spare tire question

lou13November 7, 2008

I need to replace a spare tire for my Leased Grand Cherokee Jeep. Because it's a leased car and will be returned soon..does it have to be the same exact tire -

(Make & Model).. or can I buy a cheaper tire that fits?

Should I be concerned that it's not the exact matching tire, for any reason? I've been told that it's important for it to be the same exact tire because it's 4 wheel drive. If I really don't have to use the same exact tire, I'd rather not, because of the extra expense.


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Replace it in such a way that it would fit your expectations if you were the second owner. In other words, if you had to buy one of these cars second hand that got turned in from a lease, what would you expect to find if you needed the spare?

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Would it not be easier to contact the place where you leased the vehicle from? or read your contract? You go spend $100 on a similar tire,but they want the same make/model, well your now out $100!

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Thanks for your responces...I've replaced it with same make and model...I would NOT turn the car in with an inferior tire.. That was not my intent. I was just looking to purchase a similiar one that just cost less.

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