E-brake sticking.

timbulbNovember 4, 2007

Where would one lubricate the e-brake system on a vehicle. I have an '02 mazda truck. The e-brake/park brake sticks a little when I release it. It seems to unstick itself after a few meters of driving but I'd like to fix it now before it gets worse.

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Often, a sticky parking brake is caused by a sticking cable. In this case, the best repair is cable replacement.

For drum brakes, another source of sticking is a weak or broken spring in the brake assembly.

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Very well said,JIM. Replace it. Lubing is a waste of time.
the interior plastic sheath is broken down and allowing
water and rust to build up. That vehical very likely has
rear disk brakes and could also have seized calipers.
It boils down to " use it or loose it ".

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