Transolid Counters?

annaleefMarch 21, 2009

Have you installed a Transolid countertop?

I love carrera marble and was surprised to see a Transolid countertop in a showroom yesterday which looked so close to carrera that I had to look very closely again. Tempting to consider for our vanity since it would be softer, warmer and more maintenance free. Generally I am not attracted to solid surfaces, but this could change my mind.

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Because of your post I am calling the company tomorrow to see if they will have a piece big enough for my tub deck.

I've been looking for a solid surface for our vanities and the tub deck. I priced Zodiaq and it was unbelievably expensive. I am hoping that this will be a more budget-friendly option.

I am looking for a surface that is white - if I can't find one in my budget, as strange as it sounds, I think I will have to look at granite... My tub deck is curved so I am trying to avoid tile (I have a feeling that cutting the bull nose tiles to make the curve won't look right).

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Not to discourage your phone call, but I immediately thought it would be great on the tub deck and asked the showroom salesperson. She said they are not yet doing tub decks but are now doing shower panels with it in addition to vanity tops.

It sounds like a rather small company, so I would make that call anyway because they might be able to accommodate an individual request. I currently have tile on mine and would like to see a solid top in our remodel as well. My DH hates granite and prefers softer surfaces.

Please let me know if they say yes!

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Wanted to find out if any of you ended up purchasing a Transolid product? I am considering for a shower pan.

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