Yes there is Pink and yes there are Roses

nana2010_gwFebruary 6, 2014

But this is not a Valentine's Table.
This is a...There is more than 10 inches of snow on the ground and I am sick of it! Table"..

When I was trying to come up with a table that said warm weather
I thought of this tablecloth I got as a Bridal shower gift, more than 50 years ago and I think it fits the bill.
I did buy the pinkish roses at the grocery store but mixed and matched things I already had. From 2014-02-06 (by Eye-Fi) From 2014-02-06 (by Eye-Fi)

I love these yellow green depression ware plates.
From 2014-02-06 (by Eye-Fi) From 2014-02-06 (by Eye-Fi)

From 2014-02-06 (by Eye-Fi) From 2014-02-06 (by Eye-Fi)

I hope you like my Summery Table


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Oh that is sooo beautiful!

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Nana, that is so bright and cheerful - just what we all need!

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Looks like spring and summer on a table! Just what we need during these dreary days.

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Wow! I adore that tablecloth.
You did a great job finding and bringing in the green elements, however, I really like the pink compote/champagne glasses. Do you have other stemware that goes with the pattern?

If you ever get tired of that tablecloth wedding gift, send it to me!

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Nana, what a gorgeous table. Your wedding gift tablecloth
is beautiful. Fresh roses in your neat green tea pot is wonderful
for the cp. Rose candle holders w/green candles, love it.

This whole table just awes me. Love the way you stacked the
setting. You say this isn't a Valentine table but would sure
pass for one in my book gf!

What a way to cheer me up tonight with our -35 temp.Thanks

Stay warm and safe, Punk

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So pretty and So refreshing to see! Thank You..
I love your tablecloth too. For being over 50 yrs old,
the colors are still bright and cheery. Love how
your plates, stems, pretty candle holders And fresh
roses all make up this Much Needed - Spring Like
tablesetting....Makes me smile looking at it!

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Beautiful!!! Definitely a spring/early-summer table to me and I LOVE the use of green(s) with that tablecloth! I love colored depression glass, in general.

I have the bowl that matches your tall glasses! :)

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Thank you all for your sweet comments.
OA, I'm glad you like the tablecloth.The styles have changed over the years, but like the vintage ones best.
My DGD found several of these pieces at a yard sale. I don't have any others.
Punk, I got the tea pot at a ts last year for our Library's Spring Tea, unfortunately, it developed a crack so I used a juice glass inside to hold the flowers. These roses are so pretty they look pink in the pictures but have a lavender hue in real life.
Jane, the tablecloth is still bright because it was too short for my table and was seldom used.
Party I love depression glass too.
Thanks again everyone I'm glad you liked the table.

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nana...I think this is the most 'beautiful' t'scape you have created ever!! Wow, your 50+ yr old t'cloth is simply gorgeous ~~ your place settings are so beautifully 'stacked.' I love the pink stemware also & how you added the 'greens' to the table. Awesome.

TFS ... snowing here again today ...very cold temps ...hope to get out of this deepfreeze soon. ~~Jeanne S.

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I LOVE IT!!! I'm anxiously waiting for spring myself as well. Here is to Spring!! Happy Spring Soon Day Nana!

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