be perfectly good quality and the hardware is pretty standard industry-wide, it seems.
The local glass companies I got quotes from all ordered their glass doors and panels from out-of-state fabricators, for whatever that's worth.
Also- our glass was delivered directly to our door. You might want to try some other vendors who can ship directly to you. They may even match the pricing you already have if requested.
I used Gasparilla Glass out of Florida. I can't recall the ebay name but they have a web site.

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We just bought ours from a local glass/mirror company and had them install as well: 1 side, 66" long. 30" x 84" door and a 30" wide fixed panel that sits on top of a 42" high knee wall (so the fixed glass is 42" tall and then it turns and is a 6" piece down the front on the knee wall by the curb and next to the door). 3/8" glass. Total: $1650 installed. For price comparison, we are in the midwest.

If I had it in the budget, I would have hands down went with the Starphire because there is a glare.

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I want to update on the shower glass price I ended paying.

3/8" clear tempered,
26"x71" shower door with 10"x71" inlining panel,
Geneva hinge and 3 chrome brackets,
8" ladder style pull,
Bulb seals,
Local customer pickup and DYI in North Carolina,
$825 including tax.

What I found out is that if you stick to common "stock" size for shower door, like 24", 26", 28", usually you can find it least expensive. Common glass heigh is 70", 72". They will give you the cheatest price if they happen to have one stock size that fits your shower in their shops or from their warehouses. The more they have to do, the more expensive.

It turns out that I can't do 72" height but want taller than 70", plus my shower rough-in are slightly out of square, they have to cut the glass out of square too, by 1/8" on one side. The shower is in the newly added third floor attic bath.

The online venders I inquired are Wilson Glass and Gasparilla Glass (on eBay, thanks for the recommendation from Stacie!). Both seem good places. Gasparilla is eager to work with me and nice communication, have very good price but tried to convince me to go with 70" height hesitated to cut the door out of square, with shipping they quoted $550. Wilson glass probably does tons of online business, the rep has to wait a few days to get back with me on the quote - $675. They use one of the nearby fabricator in Greensboro and use computer software to design the shower door size for you after you email them your opening size. Their web size is by far the most helpful and even has a youtube video on the installation process. However I have to drive one hour to pick it up myself.

I ended buying from a local glass shop Glass Depots USA. Their original quote was $1300 but after I talked with the owner and armed with online quotes printout, he agreed the price of $825 all inclusive(hardware, tax etc).

I asked about starphire but was told to expect to pay $400 more. I chose the regular 3/8" temper glass, sure, there is a tint of green but it actually looks fine in the color scheme for the room.

I have a GC that is doing my attic renovation. He and I spent almost 4 hours to install the glass ad the panel. He was more nervers than I but in the looks pretty nice...

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Carydan - your glass is beautiful, along with the rest of your photo. Thanks for the details in your post, very helpful.

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collins design

That looks beautiful! Congratulations!

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dianne47, thank you for the kind words. I try to feedback my experience to be helpful to others, as this forum has helped me tremendously.

Stacey, ditto here, your bathroom is gorgeous with obvious great taste. By the way, I read your journal on your sailboat and your sailing trip. The way you fought against the disease and took two years to live your dream life sailing is super inspiring. All the best wish...

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I will be needing a glass shower shield for my 6' x 3' shower. With the high cost I was wondering has anyone considered leaded/stained glass?

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I paid $1200 installed. 42x48 inch corner shower with a small angle in the front and a 30 inch door. 3/8" glass 80" tall.
Orange County, CA

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I am just green with envy when I read these prices!

In my area, for a frameless 39 x 39 corner shower, with a 28" door, a side and a return, in clear glass (crystal) 78" high, and 3/8" thickness, I am being quoted prices closer to $5000. and told I am lucky they would even consider the job!

Seems that the word frameless makes installers very uncomfortable....

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We had a frameless glass enclosure installed a couple of days ago in our newly remodeled master bathroom. The door and inline fixed panel measure 48x76 inches. For 3/8" thick Starphire glass our total cost was $1226. Installation took less than a couple of hours, we are happy with the company we chose.

We got five quotes, which ranged from $1900 to $1155 for Starphire. The highest quote was a very rehearsed sales pitch, a serious pain to sit through, and the lowest would have been a DIY project with doors from Wilson Glass. Regular glass ranged from $200 to $400 cheaper than the Starphire quotes. We are definitely glad we went with the low-iron glass. Our master bathroom is a shower-only white on white bath, and the glass is the first thing you see. Green tinted glass wouldn't have looked as nice.

We live in suburban northshore Chicago.

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We paid $1500 for our enclosure with Starphire glass. The sides are both 1/2" glass, and the door is 3/8". The company does all their own fabrication of the glass and tempering.

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edymoreno...i really like your shower door handles! (and your whole shower!) did the glass company provide the door handles, or did you buy them separately?? if so, are they just regular cabinet pulls???

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busybee3: Thanks! The handles were standard handles provided by the glass company. We chose them since we have similar handles on the vanity (which are inside out in the picture), and some kitchen appliances.

They're quite a bit thicker than standard cabinet pulls.
Looking at the quote, they called them the "ladder series", 12" overall length.

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Ours is 3/8 glass - 76" tall, door is 28" wide, standing panel is 18. Installed price is about $1,900 including robe hooks installed in standing panel, plain "D" handle, and glass treatment

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edymoreno: I love your shower door! What's the dimension of the sides and the door? Would you mind sharing the name and contact info of the company?

I'm shopping around for frameless door and mine is about 78"W x 76"H (including an approx 28"W door on the side). I checked with couple companies, they have the same concern about the safety and said it may not be safe to have such a big piece of glass sitting on one side, they suggested adding a header but I'd like to see if there is any other option coz I really want the "frameless" look.

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We just got a bid for about $1800 for ours. Normal 3/8" glass. The shower sits in a corner by the vanity, so there's one about 30" by 40" fixed panel next to the vanity, a 30x78" door, a little filler panel (12x56?) , turn the corner and a 40 x 56 end. Top rail because the door has to hinge on the end of the little filler panel. No other way to support that weight except to have a pivot hinge down into the tile and up into the header rail.

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i am looking to finalize my ordering of a frameless glass shower door, and i am in chapel hill, so i assume not far from you -your shower is beautiful -are you still happy with your door? tia for your help

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We DIY'd a Basco infinity with clear glass for $299. The difference is that the glass is 1/4 ". I know the thicker glass is popular but it wasn't in the budget. So far we like it and the lighter door doesn't bother us.

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Hi brachl,

Yes I am still pretty happy about my frameless glass shower door. Easy to clean and the silicone still looks fresh. It won't be like that in 5 years I know but so far so good. Every time I look at the shower glass, I am so glad I did the frameless.

If you live in Chapel Hill, you can either visit the Glass Depot's store in raleigh, make sure you talk to the owner Ron for pricing. Or you can email Wilson Glass for a quote. They probably will send you to pick the order up in Greensboro, which is almost the same distance if you drive to Raleigh.

Let me know if you want more information. Good luck.

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edymoreno -
I am getting ready to install a frameless glass door on my shower, which looks very similar to yours. Like Princess, I am getting different opinions from installers about safety. Most will only install without a header if I have the door to one side, mounted directly to the wall.

What are your overall shower measurements & how does it break down for panels & door? I have not discussed using 1/2 inch glass for the panels, that's a great idea. I will need glass to cover 78W" x 82H", and really would like to go without a header.

Thanks for your input - you have a beautiful shower!

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My local glass shop works with both Basco and Southeastern Aluminum Products, but recommends going with Southeastern because they produce a better door at better prices. He quoted me a nearly frameless (ORB framing only against walls, tub deck and ceiling) for the two open sides of my steam shower, a fixed panel, a transome and a pivot door for $1900 installed. I believe the glass is 3/8.

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Mine will be 3 pieces. 2 side panels and the door in the middle - size will be 5L X 7H. Door will have a seal as I have a steam shower.

Installed price is $1,265.00

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That is funny as well. Best wishes to you and for the record nothing. This is one reason where I rarely post anything on the net due to characters like you. Reading through the posts helped us make a good decision and hopefully someone else will find the information helpful. Good luck to you.

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If I am wrong my apologies. But someone shows up, registers one day and posts a website touting amazing prices and or services and 99% of the time it is spam. I am not the only one here who thinks your post was not spam, it was read by many and no one posted to your defense. Again if I am wrong I apologize but until you prove otherwise if it walks like like a duck, and smells lie a duck it is a duck!

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Who would I contact to get all of the metal pieces joining the glass panels in the shower? The shower installers all seem to get their hardware from C.R. Laurence Co. and their hardware is geared towards small mounts and hinges for the all glass look. I like all of the polished nickel in the photo, rather than all glass.

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That needs to be a "framed" shower unit and from the looks of it it appears quite possibly to be a custom framed unit.

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Yes, that looks like a very costly custom unit. You could take the picture to your local glass shop and get an estimate.

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It looks like a steam shower setup, I think. Regular showers aren't enclosed like that.

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Asharding, please post everything you learn! That is without a doubt the most gorgeous framed shower I've ever seen! If I can make mine look like that, I'll ditch my frameless shower plans in a hot second!

I'm in Chico, CA. I can not get a glass company to give me a quote until after the shower is built. I tried calling around asking about 'standard' sizes so I could custom build the shower appropriately (the last thing I want to hear is, 'if your shower was 2 inches smaller/larger...) but no one was willing to give me a number. No. One. Tile guy confirmed that's how it is done here. Sigh.

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Hi Jacqueline5,

The previous photo is our inspiration photo. Glad you like it too. Here's a photo of our vanity as of right now, based upon our inspiration photo. Our cabinet maker was right on the mark. I photoshop'ed our sconces in the picture, they arrive on Wednesday.

The granite people are here today installing the tub deck. They are also measuring for the 14 pieces that will make up the top, bottom and sides of each vanity plus the tops.

We loved frameless showers until we came across our inspiration photo. If it turns out to be too expensive, we'll go frameless. Hope we don't have too, we'll keep posting as we find out more.

The shower is going in on the right side of the above photo where you can see the wood.

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asharding, just venturing an educated guess I would put your inspiration shower at approximately $15,000 - $20,000 and I may be low.

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Yikes! Just for the shower glass and frame?

This post was edited by asharding on Mon, Nov 11, 13 at 13:18

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Yeah, that is definitely a completely custom unit.

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Asharding, I am hoping to achieve that in my guest bathroom and master shower. If I get close I will post on here to help you, and others, figure out how to get that look.

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I emailed CR Lawrence with the photo and they emailed back that they only do frameless showers. I sent back an email stating that they make all kinds of Brushed Nickel items besides frameless shower parts and that I was hoping something would work. I'm waiting to hear back.

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We have a steam shower with total glass 92" high x 59" wide. In Southern California, we paid a local glass company about $1800 installed for 3/8" thick, low-iron (truly clear) glass with 2 fixed side panels, a door with seal and an operating transom above the door. Hinges and handle are chrome from CR Laurence.

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CRL will not manufacture a custom framed unit, yes they have a million parts but.. You would need to visit a dealer for a Century, Cardinal maybe Vigo (these are manufacturers I am familiar with I am sure there are others).

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Did anybody had experience ordering from online retailers like Gasparilla Glass? The price they estimated for us is way cheaper ($950) that local shop ($1,780).

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I found a source for that polished nickel, fully-framed shower that everyone is so excited about. No cost, though. Maybe you could call these folks and inquire?

Here is a link that might be useful: Polished nickel framed shower door

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Our glass shower enclosure (two fixed panels and one door) was $2800. We purchased Starphire glass (ultra clear/low iron content glass) with the ShowerGuard protectant. You can see a photo of it on this board (called "Presenting: Master Bath Remodel Reveal") that I posted yesterday.

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The glass for our smallish neo-angle shower was a lot - $4,200. One other quote was very similar, but that installer insisted we had to have a bar across the top of door, which I did not want. He also made our contractor cut a notch in the quartz tub deck! The installer we did use said that attaching three of the walls to the ceiling would be fine. Love that the door swings in and out.

We opted for Starfire and Diamond Fusion Sealant coating. After 4 months of squeeging, I'm not sure I see a difference with the coating. Anyway, new shower is so much nicer than the builder's grade we've had for 20 years.

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Our glass is extra tall so I decided to go with the small rail of chrome for stability around the top of the three large glass panels. Now I don't even see it. But in the end with a two direction swinging door and otherwise no hardware at all except for the handle was right around $3000. I thought I would faint at the price but it is what it is if you want it, you will pay. Going with the rail at the top let me eliminate any other bracing so it's basically very free of hardware except for the handle and the top rail and the hinge for the door.

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Gr8day, I actually like the look of a frame. It seems to give the glass substance. I think it gives me a subconscious confidence in the glass. Anyway that is what I have noticed as I have been looking for my up coming shower door needs.

I believe at this time I will be going with a french door setup so that the entire front can be opened, for showering assistance if needed. I have 2 quotes, company A and company B. The company I will go with is A, and was recommended by several tile and bath companies, they had the lower price too. They provided me with 2 quotes, one with Starfire glass and one with regular glass, both at 3/8". Cost for the Starfire glass is $2428 for 3/8" glass, 2 french doors, total span of of 58" (60" shower pan before walls and tile), chrome "D" handles and hinges. If I do regular shower glass 3/8" with the above hardware it will be $1754. So about $700 difference between the Starfire glass and regular glass. I don't know if it is worth it or not. Company B quotes were around 600 or so $ more than Co. A.

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Have your installer bring a big piece of regular glass and Starfire glass so you can see the difference. There is definitely a greenish hue to the regular glass that changes the color of your tile when you look through it. That works okay for some color schemes and not for others. My installer insisted there wasn't enough difference to warrant the add'l cost for Starphire....until I had him bring a large sample of each to my house. Then, he saw what I was talking about and agreed that the Starphire would look better in our bathroom.

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Great idea Jewel654! That is what I will do, once I get this darned shower finished ;) I haven't had anyone come out. The quotes were made by my description and the shower is very straight forward.

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Sounds like a plan! For reference, here's our Starphire shower enclosure.

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Tile reads very nicely behind the Starfire glass. Very pretty bathroom. Wonderful warm tones.

I remember when KevinMP put his bathroom together several years ago and how the regular glass and the Starfire made a world of difference with his marble.

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At the time my aversion to the frame was from having lived with the brass framed in glass for 15 years and the cleaning and collecting of soap scum at the base and the rubber seal. I just hated the look of it. It's so much easier to clean the unframed glass. I do like that picture of the framed in shower above but I would not like to clean around it. We may have different issues with water that make it such a pita. I think I must have the Starfire glass or some such similar because it does not change the look of the stone in the shower at all. That was a big deal to me as well and it was discussed at the time and I do seem to remember I had a choice of materials. I like the unobstructed barely there look of unframed glass because in our case, the shower is not a focal point in the room and it just serves it's purpose of enclosing the shower. I remember seeing that framed in shower photo and drooling over it when we were doing our bathroom. It's so pretty and sort of reminds me of a London vintage telephone booth. I look forward to seeing your finished bath, the French door concept sounds lovely.

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In our last house, we had both Starfire and that "sealer" (I don't remember the brand, but it was in the glass, not something we applied after). Both were great - Starfire for the last of "green" and the sealer for how the water sheeted off the glass. We were/are NOT the type to squeegee after every shower, so it got really cleaned once a week, and always looked great.

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