Should you use larger tiles along with subway in shower?

farmhousegirlMarch 1, 2012

I worry about so many grout lines because of the subway being a bit smaller. Has anyone used large square tiles on the walls, etc, and a smaller border area of subway at the top to avoid the grout/mildew issues? Thanks very much!!

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If the subway proportion is your desired layout design, you can use larger subway-proportioned tiles low on the wall, that's where you'll get the majority of the water spray. Have a deco band of some sort at chest height (or as you choose), then transition to traditional subways above the band.

No worries.

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I didn't want alot of grout either. Here's what we did--although there was a miscommunication and there should have been another row of larger tile before the transition to the subways. We squeegee after every shower--it just takes a few seconds--and have had '0' problems with mildew/mold.

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Wow! Thank you! I'm glad I was thinking on the right track! I appreciate the photo...very helpful in helping me understand how it would look. I think it looks very nice even though they didn't go a row higher with the big tiles!!

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Mydreamhome, your shower is lovely! Could you share the name/color of your tile?

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fivekeils--Thanks for the compliment! It's a combination of Florida Tile's Renaissance pattern in 3x6 and 10x13 sizes in the color 'Grigio' with their Gold Sistine listello tile. The floor of the shower is the matching mosaic tile from the Renaissance collection in 'Grigio' with a border made from ~1/4 piece of the 10x13 tiles. The grout is the color 'Pearl'. The ledge & curb are both a marble sill from Florida Tile. For the niche sides and bottom we chose a turkish marble we got through Best Tile--the tile guy cut the tiles to our specs to make the bottom ledge in the niche. It was a very economically priced tile, but you do need to check around to get the best price--when FL Tile runs a special to the dealers, some pass the savings to the customer & some don't. Also, if you're using a tile guy to do the work, there should be a contractor's discount. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Florida Tile Renaissance Page

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Mydreamhome, thanks for all the details. I see there are a couple locations not too far away. I love to look at all the great results posted in this forum!

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