Best place to buy a new clawfoot tub? Price/etc?

farmhousegirlMarch 1, 2012

Has anyone found a good, inexpensive, but decent clawfoot tub online, etc? Where would you suggest to begin?

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Decent and inexpensive are relative terms. What price range are you looking at?

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Well, I'm confused on quality, so not sure. Does the acrylic hold up? Does it look plastic-like? Would a cast Iron be a better choice. I'd like to stay around 1000-1500, but not sure where to start. Tub will get a decent amount of use, so it's got to be good quality. Thank you!!

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We bought ours from and it is the cast iron. I hate acrylic. They are so hard to clean after a while. I paid right around $1k. I got the standard size with chrome feet. It's beautiful but it's still sitting in my garage waiting for us to build a house.

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We ended up getting our cast iron clawfoot from signature hardware. They have quite a few in that price range. Make sure to price out the hardware too since that can run up the price quickly.

Personally, I think cast iron can't be beat. I'm sure everyone has their own opinions, but it hard to argue with the classics.

Here is a link that might be useful: clawfoot tubs

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"Does the acrylic hold up? Does it look plastic-like?"

Some (most, IMO) do look plastic-like, but a few don't. I think it depends on the design and shape of the tub to some degree as well as the material itself.

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We have almost finished our remodel and the cast iron Signiture claw foot is in and one bubble bath (dgd)old. :>) I simply couldn't like the look, feel or sound of the acrylic...just my take.
We are not tub folk, so it's there for looks. If we were soakers, this one at 68" would be on the small side......narrower than I'd expected. The Melissa looked roomy, or maybe I'd go for a double slipper. Don' t remember the cost, but billl is correct re. Fixture prices!

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I have put 2 claw foot tubs in my house. The first was from Vintage Tubs. It is cast iron and nice. I don't remember which tub exactly, and it has been a few years. My only complaint is the edges of the tub are not as nice as I would have liked. It is subtle, and I may be the only one that notices it.

My most recent tub cost a little more, it is also cast iron. It is the Barclay tub and it is a little nicer than the first tub. All of the edges and paint is very nice.

The first tub has a deck mount faucet set and the second has the fully freestanding mount. Be sure to decide which you want before you order, so you will or will not have the drilled holes.

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Just be sure to ask the weight of the tub and how many gallons to overflow (at 8.35 lbs/gal) to be sure your floor can support the load of the tub, water, and heaviest person that's going to be using it! The tub could hold 50 gallons, that's 417 lbs right there, only support is the 4 feet.

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We also bought our cast irom tub and hardware from vintage tubs and I love it!

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Renovator's Supply is the place I have directed customers.

They have tubs, faucets, and drains.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Renovator's Supply

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We too are purchasing our cast iron tub and hardware from vintagetub!

pps7: I see you placed your tub in front of a window. We are going to do the same thing. Approx how far away from window did you place it? I'm trying to figure out my tile which has to be done before the tub is in place so I'm wondering! Thanks :)

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