Old Jeep parts? CJ7

better2boutsideNovember 6, 2009

I am looking for a place that would take an old, loved and trail worn Jeep off my hands. It is my husbands baby that has well past its prime.

We would prefer to give it to a parts dealer who would do more than just crush it. Does anyone know of a Jeep junkyard/parts dealer on Long Island, NY?

Maybe leads on how to find one. I tried searching the internet, but only get new jeep parts dealers.

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You could try selling it through your local want ads. State that you are selling it as a parts vehicle.

If you should sell it privately, make sure that the buyer signs a statement that he has purchased the vehicle from you, and that it an "as is" sale. The VIN number and vehicle description should be included on the statement.

This is a protection for you. Later, should the vehicle be involved in foul play, traffic tickets, or accident, you might need proof that it was no longer yours.

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If it is 10 years old send it to the press. Our wreckers
won't even take a vehical more than 10 years old. Put in a private add.

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