Chrysler Crossfire At Overstock

akastj_northern_caNovember 28, 2005

I just saw this at The Car Connection and had to LOL...

"Overstock(dot)com Stocks Chrysler Crossfire

Chrysler's Crossfire will be marketed through a new deal with Overstock(dot)com, the automaker said last week. In an unusual deal with untold consequences for the two-seat sportscar's resale value, Chrysler will offload remaining 2005 Crossfire coupes and roadsters through the Web site that also sells factory remainders on consumer products from bedding to electronics to furniture. The site, which also features products from brands like Ralph Lauren and Prada, will provide Chrysler buyers with a coupon that they can redeem for up to $8,900 off the MSRP of any 2005 Crossfire. The deal expires on Jan. 3."

It certainly shows what happens to a questionable design and the lengths a manufacturer will use to get rid of them...


Here is a link that might be useful: / Daily Edition Nov 28 2005

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they should sell them, they are a really nice car a reskinned mercedes, with the chrysler name. i just wouldnt pay that kind of money for a chrysler, when you could get the real thing for a few bucks more or a bmw etc. if iam going to spend a premium price i want the name to go with it. its like wine in a box, no matter how good it is, it wont ever go for high bucks because its just wine in a box. same with a chrysler, no matter how good its still just a chrysler.

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