Where can I buy a GPS adapter quickly?

cheerful1_gwNovember 22, 2006

I ordered a Garmin C340 GPS online, and just received it. I realize now that I need an adapter, and need it by this weekend. Do any of the big chain electronic stores carry them? I live near a Radio Shack and Best Buy.

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Sorry, it's the charger that I need. The adapter comes with the GPS.

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In the past when I've needed specialized cables and stuff I had to resort to using Amazon. I needed a computer cable once for a garmin portable. Luckily you can search the radio shack website and see if they have it but I haven't had much luck with local sources.

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Amazon was out of them. Radio Shack sells what's called an inverter. You connect the GPS to the adapter for the car, connect the adapter to the inverter, then plug the inverter into the outlet.

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