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cocoonerNovember 19, 2006

Hi there. I'm looking to get an extended full size passenger van 2000 or later. It's not a common vehicle. I've seen vans on cars dot com and edmunds dot com, but wondered if there are any sites that list vehicles that are for sale by owner. I may wind up buying from a dealer but I want to consider all options. I've searched on Craigslist too.


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There may be some smaller newspapers on-line that list FSBO. Here in the Twin Cities there's also a site called that has FSBO. Try your favorite search engine with the terms cars for sale by owner [name of closest big city] -- for example, cars for sale by owner Des Moines , and you might find some more.

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These so-called full size extended would be the 15 passnger van...The schools use these vans and they must auction off the older ones now and again.
Contact the big school district managers, they may be able to help..

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Look for used commercial truck dealers. There's one near me that must have a hundred 15 pass vans lined up.

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