Window motor

joe_mnNovember 29, 2011

Drivers window motor is slow and sometimes stalls. Found out pass rear motor is same. U can see my path here. Switched motors and window operates at least 50% faster now. Woohoo. Cheap fix. I think rear window had been used 3 times in last 5 yrs.

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good idea...getting the sucker removed and installed is probably half the repair cost or obviously have that skill...any idea what a new motor costs...then you need not ever worry about someone lowering it...and it not going up!

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You may luck out, but think about it. You may have set yourself up with a future problem. You had to remove panels from two doors to make the switch and you put the poor one in the rear door. This is fine for an emergency fix, but what about the next time the rear window is opened and then won't close. Maybe its raining or in the middle of winter. Maybe you should disconnect the poor unit.

Recommendation: Get a replacement motor and change out the failing one. If the car is old and you do not intend to drive it many more years, a used motor from a salvage yard may be ok, Since you have found that the front and rear are interchangeable, get a unsed unit from a rear door - it probably has not gotten as much use as one in a front door.

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Cardone1 or whatever brand is $25 or so. A delco motor is 130. Yes, junkyard has lots of used rear motors. Probably never operated as you say. I took out motor and was checking voltage and trying to figure out if switch was bad. I knew swapping motors was bush league but what the heck.

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Was at junkyard looking for trim. Found many cars with missing drivers motors. Lots of rear door motors were in cars. Next time will grab one. Car is a 96. Not like it's a 3 yr old car and am robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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This car has scissor hardware. Gear on motor meshes with large gear quadrant in door. New motor is much faster and louder. It's not like the Motor gear has any precise alignment but the louder whirr of motor is surprising.

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