'01 Mitsubishi Eclipse Trans. problem

rd0124November 10, 2009

2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 87000 miles

2001 Mit. Eclipse GT auto. tran. w/ sport shift. Without any previous symptoms, the trans. stop putting power to the wheels. While driving in "D", the rpm's went up and I was coasting. No gears work (D or R). It sounds and feels as if it is trying to go into gear, but only rev.s up, no power to the wheels. It will shift into "N" because I can push it. Any ideas since no earlier symptoms? Clogged trans. filter? Some hose disconnect? Or complete Transaxle shot? Thanks! -> non-mechanic here.

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Its hard to say. Tow it to a transmission shop and let them have a look. It's probably shot.

Those electronically adjustable transmissions do not provide much advance warning because as it wears, adjustments are made. Failure from wear out comes suddently.

I think that something broke. Doesn't your transmission have a "run home" mode? In this mode, it defaults to 2nd gear. Try moving the shifter from 'drive' to '3' or '2' to see if you have anything. Do you have reverse? If you have none of these, its tow time for sure.

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I would first check for any recalls for your transmission. Sometimes they apply regardless of mileage. BTW I have an 07 GT with the dual use auto/manual transmission thatÂs acting up.

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I had to post on this because I have the exact same car including year, mine has 130000 on it.. the same thing, to a tee, is what has happened to mine. If you have figured anything out please let me know. I may need to have it hauled off to the shop.

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