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bob7255khzNovember 1, 2006

Has anyone used the additive RESTORE for an oil consumption motor? I tried DURA LUBE.....but car still using oil.

Car has 167 k on it and smokes at warm up in the mornings. I'm using about a quart of oil for 600 miles or so. Hummm....the car is a lil 1987 TOYOTA Celica 5 speed which I bought with 84k on it and it used oil at that given miles too. Car runs great but sure uses the oil. I always changed the oil / filter between 3 and 5k.......but now I'm thinking since it's using so much oil , I might just change the filter every 5k instead of changing the oil with it.....I mean geeee, the oil is always clean since I add it all the time.I drive about 600 miles a week....gas milage is 37 mpg or so.

Would the RESTORE help ? Any info will sure help me.


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If you look around a bit, you might be able to locate 40W oil for this car. This is not a good choice if you live where it gets down below freezing at night, but for warmer weather, 40W will work fine. Your oil consumption should be reduced, and the engine will make less noise. If you are planning a long trip, then 50W will work well, but is not a good idea for multiple short trips.

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Restore may help a bit but doubtful, what has probably happened is the little oil rings on your little pistons have gotten crud around them (waited to long between oil changes or engine was overheated) and now oil is pulled up into the combustion chamber with each intake stroke. A friend of mine in school fixed his car that was using oil by running off into a ditch and flipping it upside down. It sat that way for several hours before the wrecker flipped him back, at start up it smoked like a freight train for a few minutes but apparently the oil ran down onto the piston rings while it was upside down and loosened up the crud a bit on the piston oil rings, at least it did not use nearly as much oil after that incident. NOTE: flipping your car is NOT RECOMMENDED dont try this at home. The point is that if some product like restore was made to clean crud around the piston oil ring groove it is possible that it would work if it could reach that area.

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After the engine is warmed up, if it smokes most when closing the throtle while underway (increased vacuum), then likely, oil is passing by the valve seals. In this case, you might get some relief by replacing the valve seals. However, at 167,000 miles, its probably due for a valve job. The valve stems and guides have wear. Valve seals can be replaced without taking the engine apart - just don't drop a valve into the cylinder.

If you invest in a valve job, then you must ask, "What about the pistons and rings?" The next question is: Would it be better to invest the cost of a valve and ring job into a newer car.

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Used to have an 87 Celica. It had almost 300K on it before a stoopid careless driver pulled out in front of me and totalled it. Of course, her insurance company didn't want to pay anything because of the miles on the car even the car ran flawlessly.

Anyway, my advice: don't waste your money on any "mechanics in a bottle".... putting a bandaid on such a big gash (using 5 QT between service intervals is a LOT) isn't going to solve anything. So if you really like the car and want to keept it going, your two real options would be to either address the problem or live with the oil consumption. Frankly, I would be extremely weary of doing any sorta top end "fix" (valve job, etc.) on an engine with THAT many miles on it. It could potentially open a giant can of worms. On numerous occasions I have seen a high mileage engine consume MORE oil after a valve job or cylinder head replacement because by making the top half of the engine strong, you are increasing engine vaccum and if the rings are worn/weak, they would allow even more oil get passed into the combustion chambers.

Good luck,
ASE Master Tech

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