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goldensmomNovember 29, 2008

Don't know if anyone can answer this but I recently had my deceased husband's vehicle transfered into my name at the local AAA here in Pa. I had to make a guess as to how many miles was on it and overestimated by 20,000 miles. Does this cause a legal problem come next year for registration as I know I will not be putting that many miles on it as I drive my car most of the time. OR is this only a concern when I sell it? I tried calling Penndot but was on hold for 30 minutes and gave up. Guess I'm concerned about the legality of what they may consider "falsifying" the records. Would appreciate if anyone has an answer. Thanks

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What's AAA? The car club?

If insurance is involved I'd fix it. The rate you pay is partially determined by usage. Have an accident when the mileage on the odometer is less than it supposedly started from when they covered you gives them an excuse to deny a claim. I don't think it would be an issue with your DOT until you go to transfer the title. Whatever you write down at that point would be considered an official record. jmo

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Go back to AAA and take the vehicle in question with you since they may wish to verify the odometer reading. Explain that you made a gross over estimate and wish to correct it. They should be accomodating once they realize the duress you were under. Take a copy of your husband's death certificate as documentation to show that he has really passed away and to support your claim.

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Excellent advice....Gary and jemdandy

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One thing you may need is proof of mileage. Service/repair records would provide proof of mileage history to allow them to make a correction. In many ways its not that big of an issue, especially if you are not planning on selling the car.

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Thanks for the replies....john g was right....I have to produce 2 years of mileage history once I get the title back and resend everything back in all notarized. Oh and they won't accept repair records ... only inspection records. Gary was right about insurance rates so I guess as a young widow one lives & learns.

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