So your siting in a resturant and read this add on the placemat.

john_gNovember 10, 2008

How would you respond to this?


$12 Oil Change? Free Tire Rotation? Free Vehicle


With all of these "great deals" and endless claims like "why

pay more?" many auto service customers seek price first.

But, does quality and service suffer in order to meet these

rock -bottom prices?

Consider that robot sitting in your driveway, yes, the

technology that is in your car makes it a robot in every

sense of the word. What does it really take to keep it

properly serviced these days? Is it really the promise of a

possible great deal that is the most important thing or

should today's vehicle owner be looking at this issue a lot

closer? The last few decades, have seen vehicles change

drastically because of the on-board computers, and the

implementation of vehicle robotics and telematics. Likewise

so have the tools that are necessary to analyze and help

repair them. Every shop owner "should" be purchasing these

tools and "should" be investing in continuing technician

education to operate them.

DID YOU KNOW? Last year, less than 5% of auto technicians

attended sufficient continuing education and many

technicians have attended none at all in the last several


DID YOU KNOW? The only way to service any of today's cars

completely is with the factory tool specific to its

manufacturer? Many shop owners try to avoid the added

expense of continued training for their techs for two

reasons: the training is costly, and a better trained tech

deserves higher pay. Many shop owners attempt to rely on

only one aftermarket scan tool. These are business practices

that will ultimately lead to the shop failing, because they

won't be trained and equipped to keep pace with today's


The one shop that has taken the road less traveled, and has

been investing in training and factory tools for all of

Beaver County drivers since they opened their doors over ten

years ago, is Gillespie's Auto Service- Gillespie's is the

only independent repair shop in the Tri-state area staying

up-to-date with factory-level diagnostic equipment for 95%

of the vehicles on the road.

Owner John Gillespie is an ASE certified Master Technician

who not only continues his own education, he is a Car Quest

Technical Institute Instructor. When he is not in his own

shop, John teaches continuing education courses for

professional auto technicians around the country "Sadly, too

many auto repair shops are too busy playing to the idea that

the commodities are worth more than the abilities and

talents of their technicians," says Gillespie. "It does not

matter how cheap someone claims to be if they are not

equipped and trained to service your car completely and

correctly. We realize price is important, so we work hard to

ensure our competitiveness in the marketplace- without

sacrificing any quality know-how."

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I wouldn't worry about it, john. Ever taken your car to a
fast 10 minuet oil change that costs $12.00 ? That is the labour. By the time you get your car back your bill is $60.00. Friend of mine went to a $19.99 oil change place.
His bill was $80.00. Free tire rotation ? Well after they tell you " you haven't rotated your tires in time and your
belts have taken a " set " or you need front end parts. You now need new tires plus if you don't let us fix your
front end we will pull your car off the road." ( yes they can do that up here.) Your rotation isn't free. Don't go to a place that gives you a " FREE " 25 point inspection
because they find 25 things to fix. Come on john, you should know better and how the system works. I spent the better of my life working for the big three. We HAD to go to school. The dealership payed for it and we got payed 8
hours straight time. I was in school almost every 30 days.
Sometime for a week at a time. G.M. was the worse. They have been known to make a production change in the same car 4 times in one year. With G.M. we were in school sometimes twice a month. I still to this day say to most
people with a problem car " Take it to your dealer ". I know for a fact that the dealer training you guys have down there is VERY QUESTIONABLE if any. After looking at most of the posts on this site and the trouble people have with their cars and dealers i feel sorry for your car owners. How do i know ? Myself and my partner in a G.M. dealership's trim stall have gone many times to the depot
to pick up a car shipped to us from the U.S. My Cadillac
came from a Texas dealer. Couldn't keep the engine light off. My Buick came from North Dakota and i got a car from
California, all related problems. Actually my partner had
already done 26 out of country cars before i started with this dealer. We were the best i guess. This was 1988. We
were " trimmers " payed straight time. I think were got
$18.75 per hour. Not sure but it sounds right. That was unheard of in 1988 in a dealership. Flat rate was only $15.00 at that time. ( i think ). Our labour rate now is
$119.95 per hour and our flat rate is $36.00 per hour. That
means our specailized Trimmers make approximately $40.00
per hour straight time. The good ones can make more. Every dealer payes different. We all run to the highest paying
dealer. Bottom line John, don't worry about it. 90 percent
of people will go to a $12.00 oil change twice. First time
and last time when they get their bill.

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I would pass on a offer like that.I take my 3 GM vehicals to the dealer.Who has a GM Goodwrench quick lane.Yes its a quick lube type place in a seperate building from the service department.But is still owned and operated by the dealership.I pay $21.50 for an oil change and $10.00 for a tire rotation.

What I like about it is they know me by name and they realise I buy my vehicals from them.I can watch them like a hawk and they relise that I do.I stand over there shoulder to make sure the new oil is exactly on the full mark.I stand back and get on my knees to watch the oil filter replacment.If I had to wait in a waiting room I would do it my self.But they realise I am keeping my eye on them and will not be afraid to Call them on something not done right.

I only trust my vehicals to a dealership.I avoid the privatly owned places.I also stick to this same dealership for my vehical buying and repairs and maintanance.There is a earned trust both ways I feel?They realise I am a good customer and they want to keep my business.Works out well for me.

I would not trust the grease monkey doing a $12.00 special.Because he could not be making enough money to care about me or my car.I wonder about people who get there oil changed at Walmart and Kmart from a kid making $8.00 per hour if he is lucky.

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There is no offer in that for cheap work.. It did not work for you if I have to explain that.

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Johndeere. Funny how things work in different places. We are forbidden to have a customer in our stall when we work on their vehical. Liability issue. If the customer insistes
on staying in the stall we are told to close our tool box and walk away. He still pays the labour rate as long as we are away. I dropped a floor jack on a customer's car while
he had his hand on the fender and an open hood. Well the hood closed on his hand and broke 2 fingers. He tryed to
sue. Well we sued him and won. It might have been an accident, maybe, could be, i think. Johndeere. The
"grease monkey " , and i haven't heard that word in 40 years, might be trying to get into the automotive trade on the ground floor and doing his or her best. Yes i've seen
very good women in the auto trade. It's jerkfaces like you that have no bloody idea what these kids go through. If
these kids screw up they pay out of their pockets to fix the customers car. The oil change place doesn't know their
name if anything happends. Then after the poor kid pays for
any damage they are out of a job.Those kids are told that.
Do you think they will screw up because they don't care ?
Some of those kids become the managers of that shop because they are good and care about their customers.
I started out that way 40 years ago in a " lub rack " in a dealership. I miss read a work order and instead of an oil
change i changed the oil and filter. Filter was not on the work order. I bought the customer a filter and payed the labour to change it out of my pay cheque. Unless you have
walked in thier shoes don't condemn the poor kid trying to
make a living. If you find this post offensive too bad
because i find your stereo typing of the poor guy in a cheap oil change place offensive. They are not all the same. I know many people that make GOOD MONEY that don't
care a rat's ass about people they work for.

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Kalining.It works that way here also.If you take your vehical to there main service department.Where they have GM Techs that repair and service your vehical.There is a sighn saying no one beyond this point.Your ushered to the waiting room.However there Quick Lube center different building.You have choices.You can wait in your car.Or wait in there waiting room or you can stand beside you car.

It is a smaller 3 bay drive over open pit shop.They only change oil,filters,rotate tires,replace batteries in this shop.They do no diognostics except test battery and coolant condition.They are not mechanics they do not trouble shoot.They do not make much money and they our young.

But they our clean cut kids that stick around and honestly work hard and deserve every cent they make.They have some expirence and are doing the kind of work they want to do.They work full time and not after High shcool gets out for the day.They are in a uniform and no chains or pierced body parts.There not there because it pays 50 cents more then the burger joint.

Maybe thing are different in your area?But thats the difference between Walmart Kmart Jiffy Lube etc and the Quick lube at the local dealership in my area.Maybe I am a ''jerkface''?But I prefere to trust the guy removing and tightening my oil plug and tightening my lug nuts.

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Sorry Johndeere about " jerkface " I was WAY out of line .
Had a very bad week. The old lady is out of a job and she will be here driving me nuts for how ever long. I can't say how sorry i am for the insult. Please forgive me
if you can. it will never happen again. I hope. By the time i realized what i said it was too late. Again I'm sorry. You make very good and sound replies and try to help. Again sorry for the blast. I wasn't thinking. Well i
was but not in the right direction.

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Think nothing of it no problem.I hope your wife gets a new and better job soon.

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Thanks Johndeere. She will be going back to a temp agency.
She gets work from them a few weeks at a time. Better than nothing. Thanks again for your understanding.

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