It's February 2014, how is your build? Part 2

aries61February 10, 2014

Need to start part 2.

Here is a link that might be useful: February Part 1

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Loribug, I can't find the Feb 2013 thread either.

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Here's the link. The search feature on this site doesn't work all the time. It's better to do a search on Google using and what you are looking for. That's how I found the below link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Feb 2013 thread

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Renee, even at $300k, the bid is shockingly low for the square footage. Where are you building?

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LawPaw - we are located in the Kansas City, Missouri area. We were shooting for under 3000sqft to start with.

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We are on week 3 of drywall this week, should be done by end of week. The first time I saw the drywall up, it was so exciting, but now this phase seems to be dragging on, as there isn't anything really "new" to see during the taping/mudding/sanding phase. Just MESSY!!

Paint starts a week from today and then things will really get moving with hardwoods, tile, cabinets, doors and millwork all being delivered next week!!!

My cabinet guy gave me a sneak peek at our cabinets as they are being assembled. He will send me a picture of the "Beach Glass" blue island when that is ready, so can't wait to see that!

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I am so far behind - we are officially in the DIY super busy phase. AND - I should be updating my resume. Sorry to hear others have also been laid off during inopportune times (is there any other really?). I think I am most stressed that I will have to end up with a full time job and I really feel like my kids are too young yet for that (and I'm not ready for that either). :(

akshars-sounds like if we mixed our 'whites' we'd have the perfect shade. ;) I hope we are both pleasantly surprised. We did purchase light bulbs today and I went with bright white instead of soft white - I don't need the soft getting softer yet!

mommytoty-meanwhile I am drooling over your white cabs you posted above! They look great! As far as MESSY for sure the messiest stage by far for us!

illini-I have worked in both automotive and health care (I know they don't match-lol, automotive before kids, health care after kids and very part time and then back to automotive still part time but more in the 25-30 hours per week range). This last job was one of those too good to be true so flexible jobs and obviously it WAS too good to be true, ugh. It lasted 2 years though so I guess I shouldn't complain. Most of my focus has been data/project coordination. Excel, Access and data crunching and reports. Any new pics for you?

kellithee-is the nursery painted?

lori-any paint pics? Are the girls loving their colors? I can't wait to see colors on our walls! I think my neck is going to be so stiff tomorrow. Round the clock motrin the last 2 days.

hoosiers-warming up at all so the cabinet work can continue? We won't be able to do our exterior brick work until spring at this point. Kind of worried about the roof - it's new and all but breaking it in with a couple feet of snow on top is a little scary.

maggie-oh no. I'm not sure about the sheen. That sounds really modern. Have you confirmed that it was the correct finish? Has it grown on you at all?

jdez-is mother nature giving you a break down yonder yet or what?

renee-Our plan ended up being over what we had requested in size (but not by as much as yours) and lumber had jumped from what we based it off of. It is so disheartening. I hope you find a solution with your plan. Your builder sounds like he is really willing to work with you.

Ceilings sprayed and back rolled. PHEW. So glad that is done. Seriously I hate over head painting. It went so much faster with the sprayer though. Now on to trim for DH and more sanding for me. All of that drywall 'fuzz' is pretty crispy after priming. It definitely needs sanding before I can actually paint any color on the walls. Patience patience are in order for me (not one of my gifts that is for sure)! No pics-it all really looks the same except all primer white and ceiling white.

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I have a question...are you guys stressed about the final financing on your house? I am so tired of pinching every penny and I feel like such a party pooper! I am trying to save every possible penny to add to our down payment funds but little "expenses" have been popping up like crazy this week. I am excited to be building a house, and I know that it is a huge blessing...but seriously, I would love to go buy some new clothes instead of squirreling money away!

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Hilltop, we all know how you feel. All of these little expenses that just pop up really add up fast so just think about the final tally if you don't pinch pennies. It's a royal pain right now but it will be well worth it at closing. Hang in there chick. You got this.

Autumn4 - Torrential rain all day. Even if it stopped right now, and it doesn't sound like it is any time soon, it would at least two to three days of full sun and wind to dry the framing enough to get going again. I am officially on vacation from homebuilding. At least for a few days.

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Renee, Sorry the plan was so much bigger than what you were going for. I am surprised the builder missed it before he got the bids and added them up. Looks like you are estimating the cost be less than 90 per sqft for the build cost? That seems low to me but I am in an expensive part of the country. Hope you can change the plan to meet your budget.
Maggie, Not sure what is going in with your cabinets. Hope you figure out what the mix up has been. Also make sure they fix the hinge issue. Can’t believe they did that.
Autumn, I can’t imagine all the hard work you are putting in. I spent some cleaning the drywall dust yesterday and I was sore. I can only imagine how sore you are after painting and cleaning. Hope you get a good night’s sleep. You are right about the cabinets hope both of us are happy in the end. Patience is not one of my virtues for sure. Hope the sanding is not to bad and you can move to painting walls.
Uponthehill, yes watching the budget closely has been an issue for us also. We started with what I thought was a big enough cushion for the extra costs but was I ever wrong. Like Jdez said it goes with the build process unless you have unlimited budget.
JDez, Hope the rain stops and you can get back to building.
Mommytoty, your cabinets are looking great. Drywall phase has been the longest phase for us. Took us 4 weeks as they took a few days of in between the job. Hope you on move on to other things as planned next week.
On our front spent couple of hours today with the ID to finalize the colors. I am ok with the majority of the choices. A little worried about the color choice for the main living spaces of the house. We have open concept so the walls, hallways and the living room, family room, dining room and kitchen have to be the same color unless we figure out a way to break the color so the living room and hallway can be different color than the family/dining and kitchen.
No work was done on the house today. The interior doors and garage door was supposed to be done today but nothing was done. A little frustrating as we could be moving much faster than we are.

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We have laid hardwood for 4 weekends now. We finished up on Saturday, but then decided we had so much left over...we should go ahead and floor the upstairs closets too!! We might be crazy. At least the hardwood was paid for and that now cuts down on carpet costs on those rooms.

Painting was the most painful for me so far too. Glad that's done. I think the ceilings were the worst. 9' and I tried to use a power roller...too heavy. Lots o Tylenol.

We still have ice/snow that just won't melt. Our driveway is one slick ride from hitting a fence. We have been going partially in driveway/partially out to get in and out. Trim delivery should come today to get us started on the stairs but I don't think they will make it back. So we will transfer to our truck then take it back. This winter is killing me! Okay be that was a little dramatic... But you guys understand.


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wow, lots of diy-ers here- good for you! Well earned/saved cash, love it! It will pay off in the end but lots of sore muscles/headaches now.

@mommytoty- beautiful cabs!

I will be at our electrical walkthrough this morning in 8 degree weather- boo :( Hope I can stand it.

No new pics, I wasn't out yesterday due to a sick kiddo at home. Windows were supposed to be delivered yesterday afternoon so we'll see if they had time to get any in.

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The drywall crew has been scheduled, but now we are facing a big southern snow. Anywhere from 6 to 14", depending on the forecaster. In SC, this stops everything, possibly for a long time. My wife works at a hospital, and she is bringing enough clothes and supplies to stay over for a number of days. Wonder when the drywallers (and supplies) will show up?

Oddly enough, there won't be anything for me to do inside until the drywall is done. I have outdoor work, but that ain't happening with snow on the ground.

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Thanks everyone for the comments. My DH is working on redesigning the house. He has 2 plans in his head and is putting them in our architect pro software to see how it looks and how much sq footage he can cut down. He is looking at either a 1-1/2 story or 2 story plan but a smaller upstairs and moving around some of the main floor areas to make better use of the space. He hopes to get these done and to the builder by the end of the week so he can adjust numbers and get us a spec sheet to take to bank. Keep your fingers crossed and pray a lot for us.

Everyones builds are coming along and I can't wait to be at those stages too. Our lease is up on our townhome 7/31 so I am hoping this goes quick and easy for us, so I don't have to move in with MIL.

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Brrrrr. It's cold. 3 degrees!

Nothing happened at the homefront yesterday. Painter said he wouldn't be working yesterday or today as he had another job. I hope he comes back tomorrow.

Just got a call that our trim package and interior doors are being delivered this afternoon.

We hope this is the last of these single digit temps and we finally get above freezing this week. We are still snow/ice covered.

DH glued up several more cabinet doors in the house yesterday since he couldn't work in the pole barn with these temps.

We had an interesting trip to the lighting store yesterday. DH and I went in to buy their LED under-cabinet lighting system. Everything was fine dealing with the same woman we had dealt with last year prior to sending out bids. DH asked if she could make up a list of everything he needed and he'd be back today to buy it. She laughed. But, then things went downhill. She asked if she could give us pricing on our lighting needs. I told her I had already bought everything else online. She became upset, mumbled that she could have matched all the online prices, and turned her back to us and wouldn't say anything else. Awkward! DH then said he'd be back tomorrow and she never responded. We left. I won't go back there. DH really wants to buy their LED system but said if she didn't have things ready when he goes back in there today, he'd find another place.

Now if we can only find a local place where we can buy those angled under-cabinet power strips. We found a place online. And, before the lighting woman gave us the brush-off yesterday, she did call a builder who installed them in a homeshow house and left a message. Not sure if she will follow-up on that or not.

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Everything is moving so fast. I haven't had time to upload pictures to my home computer. We all caught a cold including the little one so it's been a tough couple of days. We spent all weekend painting. Kitchen cabinets are in! All the painting is done except for fine painting towards the ceiling. Love all the colors we picked out. The nursery is painted and I love it. OH and the revere pewter in the open areas... AMAZING.. better than I could have ever expected. It's the perfect color. Yesterday the hubby stopped by the house and took some pics on his phone and they have started flooring and the island is in! That's only two guys working since our builder and his wife had their baby girl on Saturday. :) Today it's negative 20 degrees and I'm officially sick of it, pretty much used to it now.. they only delayed 3 schools today.

Edited to add: I caught up on the other thread.

Uponthehilltop- We went with benjamin moore, didn't know there was a sherwin williams brand. The paint has beige undertones when looking at it by our cabinets.. but on the more open walls looks more gray.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Thanks for the thread finding…duh, I know to use Google. 

Renee…what happened with the architect? Did he just keep adding??? Fingers crossed for your dh to come up with something amazing! All things happen for a reason, you’ll be happier with the final I’m sure!

Drywall….slow, messy, but the key to “finished!” lol

Paint pics:
SDD’s room:

Light blue & grey. She & her bf painted it all, and probably did the best job in the house. They are both 19. He’s the son of our builder, and just as anal. Lol He did almost all the trim work, cutting in, around the ceilings. Dang fine job!

Up bath, wound up being 3 colors, but in the light it looks different every way you turn…  same pale blue as in other room, the brown from my bedroom (I think?? So many colors I can’t remember already) and a lighter greige around the toilet. It looks great! Kids’ idea. I should have let them do the whole house. Lol

The “sweet tart” room. DD is already aggravated at me for calling it that, but it’s perfect. I love it, she loves it. It’s so a 12 yr old girl’s room!

My room:
we all decided it looks like chocolate milk, or a Wendy’s Frosty!!  The dark chocolate will be accent once I decide where… lol

My stair lights that I LOOOOVVVEE 

Hilltop, I’m stressed about everything right now. I’ve been pretty good, up til now, but I’m kinda starting to freak out. Silently, by myself… lol

Jen…I’m pretty sure this winter is killing me too, a slooooowww and painful death. How’s that for drama??? Lol
lol on the we might be crazy, I think we’re all a special kind of crazy  cool on the hardwood!!

Illini ~ sorry about sick kiddo, hope elec walk goes well!

Oh MushCreek…. Hope the storm doesn’t hit like they say? Stay safe. :/

Hoosier! You’re 10 degrees warmer than we are! Crap its cold. I’m pretty used to it being around 0-10 above, but 13 below felt pretty darn cold this am feeding horses!!!
Crappy customer service makes me crazy. She should be glad to sell you something, if not everything. Period.

Stay warm my friends!!

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loribug - Architect told us he was only 159sqft over our max of 3000sqft but he only measured from the inside walls and usable space apparently. We thought it looked too big but took his word. We had to keep reeling him in on if I just bump this out and move this a foot.

My DH is very good at designing - our plan was his mater brain at work he just got frustrated with how to layout the kitchen and Master bath so we called in the architect. It was the worst $5k we ever spent.

We had been praying and saying god let us have the house you want us to. So he answered as my DH reminded me last night.

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I've had to take a bit of a break from here, and I come back and there are over 100 posts. A lot to catch up on.
Lots of pretty pictures and some great progress.
I can't possibly respond to everything, but a few items I can remember to comment on.
First, Autumn, so sorry to hear about the job. I hope all works out for you in the long term. I love that you've finalized a bunch of selections and are happy with them.
Upon, so happy to see progress pics and see that you're back here. Your builder is FLYING along. You started later than some folks here, including us, yet you seem to be further along already. The pics are glad you chose the arches, they're beautiful. I can fully believe you'll be in in April.
MFatt, so glad to hear you've reconciled on the windows.

Renee, as akshars said, the price per sq ft is Shockingly Low! if indeed you have over 4000 sqft. Are you sure it isn't the lumber yard that made a mistake or that your contractor misunderstood what the lumber yard said? If your plan was indeed ~4500sqft then at $297k you would only be paying $66/sqft.
Even in the middle of the country where building costs are lower, and if you have very modest finishes, any custom build isn't likely to come in under $100/sf. So figuring that, a 3000sf home should cost about $300k. If you have upgraded finishes, landscaping, aren't doing any of the work yourself, etc, I would think that it would cost more.

Mommytoty, those cabinets are gorgeous!
Maggie, what have you found out about the hinges? Your house is amazing! You've done such a nice job designing and choosing your finishes.
RBatt, wow, you moved in. Sorry to hear about your heating bill, hopefully it'll warm up soon.
LZwhong, I like those 3 carpets together, in that they are part of a cohesive look and I don't think that your MB needs to match anyplace else.

I'm hoping for all of you in the north (and my kids there) that this winter lets up sometime soon.
My hubby the scientist is telling me that this year sunspot activity is lower than it's been any year since sometime in the 1700's, and that in the cycle of things it's what scientists are expecting to continue for the forseeable future. This indicates a period of colder winters and cooler summers. It's the natural order of things happening on earth, not anything we humans have influence over.

As far as our build, the rough mechanicals are finished, and as soon as the county finishes the next inspection they'll be foaming in the insulation. Then there is a pressure test to be sure all is sealed, then we start drywall.
Our exterior is almost finished. The roof and siding, porch posts and trim are all finished (not painted, but done), Today they should finish up the wrap around porch rails and the stairs to the porch. Then I believe that crew is finished with our house. I'm really looking forward to getting the drywall on to see better what our spaces will look like. I can't wait to get to where our kitchen goes in.

Upon, I think no matter what the budget, building stretches it. I am feeling pinched too, and am watching some of the upgrades - and dd's upcoming wedding - eating up my budget for furniture after this build is complete. And right now I want to shop for clothes and shoes! Not happening.

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mlweaving - We own our land and are building in county not in city limits. The actual lumber yard bid was sent to us so that we could look it over. The builder said with all the bids in we were at $332 but he scrutinixzed it and we changed a few things to get down to the $294k. We are also building on a slab. I'm not even sure any of them know our true sq footage at this point. My husband is inputting his revised plan into our computer software called Artichitect Pro and that should give us acurate sq ft. It's really cook software - you can look at your home in 3D or like a glass house so you get the feeling you are walking through your home. Once he gets it input I'll let you know the total sq ft and with any luck we will get a lower bid. I want to get it as low as we can (at least $280k) so DH can have his workshop too.

We are not doing many upgrades. We are getting our plumbing fixtures, tub, kitchen sink, granite and onyx solid surface materials at cost from a friend of ours that has a granite shop and sells the other stuff. That was a great discount. Our builder gets a 20% discount at the lighting place so that is a cost savings too. Plus the flooring place gave us bldr discounts too. We are getting a pretty good deal on most of the finishes. The one place we aren't getting a great discount is the cabinet shop, But my DH knows an Amish group that is willing to give us a great cost since his mom got her chicken coop from them, his brother got his cabin built by them and we bought our lumber shed from them and plan to have them build our workshop. We are hammering out a deal with them now to see if they can do cabinets at a better price than the place our bldr uses.

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we've been on hold for 6 weeks because of rain not the amount of rain but the fact that it's rained about every three
or four days
they were only able to work a four day week before the rain
started so they've only formed it in and put in fill clay/sand
put in the plumbing and that's rained again today....

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Loribug - I love your stairway lights and your paint colors are coming together nice. Especially the sweet tart room, love the name.

Mil weaving - It's always good to shut out the outside influences even if just for a day or two. I hope your inspection goes off without a hitch. Are you saying that your scientist predicts many more winters like this one....oh, say it ain't so...

Hoosierbred - I also like to return to salespeople who have helped me before but I probably would have walked out and not given her a second chance at all. It'd be a miracle if I didn't do or say something really stupid that I would feel guilty about for years.

Renee - I hope y'all can work out the design to work for your family and fit within your budget. One thing you should keep in mind is that it will always cost about 10 to 20% more than what your told it will cost. We were told that by my Dad and it appears to be coming true for us so I'm glad we put some extra contingency room in the budget.

Mommytoty - your cabinets are going to be classically beautiful.

Rbatt - I'm glad to see you at the finish line. I hope those heating bills start going down soon. That must be LP because we have NG and our bill hasn't gone up that much. Even though our winter is mild compared to yours, it has been harsh by our Southern standards.

Illinigirl - Looks like your moving at a good pace. Hope the elec goes smooth with no problems.

Mushcreek - I live quite a bit further South and if it's not snow and ice (which we are not used to) it's rain or sleet. I feel your pain. It's given me plenty of time to check accounts, invoices, etc and properly price shop some big ticket items. I figured if I can't change the weather, I would find a way to use it to my advantage.

Hilltop - Have you picked out brick yet? If so, how did you decide?

Autumn4 - Hope your not too sore to type. We need an update. And pics.

Got the tubs ordered. Went with builders recommendation. The cabinet guy is working on a revised kitchen design. I'm shopping for bath faucets on the internet tonight. To the DIYers, hope you are blessed with the stamina you need to finish and stay between the lines.

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Hoosier- regarding the paint colors, they are actually a gray. SW Dovetail in living, dining, kitchen. SW Mindful gray going up the stairs. Basement picture is SW Accessible Beige. I had someone else tell me the gray looked green in pics. It really has no green tones in person, so it must be the photo edits.

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rb-I really like where your stairwell comes down into the house. I think it's a perfect spot!

upon-well yes and no. We applied to borrow more than we need so we are fine in a sense but we don't really want to borrow that higher amount. We want to come in under and knock that right off the top. So far I think we are ahead but not by as much as we'd hoped.

jdez-my fingers are........frozen. It's 13 below this morning with no wind. What is up with that?!?! They are just starting to thaw after my morning walk. I saw the 13 and thought SWEET it's WARM out - I missed the negative sign. Anyhow I have a couple of pics but I don't think it looks much different.

lori-I love the sweettart room! :) That is awesome. How nice to have some helpful hands in there - and good ones! We tried letting my 11 year old help back roll the primer but it was our first time using a sprayer and both dh and I are kinda anal AND very task, lets do this thing soooooo it didn't go all that well. He did a nice job but you have to keep moving and he was kind of being goofy. I may let him help paint his room though, we'll see.

DH got ONE window trimmed and we are deeming it the 'test window'. After changing lengths and widths of the trim pieces we now know what we like the look of best. We are leaving this one as is but the remaining windows will have the trim pieces overhang around 1/2". The bottom is slightly larger (not sure you can see that from the pic) and we like the 1/2" best.

We have a lot of natural light and I am loving that! I can't wait to remove the film from the windows!

The lighting wasn't great for the window but the other was taken during mid-day.

I know it's not for everyone having an arched opening next to a standard corner but we like it. The doorway opening beyond the front door is the laundry room.

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rb, thanks for sharing your colors. I love how they look in your home!

Autumn, -13???? It's 11 here and not minus. I really like your window trim. Nice job! So your DH is the trim carpenter, too? Your house looks so clean. Ours looked so cluttered yesterday in the open entry/family/kitchen/dining areas. Too much stuff. The painter is going to have a hard time.

DH said the painter called yesterday and said he'd be here today and have another person helping him. DH told him the trim and doors were delivered yesterday and the painter asked if we had them stored it in the garage. DH told him no, we had them store it in the family room because that's where the painter told us to have them put it! I don't think he realized how much it would be even though we sent him the list of everything the wood supplier gave us. DH covered everything in plastic yesterday. And, he's taken over the laundry room with the cabinet door gluing. The painter said they wouldn't be in there today so he could leave as is.

We had to send one door back because it was warped. Everything else looked good.

JDez, DH did go back to the lighting store yesterday. Saleswoman had not made the list of items for the undercounter lighting. DH said she was still put off about us buying our fixtures online and said to him that they like to keep the money locally and not elsewhere. He told her that we have purchased tons of things locally and he could go to the local Home Depot to buy the LED lighting if he wanted to but he came to her. She changed her tune after that.

Kelli, can't wait to see pics of your house!

Lori, look at you guys and all your painting! Your house exudes happy colors! And those stair lights are great!

My brain is fried already this morning and I'm posting this from my phone so it's harder to respond to everyone. But to everyone, we are one day closer to spring!!!! I worked on taxes yesterday in-between laundry. Let's just say I'm glad we have the federal tax geothermal rebate this year. What with DH retiring in 2013, both of us going on SS, selling a house, moving 3-1/2 hrs away, and building another house . . . Yes, there were a lot of changes.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Mornin' all...
Thanks for the compliments on the paint, I really like it all!! Kids really did have a good time helping, I think. DD is 12, and she & her friend painted 75% of her room on their own. DH thought it wasn't the best job and wanted me to sand down some spots, but I was like... you know, it is her room, and no one else is really going to notice it. Older kids went over it with 2nd coat and it really looks fine.
Not much new to report, still spraying & sanding trim. More lights up :) Painters came & did 2nd coat on big areas, b/c they left it with one coat and it looked pretty crappy. All good now. BFF & I spent some time putting on switch plates & outlet covers last night. DD & her friend videoed science project, ball rolling down stairs, knocking over a few things, dog ran in & stole the ball. lol :) Project was on energy transfer, so I told her the dog was a form of that, go with it.
Hope she gets an A for effort at least.
We are all so ready to be done and move. My current house is an absolute disaster. Somewhere in the melee I’ve lost the extension poles to my sweeper. Wth. How am I supposed to clean while I’m packing with no sweeper poles? Grr…
We’ve all gotten a cold in the last few days and I’m dragging. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

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Lori-yeah. All plugged up over here too, ears, nose, I need to SLEEP!!

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hoosier-it was clean...until dh brought the saws in and started cutting wood! I hear ya on juggling materials. The mudders are STILL working on the garage (which we are STILL HEATING in these temps). Kinda ticked since we told them to wait to do the garage until it warmed up. So we have had to move items that were supposed to stay put in the garage into the basement which will now have to be carried back up the stairs to main floor. Not great on dh's back. :/ And we couldn't spray it while we sprayed the rest of the wall. Grrr! I don't want cabs delivered until we at least have it primed and cab company is calling for delivery!

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kellithee , hope you feel better soon. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your house.

Lori, All the paint colors look great and also love your stair lights. I love that you are naming the rooms based on the colors . You are very creative and have a great sense of humor . I have also been stressed the last two weeks and can’t wait for the build to be completed so we can move in.

Illinigirl, Hope the electrical walk through went fine and you were able to get everything sorted.

Mlweaving, Hope your inspection go fine and you can start on insulation. Glad that you are doing the pressure test. We did not know about this until very late in the game or world have added this as part of the contract.
JDez, Great attitude for looking at the delays due to the weather. I hope you find some great deals for all the plumbing fixtures.

MUshcreek and okokok, Hope the weather improves so you can get moving on your houses.

Autumn, Love the arches and trim in your house. Looks like you guys are doing a great job with the priming also. Are you installing your floor or having someone else do it? Hope your aches and pains are under control.

Hoosier, Hope your painters are here and now that he has a helper hopefully it will go faster.

On our front we have interior doors and the hardwood installers have started today. We are doing site finished hardwood throughout so they have to sand and apply a finish once they are done with the installing. Our garage door won’t be here until end of February as it was not ordered due to some confusion.

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Let's get this party started :) we have digging!!Almost 5 weeks behind due to the cold and snow. The builder said there was 4 feet of frost-doesnt mean much to me but he had a "can you believe it??!!" look on his face.

okokok- i feel your pain! Our move in date moved from late July to early Sept- I really wanted to be settled before our D started school.

We are so happy to finally get moving.

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FINALLY get a moment to post pictures! I apologize ahead of time since I don't have photo bucket so I will do a couple of posts. :/

Before pictures, went to the house today and all the flooring is in. Vanity cabinets are in, island is in. Doors are starting to go in. Found some issues, there isn't a plug for the stove, they have water/plumbing for the laundry and hallway bath but nothing in the master bath or by the kitchen sink. And they dinged up some of our cabinets during install. Sigh, annoying but there are worse things. The floors are dusty and a mess but they are looking great!

Picture of the kitchen from the dining area.

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Lanie's Room (the nursery) Not completely finished painting but the right colors.

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Master bedroom color with door. (That's my dad, fyi.)

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Last one, to not overload the thread. ;) Master bathroom.

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well i have some short term news!

we had a meeting with our builder, construction mgr, operations mgr, and our realtor this week because they caught on that i was very upset about a few things. so they called a meeting and it was LONNNNNNGGGGG but I think we're all back on the same page and i'm feeling better about the whole project now. i think they are too. we got to lay everything on the table and understand where all parties are coming from.

they confirmed the trim is semi-gloss, not high gloss, so hopefully when i see it on friday it will have dulled down a bit. it was still quite fresh when we were there last weekend. my builder seemed only mildly concerned about the cabinet hinges as though it's probably just that they need readjusting after being put back on. he's a perfectionist though so i look forward to seeing his reaction when he sees them.

the best news of all is that finally after weeks of my complaints were falling on deaf ears, finally finally they realized there were several miscommunications on their side about our paint situation. for weeks they were refusing to paint my great room ceiling an accent color and/or offering to do it for 4x the price of any other painter i could bring in. once they all got on the same page and realized they were already painting it gray - cutting in and hand rolling after the trim was already done - that there's no good reason gray couldn't be blue. so i'm getting my blue ceilings afterall at the same price of the painter i was going to bring in after we got occupancy which was going to delay our move in. couldn't be happier if i won the lottery and woke up 10 pounds skinnier all in the same day! :)

we are meeting up there friday to stake out all the flatwork, to approve our freestanding tub placement, and to finalize landscape beds and drainage. but deep down i just want to see the paint! haha

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@Maggie - I spit my water out... "win the lottery and lose 10 pounds..."
SO GLAD you had a meeting and are feeling better!

Kelli - Awesome progress!!!

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illini-how did the electrical go? Was it challenging or smooth for you?

kelli-love the pink room for your daughter! :)

maggie-the quote of the day goes to YOU! "couldn't be happier if I won the lottery and woke up 10 pounds skinnier all in the same day". That is bliss! ;) Hahaha! So glad that your meeting although long was very fruitful. Can't wait to hear what he thinks about the hinges once he sees them. I can relate - I just want to paint. I want to see color.

akshars-yes, yes we are doing the wood (pre-finished) and the tile. The carpet which is on stairs and in the bedrooms is the only flooring we aren't doing ourselves. Dh is hoping to take some time off to make a dent in the trim. And of course I will have some free time coming up in March. ;D Doors are good! We have ours but BIL is installing and I'm not sure when. Once they are hung we'll take them off the hinges and then spray them.

bluemoon-that is a big day! The ball is officially rolling for you now. That sounds like a lot of frost - I'm not sure what is normal. Our roads are going to be a mess come spring when the frost heaves.

lori-I am ready to move too. I mean we have a heat, a hose and there is a port a jon. I'm mostly good. Really.

mlweaving-wondered where you have been. Any new pics of the place - especially the exterior??? I'd love to see it.

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Autumn, I love your trim! It is classic and lovely, your husband is doing a great job.
Kelli, your kitchen looks great! It looks a little like ours, and your doors do too. What are you using for countertops?
Hoosier, what kind of under counter lighting are you using? We will very soon need to make a decision about ours and I don't have a clue what to use. Just know that we want LED.

Our trim guy is almost done. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are in. Granite guys did the template on Monday and will be back next Wednesday for the install (if the snow and ice are gone and they can get up our driveway). Paint is done, hardwood floors are done. Waiting on tile in mudroom, bathrooms, and laundry and the tile shower. Dust everywhere! Things are moving faster than I ever imagined. Old house is an unbelievable mess, and I don't even care!
This is what our kitchen is looking like….

This is a little window in the mudroom….

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here is my kitchen, almost done

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kat81, very nice kitchen.

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kat81- That kitchen is beautiful.

Carol- We are doing high def laminate... I would have loved quartz, maybe someday!

maggie- Glad the meeting went well! phew!

Autumn- Thanks! Everyone keeps asking if that is my husband's room. hehe!

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What? The skies are clear this morning! Happy dance....

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Lori, sorry you’ve all gotten the colds that have been going around. Took me at least three weeks to get rid of my cough. Unfortunately, we all know that rest and fluids are the best remedy. ☺

Autumn, sorry about all the moving of stuff from garage to basement. We were in the same boat as you with the drywallers doing our garage last. Now, I wished we had put all our trim in the garage instead of the house. It’s covered, but the doors are standing upright. I told DH those should be put someplace where someone doesn’t have to keep moving them from one wall to another for painting! I’m more of a move to a place one-time type of person.

Akshars, love your doors. Can’t wait to see your hardwood floors!

Bluemoon, welcome to construction!

Kelli, love your kitchen and your floors look great. What flooring is in your kitchen?

Maggie, also glad you were able to finally get some things straightened out with all parties involved. Can’t wait to hear how they remedy those hinges. I told DH about what they did (since he is making our cabinets) and he thought they would have to replace the hinges.

Carol, your kitchen cabinetry is beautiful! Sounds like you are getting really close!

Regarding the LED lighting, we were told that the key to installing it was to have the electrical installed for it BEFORE cabinets were installed. A friend of ours wanted to use LED, too, when they remodeled their kitchen, but were told that they couldn’t because they didn’t do it before the cabinets were installed. It might still be possible. You’ll have to check with your electrician. The lighting saleswoman said it is best to do it before drywall is install, having the electrician do it in the rough-in stage. However, DH had done some research prior to our visit to the lighting store and had incorporated how he wanted to run the transformers, splitters, connectors and light strips into our cabinetry. We have a cabinet above our chimney exhaust fan which will house the electrical outlets for the exhaust fan and the transformers. We will not be using those cabinets for anything else. DH plans to run the Fluid LED lighting for the upper wall cabinets which have glass in the door fronts off of one transformer. And, he will run the Warm White LED lighting for the under-cabinet lighting for the wall cabinets off the second transformer. DH plans to run our wires behind the cabinets to the strip lighting and drill a tiny hole toward the back of the each cabinet to bring the wiring through to the strip. Confused???? You can purchase the stuff online a little cheaper, but DH thought it was helpful to have the local lighting place look at our kitchen layout and tell him exactly what he needed with his plan. We went with the Diode LED DI-0090 Blaze 16.4 ft Dimmable Warm White 2700k strip for under-cabinet lights and Diode LED DI-0001 FLUID VIEW 16.4 ft 2700k strip for inside the upper wall glass front cabinets.

Here’s a pic of our kitchen cabinetry layout (minus the island). The hardware is different and the appliances look different, but I put whatever the software had to give us a visual. The upper wall cabinets on each side of the cooktop will have glass in them, in addition to the two upper wall cabinets to the left of the refrigerator. All of the wall cabinets, the upper cabinets above the exhaust fan, and the corner wall cabinet will be shaker style doors with no glass. I'll never be able to reach those glass door cabinets as we have them going to the top of our 9 foot ceiling. I plan to display something in each. Not sure what yet.

kat, beautiful kitchen!!! When do you move in?

JDez, beautiful day here today, too! I’m hoping more melting will happen since we are supposed to get up to 40 today.

The painter showed up early yesterday. He had a helper. I went down to greet them. The painter said they planned to work all day in the family room, kitchen and dining areas for the primer and ceiling coats. He said he had another job Thursday and Friday and would be working at our house all weekend and the beginning of next week. He told me he thought he’d be done with everything (including all the staining and finishing) by mid next week. DH and I both think this is impossible but we will see. All of our trim, beams and interior doors and windows have to be stained and finished. I think he’s being overly optimistic. DH asked him about finishing the stained pieces inside the family room area after he painted the walls. The painter said the polyurethane spray would mainly end up on the floor. Hmmmmm. Where would the rest of it end up? DH said he didn’t want the spray going everywhere. So, he is building the painter a spraying tent inside the house!☺ Oh well, maybe DH will use the tent to spray our cabinets, too.

We are a little leery of scheduling the next contractors until we see how long the painting/staining will take. If the painter gets the bathrooms done, we could begin tiling the shower and floors.

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I also meant to say that the LED lighting isn't cheap. We had originally thought it was going to cost around $500, but it came in at $660. And, that's just for materials. At least DH is installing it for us.

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Countertops were installed yesterday. They came around noon and worked until past 6 p.m. One of the seams is a bit dark so they will come back and fix it.

Our trim carpenter is finishing up the baseboard and then he will work on the stairs. The front set of stairs are wood and the back set of stairs (up to the bonus room) are also wood. There are another 4 steps up to the second floor which will be carpet.

This is the kids bathroom vanity. It was a remnant piece and we were lucky that it was big enough for this vanity.

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33'' Stages sink in the island. The kitchen countertops are Silestone Lagoon.

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Sunroom windows

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lzhwong-your counters are so pretty.
what size is your sunroom? it looks like you have a nice view out of the windows. we will have a sunroom too-very similar-have you put any thoughts into window treatments? i was debating shades that open down from the top or up from the bottom...

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Hoosier- The flooring is Shaw Vinyl Plank flooring in Hickory. The bedrooms are the same brand but the type is Jaya Teak. We wanted something durable and inexpensive and I couldn't be any happier. It's a floating floor that snaps together. We only spent $2100 on all the flooring throughout the house.

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bluemoon -Our sunroom is 15' x 15'. Our house backs up to a river so we definitely want to preserve our views. I was thinking of doing solar shades but they offer no privacy at night. I read that one person layered a solar shade over a blackout shade. During the day they could pull down the solar shade and at night when they wanted privacy they could pull down the blackout shade. I've considered doing that but it's double the cost. What were you thinking of doing? has some really nice options for various shades. They are pricey though.

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Bluemoon_1, Congratulations on getting started. This has been an interesting ride for us with its ups downs. Hope everything goes smoothly here on out for you.

Kellitheee, The kitchen and bath room vanities are looking good. You must be getting excited you are getting closer. I also like you bathroom tile with the random shape tiles. The nursery color is great and your daughter will love it.

Maggiepie11, Glad you had the meeting and it was happy ending. Hope you will love the cabinets once the finish is set for a few days.

Autumn, Hope the painting is going well. I think you have a bunch of things you are working on in the next few weeks. I sometimes wish we had the skills to do some stuff ourselves. You always get more satisfaction when you do something yourself. DH is not all DIY. He will not even consider it. I thinking taking a few days off will make things go faster.

Carol, Love the kitchen cabinets. I like the Hutch style cabinet you have next to the window. We have a similar layout for the kitchen though ours will be two tone. Are you planning on having glass doors for the hutch?

Kat81, Wow that kitchen looks like it came from a magazine. What is the back splash you used? Please post more pictures of the rest of the house.

JDez, Hope they can get started on your house again soon if the weather co-operated.

Hooiserbred, It does sound your painter is too optimistic about finishing everything by mid next week especially because if you have stained finishes. But let us hope he is right so you can move to the next stage. Thanks for all the details on the led lighting for the cabinets. We plan to buy them soon.

lzhwong, Love your counter top in the bathroom. So great you found it as a remanant. Sun room looks great.

The flooring guys finished installing almost half the floor. But they are not here today but should be back Friday/Saturday to finish installation and start sanding. Tile guy is there today and started doing the prep for the tile work.

We have finally ordered the back splash thought they were more expensive than I wanted to go as we could not agree on another back splash (between DH, me and the ID)

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lzhwong--haha oh my gosh do I have a lot to learn about size- I thought your sunroom must be 8x8 and its 15x15 thats a big space :) I think Ive had my head in a paper floor plan for so long I have no real concept of size anymore... ours will be 12x13 yikes-hope my furniture fits. Im not really sure about window treatments which is ok because we will be out of money by the time we get there :/.

We met our project manager on the site today-its day 2 of digging-the footings get poured tomorrow- the LL (exposed basement) walls early next week-then we have to wait 10 days for them to cure. we were told to be on the lookout for clean fill-we will need it.

our move in estimate has now gone from end of July to begining of Oct :/ (sigh) #stupidwinter #sooverthiswinter. He advised not to pour the driveway this year and let it settle during one more frost and thaw-so next summer it will be.

we have a busy weekend for appointments. Sunday-lighting fixtures and Monday-tile and carpet-I'm excited for these 2 :)
Is anyone doing sconces on each side of your bed? my H really wants them and I'm so afraid of them looking outdated quickly and not being installed in the right place -throwing off the placement of the bed and side tables.

I am learning so much from all of you!! you share things I would never in a million yrs think of on my own :)

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Carol33 - under-cabinet LED lighting can be a tricky thing to figure out. I have done tons of research and recently think I found just the thing for my own kitchen. It is a product called an LED ribbon light. It is cut to fit, you actually use slip on fittings to jumper from one location to the other. For my set up I would plug the ribbon light driver on the side where my outlet is located. The cool thing about this type of lighting is that it uses in-line dimmers and you can make the light however long/short you need it. Just cut it to length. if you need to go up and over the sink you would need to do so with a jumper. The wire could be snaked in the rear of the cabinets or actually run them in the wall opening. Once you are on the other side you connect the next section of light and keep moving till you reach the end of your run. Again, the size of the driver is dependent on how many feet of lighting you have. The ribbon light attaches via a channel, but the easiest way is to just use double sided tape. The lights do not get hot enough to pose any sort of fire hazard. An 18' ribbon light with a dimmable driver and enough cables and jumpers to do my set of cabinets was right at about $150. I found them on a site called E-conolight. I know folks hate SPAM on here but I don't work for these folks or have any sort of connection. I don't think my offering a link is any worse than other folks offering links to the places they bought their lights... Here is a link to the product I am speaking of.

This may be an option for you. We recently overhauled our lighting at my work and this company provided all the products. They stood behind what they sold and have been very helpful. I hope this information is of some use to someone on here...


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yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! my parents swung by the house and took pics of the paint. there' still tape on the ceiling, which is why some of the squares look messy, but i'm SO in love with the colors. we had to fight hard - absurdly hard - to get blue paint on the ceilings, but it was so worth it!!

PPG "Silver Dollar" on the walls
PPG "Delicate White" trim
Benjamin Moore "Hamilton Blue" on the ceiling

and the trim definitely seems to have dulled down quite a bit from what i can tell in the pictures!

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akshars-oh oh akshars. When I look at the 'stuff', the piles of trim and stacks of doors and pallets of tile, I wanna cry! We can do it and we will but my oh my it's going to take forever. I am normally all about it but I think a whole house and the enormity of the project has me quaking in my boots a bit. When I look at it I think May 1 is impossible and I start getting envious of those that are hiring it out. :D I am just praying Lori doesn't find us in the February 2015 build blog still plugging away, lol!

hoosiers-I'm so with you on not doing double work. We just picked up 440 sq foot of tile, cement board and mortar and dh started talking about putting in in the basement. Whoa there buddy, no way. We can easily cover it in the garage and paint around it. His back is already so sore there is no need to carry it down and then back up again. No sir!

jdez-how about that girl! I woke up to 15 degrees and thought - holy cow that is 25 degrees WARMER than yesterday and it felt marvelous, how pathetic is that! So, what transpired today down your way?

maggie-those are some nice looking ceilings. I love the contrast. Perfect!

bluemoon-I couldn't agree with you more. I am over winter. That's all there is to it! Enjoy your appointments! No sconces here. I thought about it as I am a reader when I have time but dh is well NOT. One thing I made sure to do (sort of relevant) is to have a light switch from the bathroom to the master so you don't have to go all the way (okay I know it's only about 5 steps) to the entry door to turn off the light to climb into bed after washing face brushing teeth. ;)

lzhwong-I really like that silestone lagoon quartz. It looks very nice - peaceful and calm.

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Autumn, I understand you feeling overwhelmed seeing all the work ahead of you. I guess since we can't do it I wish we could but you are right it is a lot of work. We will be here cheering you on to the finish. It may take a little longer but pace yourself so you take care of yourselves. I think it was a good idea not to make your DH take all that tile to the basement and bring it back up.

maggiepie11, Love your ceiling. The blue is looking great. Glad you won the "fight" on that one :)

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My goodness you all are keeping these building threads so busy I can't even keep up anymore!

Sorry about your setback Renee, I know the pitfall of asking an architect for a home that is x square feet and once you add in all those interior walls (which cost to build at the end of the day) the square footage balloons. Hang in there!

LED lighting, tons of fun. I never should have read the lighting forums here on GW. Now we're planning on LED bulbs anywhere possible and tons of LED strip (ribbon lights like someone else mentioned) including for UCL and cove lighting. Tons of retailers out there and prices/brightnesses all over the spectrum.

A couple photos, we don't have many being 2 states away but you all are making me look bad so I had to find something!
A picture of our stonework with a small section grouted in the color we chose (still hoping I chose the right color..builder doesn't like it :/) I've looked again and again and I think it works with the black windows, gutters, and shingles. I can't wait to see it all in and grouted to be sure...

Secondly a progress photo of a copper awning we're having built for the entry. The scrolls are mock ups and the finals will be done in copper as well. Pretty impressed by how its coming along.

Happy Valentines All, especially to those of us building with a significant other (that we havn't killed yet!).

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I had to slap myself yesterday. I had set up a meeting with an ID ($150 an hour) and had decided to buy two $280 light fixtures for the bathroom that I just had to have because I love them and this is my forever house and yadda yadda yadda...and I had decided to switch from vinyl floors to something better. Anyways. Hold the #@ on! What was I thinking? ID appt ...cancelled. Light fixtures...crossed off the list. Vinyl floors back on the list. Instead, bought my son the new Mako bat he's been wanting for getting the banner roll. I have a low budget that I HAVE to stick to. GW and Houzz has clouded my brain (but I love you GW). I just want a comfortable home. The rafters had all day yesterday to dry so hopefully the building crew will be working today. We are their only job now, so something tells me they will try a little harder to get some work done.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Autumn, if I find you in the Feb 2015 thread, not bragging b/c you're done. I'm coming to help! :) lol

Oh this sickness is soooo kicking my butt. I'm not even functional.

I have no clue what I’m doing with undercab lights yet. All is prewired, probably just halogen…maybe fluorescent, but I’m not overly fond of the fluorescent undercab…

I'm waiting on a call from the electrician. He sent me on an errand last night and I couldn't find enough of a bracket he needed for my outside lights, so I bought a few of every bracket they had in the lighting section. lol

I literally thought "we have a whole box of those in the warehouse" I've only not been at that job for 9 years. sheesh... I've gone crazy!!

He was complaining about the lights yesterday. I don’t think it’s the lights I think it’s the J-blocks…Idk I have the same lights hung on my house now, and they’re fine. I installed them myself.

Niteshade ~ I like the grout  and I love the entry awning. Very cool!!

My chant has changed to March 15th….and even then we’re going to have to plead with the bank to let us slide a bit…we’re going to be sooo close.

Pictures of lights, b/c I’m a light freak….the main lights aren’t going up until the last possible minute b/c I don’t want people knocking into them and banging their heads on them. 

Oh and some tile started around the tub, & shower floor!

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Maggie, I'm loving that ceiling.
JDez, I hear you. Project and budget creep is a huge thing to deal with.
Akshars, would love to see what you chose for backsplash.
Autumn and Hoosier and everyone else doing the DIY, I admire what you're doing. Having done 5 reno's on old houses doing most of the work myself I know how much work it is. Sometimes it seems as if horse linament is a good call at end of day.
Kat81, love your kitchen. Would love to see more of your house.
Can't wait to see the other kitchens here finished out too. It's amazing to see the transition from cabinet install to finished kitchen.

I'm trying to fight off disappointment right now, and just roll with it.
The LG viatera quartz I picked for our island, that is still one of my original choices not changed yet, is vanishing before my eyes.
The stone yard that carries it in South Carolina closed in October or November. We got in there as they were closing, tagged a slab and our fabricator agreed to obtain that slab for us and use it for our job. Irregular for them, but included it in quote.
Well, it seems that the rep at our fabricators was in the process of setting up her own business and leaving there, So she never transferred the slab, and the original stoneyard packed our slab up and took it with them wherever they went, so it's gone. Our builder is trying to find one now but it's going to be several states away and it's one slab and it's unlikely we're going to be able to get another one.
Back to square one.

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mlweaving - NOOOOOOOOOOO. That is such a serious pain in the butt besides the huge disappointment since one thing effects everything else so much. GRRRR! You think you covered your bases and then bam. Not good. I feel for you! :(

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mlweaving, So sorry about the quartz counter. Counter tops selections usually have big impact on other things that go in the kitchen. So I really hope you find the same quartz somewhere or something really close so you do not have to change other stuff.

The back splash is a 6 x 6 Pratt and Larson filigree tile. I like it but not love it. I feel I ordered this more because the ID and the tile store person were so gushing and sure that it would look great with the counter top. I know I should not be pressured into these decisions but I had to order it as there is a 4+ weeks lead time on the tiles. I really hope it works.

Lori, Hope you feel better soon. Can you post the pictures of the lights when they are switched off so we can see more detail.

Niteshades, the stone work and the copper awning looks great.

JDez, I understand the struggle with balancing the budget and seeing all the high end stuff on Houzz and here.

We got a pleasant surprise today. The floor installation was completed (they were supposed to be not there yesterday but looks like they came late but finished . These guys were fast.
We were supposed to have cabinets delivered today but postponed by a week in hopes that they will finish sanding the floor and also finish up the ceiling paint. Before the cabinets arrive.

Here is a picture of the back splash tile.

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lori-you know it's in writing hopefully not but I will come find you if need be. ;) Love your lights! I am not feeling this head cold either. I was up til midnight working on my resume so couldn't take my tylenol pm at that point. :( Boo!

jdez-do some looking - our ID is very reasonable as she does it on the side and it's some of the best money I have spent. I am just not good with that stuff and she has saved me much time and stress (and that is hedging on priceless right now). ;) Even one hour might be all you need to get your feet under you and get going. The last time we met to confirm paint I pretty much had an idea of what I wanted and she through suggestions, alternates and pointed out things I may have not thought of. I think it was an hour and a half but I am completely done with all of that, counter laminate and paint. Check it off!

We stuck to budget on lighting and fixtures so far - but my kitchen sink - I am still struggling with that. The one I want is pricey (to ME but likely not so much if you look at the cost of some). I am still internally struggling with that and haven't made any decisions. It is the most used sink in the house though.

Cabinets are being delivered on Tuesday - woohoo!!!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Oh marji...that just stinks!!! :( sorry darlin'

I will get more light pictures tomorrow in the daylight. I've not been there before dark the last couple of days.
I really can't wait until my others are up, but I'm trying to be patient.

Cabinets are supposed to go in last week of the month! I'm so excited. I'd be even more excited if I could breathe and didn't feel like my head is going to explode. ugh... I was hoping this aweful winter would kill all the germs!!

more snow here today, 3-4 inches, no big deal, but right now I can't hardly see anything out the windows. Just yuk!

Autumn...where are you again (I know, I know, I've asked 50hundred times) Just want to check trip prices lol ;)

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lori-I am in W Michigan. It's best to fly into Chicago or Grand Rapids. Just let me know and find that cleaning fairy and throw'em in the suitcase before you come! We have really done well with illness all winter UNTIL NOW. :( We are having flurries today also. Next week there is rumor of 30+ degrees. I am just saying I will believe it when I see it. Period.

akshars-I like the backsplash. Celebrate it! My dh would never let anything that 'pretty' go. :(

I did receive my milk way sample back splash yesterday. I like it but believe it's too white for my cabinets. So more fretting about the gagillion shades of white and that mine may be too creamy. Throwing hands up. It will work out somehow, some way and it will be FINE.

I am off to go vacuum the garage. We need to get that primed before the cabinets come on Tuesday. Dh works all weekend, that leaves Monday so it has to be ready. This prep business is a time drain.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

We were supposed to just have flurries, but it's been snowing to beat the band since lunch. Everyone else has left me at the office. I live in the "country", most the others live more towards Indianapolis, or around there. I only have to get to the nearest country road and I'm pretty much alone on my drive. I like it that way... :)

Autumn, I'm only a 3 hr drive from Chicago :) But Grand Rapids is 5... lol if I find that cleaning fairy I'll clip it's wings and bring it to you!!

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Lori and niteshade, great pictures. It's so nice to see it come together.
Akshars, FWIW I love your tile. Gorgeous!

Ok, unplanned trip today to see quartz and granite slabs. So challenging not to get seduced by the gorgeous marble slabs!!
Anyway, the Superwhites were super Grey next to my cabinet doors, so they were out. and honestly considering how much else i have going on the movement was too busy. The white macaubas was more like dirty snow, the princess white had some really funky lines and prominent sections that looked like melted greenish wax. So all those we're out. They had 3 slabs of white cristallo, which really are almost perfect, and dh liked them better than our original choice....and they're all sold. But the girl checked stock and there are 3 unsold slabs up in Charleston. We're going there tomorrow.

This post was edited by mlweaving_Marji on Fri, Feb 14, 14 at 16:56

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Thanks Autumn and Mlweaving. Glad you liked it as I was starting to have doubts and I feel better now.

On DH letting me have the tile. I think he is tired of all the decisions and going to various stores with me he just wants me to slect something so I will leave him in peace :)

mlweaving, I hope you like the slab in Charlston. I loved all the marbles to.

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lori-now that is close. I think we are about 3-4 hours from Chicago but with traffic we typically drive to Michigan City and take the commuter train. Much more pleasant. :)

marjorie-I like it. I know it's not your first love but it looks great. I hope you like what you see tomorrow and hopefully can have a quick resolution to this fiasco.

I did finally snap a pic of our doors (they are just primed and very dusty) and the mudroom/kids bath tile we picked up last night.


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Hey Everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! Had to share a couple photos of the amazing sunset we happened upon at our new house tonight!

I cannot even begin to catch up with all these updates! I hope to catch up over the weekend. The progress is amazing and you guys have some GORGEOUS homes in the making!

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Guess what I got for Valentine's Day?? Garage doors installed! Woohoo! :) DH actually took me out for dinner last night, but it was a nice surprise to see they installed the doors today. They stand out quite a but from the dull primed siding (can't wait till exterior gets painted!), but they look just as I thought they would and I love them! :)

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mommytoty- Love those doors!!

askhars - Where did you find the tile? It is amazing!

Loribug- your lighting is gorgeous!

Mlweaving - What a pain about your granite! I hope that tomorrow brings good news and relief!

Autumn - I am in love with those interior doors! So beautiful!

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Soooooo frustrated. There is still no work being done. The last two days were sunny and dry. I guess they don't work on weekends, even when they're behind schedule. There is rain in the forecast for Mon & Tues. This woman has been cussin' like a sailor. Everyone's houses are looking so good. Hilltop, what a sunset! Autumn, love the doors and the mud room tile, Mommytoty, your garage doors look nice, you look like you're getting close. Akshars you have nothing to worry about with your selection, it is gorgeous. Maggiepie, love the blue ceilings and I'm glad you got what you wanted.
Don't you just love the way that everyone else tells you what you can and can't have in the house that you are building for yourself with your money. Amazing. Milweaving, I hope your trip to Charleston results in finding the perfect slab. Mushcreek, I hope the ice is thawing quickly and I hope there's no power outages to deal with. Loribug, love your lighting choices and your bath and shower tile but that porch is looking so relaxing. Hoosierbred, I hope the painting is going smooth, really smooth.

This is my house three weeks ago and exactly what it looks like today:

This is what I want it to look like or something close to this:

This post was edited by JDez on Sat, Feb 15, 14 at 9:25

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JDez- I completely understand your frustration! I will say that we were pleasantly surprised one Saturday to find that we had workers on site! For us, we have found that certain trades will work on the weekend.
I know your frustration, we are just 2 states over from ya!
I guess the weather has been testing everyone. Find something you can punch (like a pillow) and just let all the stress out! Your house is going to be beautiful! My hubby keeps saying that each day feels like forever, but in the years to come, this time will be just a little bump in our memory...still not sure if I should hug him or curse him for the insight!
Hang in there, use this time to make selections, or sell off old stuff or just get out for a day!

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jdez-the only trade we have had so far that worked on the weekend was the drywall hangers and mudders. That's it. I feel your frustration. Our framing period was filled with rain and sleet and I swear it was dry only on Saturday and Sunday and then bam back to constant rain come Monday and sprinkle in deer hunting (I know it comes once a year but I still was frustrated). It stinks! I believe our total weather related delays has added up to about 2-3 weeks and the majority of it was during framing. :( If the weather can just let you get that far then a lot of the rest can move along with or without the help of mother nature. I like your rendering! Have you settled on a brick or are you still looking?

upon-that is a gorgeous view! Just wait until you can take a peek at that every single evening while sitting on your furniture, milling about in stocking feet - oh yeah!

Mommy-the garage doors make such a difference and I love them too! They are similar to ours. :)

marjorie-are you at the place already? I hope you are having great luck!

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Uponthehill, Great sunset picture and view from your house and will be great place to relax once you move in. The tile are from Pratt and Larson. They have dealers from who you can buy the tile. I will add a link in the bottom. I have to say the tile looks better in person than on the website or pictures.

Jdez, Sorry about the delays you are having. I hate them and so totally understand your frustration.

mommytoty, the garage doors look great. A great gift indeed.

Autumn, Really like your interior doors. That was one of our top choices also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pratt and Larson tile

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Painter has not shown up as he promised. Second weekend he said he'd be here and hasn't. Not sure I like this. In two weeks, he's worked one day a week. Yeah, I'm gonna have a hard time believing what he tells us next time.

On a good note, DH is doing better than I thought on kitchen cabinets and island. He has all the kitchen cabinet doors glued up. He's made the island drawer and sink cabinet frames and getting ready to make the bookcase sections for both sides of the island. Tomorrow we are taking all of the island frames and the dishwasher and trash compactor into the house and make sure we got everything measured correctly. We had already laid out our kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinets before plumbing was roughed in. We had a iffy drawing on the floor of the island but now we can do precise measurements.

I'm hoping DH will be able to start staining and finishing the cabinets in the next week or two.

Loving everyone's choices of doors, exteriors, granite, flooring, and paint colors. Won't it be lovely to be living in our new homes soon?

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JDez, I feel your pain. The wind here has delayed trusses. They started up on our trusses to finish up yesterday and had to quit because they were blowing all over.

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Wow! Stay away for 2 days and so much to catch up on here!

I love seeing everyones choices! Doors, tile, floors, lighting, paint, etc, etc. Everyone is so different in what they pick and it is interesting to see all of the beautiful results. It would be a dull world if we all liked the same thing, wouldn't it? (It would be a lot less stressful though! I know I have fussed out about many of our decisions.)

Thank you to Hoosier and saftgeek for the under cabinet LED advice. Our electrician is old school…. gonna have to bring him up to speed. We had bought some LED lights for the closets and laundry room and he laughed at them and said they'd never work. Then when he installed them, he was pleasantly surprised. We'll see what he says about the under counter LEDs.

Trim is almost done at our house, granite is supposed to be delivered Wednesday. We are in Ohio and we are supposed to finally thaw out a bit this week so maybe they'll be able to get up the hill after all.

Our sun room ceiling (still needs the center board)….

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We're going to call this a very serendipitous Snafu!
The piece of White Cristallo we saw in Charleston today looks as if it were made for our kitchen. It's so gorgeous, and it really trends blue.
Pictures can't capture the crystalline structure of the stone. It sparkles!
We tagged it, now need a price.
Then we stopped at several boutique type home stores, and found the lamp I've wanted for our library, at a lower price than I'd found it for on the net. So we bought it.
All in all, a good day.

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yay marji! that slab is a beauty!!!

we also had amazing progress this weekend! i almost feel guilty posting this based on the weather delays and then just leftover delays that always seems to drag on even after the weather improves that some of you are suffering. that said, the first 6 months of our project was way slow so it's my chance to rejoice. :)

so i posted a sneak peek at our blue celiings, but now the paint is done in our house and the guest house (actually where my parents will live).

our garage doors were installed, though just the door, not the deco carriage style hardware yet.

also this weekend, they framed and installed the re-bar for 80% of the driveway, the front lead walk, and 95% of the back walks. i think they didn't finish the driveway as they have questions about how to trim out the culvert.

when we left late this afternoon it looked like they were putting in the third and final septic tank.

nothing will happen inside the house until thursday - our builder lets the paint cure for 1 full week before letting any trades in the house again. it will kill me to watch a week go by, but hopefully they stay busy on the outside. but if i can just hang on until thursday, work will resume on our fireplace stone, the mantel will be installed, and the tile work will start!

hang in there guys - it's amazing how one short burst of great progress will make you forget the long stretches of nothingness. :)

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It's been a flurry of activity this week. All of a sudden the windows are in, the plumbers, electricians, hvac, roofers, and framers are all there at the same time. crazy! There's a heater running in my basement over the weekend tarped off from the upstairs, not sure exactly why yet. It may have to do with the massive amounts of one point someone was wheel barrow-ing snow/ice chunks INTO the house to the drain area....I think because they were blocking the slider but I'm still scratching my head a bit on that one.

Anyways, here's a couple recent pics:


great room windows as seen from the front door (not quite adjusted at this photo time taken)

a different angle with better lighting:

well, i have about a thousand more rough in related decisions to be made, and they want me to approve cabinet drawings next week and I have more changes to make with those too. So close, but not quite there.

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@illini- love your house! What will your final square footage be? Your front elevation reminds me of ours! I love those great room windows.

Askhars- thanks for the link!

Mlweaving - what GREAT news! The slab is gorgeous, fingers crossed for a good price!

JDez- I just saw where you had asked about brick. Brick was a HARD decision! We went with a brick that we had seen and loved.
Here is a link

We are going with an ivory mortar, I have to decide on our exterior trim color by Thursday and I am crazy stressed out! I am open to thoughts or suggestions!

There is SO much to keep up with here, I wish there were a "like" button as a way to acknowledge seeing comments!

Have a wonderful day!

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hoosiers-sometimes you have to wonder if it's not just too much paint fumes over time and they lose track of the calendar. Not funny but a couple of painters we have talked to - WoW, a little bit off. So I guess I am glad that 1 we are painting and keep our own timing and 2 that we don't paint for a living and just have minimal fume exposure. ;)

marjorie-oh that is so pretty! I love a little bit of shimmer. I bet you are so so relieved and scored a deal on a lamp. That IS a good day! I did get a price on the LG everest and it was more than the Alaska White, only by about $300 but...I'm already at the top so it is what it is.

illini-that is really coming along swiftly. Love your windows in the great room and your elevation. :)

maggie-did they give you a move in date? I agree, waiting a week just seems like forever but probably wise to let things set a bit.

We (I) are/am continuing to bounce around on back splash. I am now thinking about ship lap as a possibility. It would add texture without introducing yet another color. ??? I have to talk to the ID again. Good thing it doesn't need to be decided RIGHT now but I continue to kick it around in the back of the mind.

I can't wait to see the cabinets on Tuesday. I hope they arrive safely. :)

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Carol, Beautiful ceiling. You must be so excited to see everything come together.

Mlweaving, Yay! so happy that you found a stone that is better than the original. Hope the price is not an issue. You have a knack for finding interesting light fixtures. Do post a picture when you get a chance.

illinigirl, You are moving along fast. Love it when there are multiple traded working together makes the build move so much faster.

Hoosier, Sorry about the painter.Hope he shows up and finishes in timely manner.

Autumn, So true about the paint fumes. Are you doing low voc or non voc paints? I can't wait to see your cabinets :). We should get our this Friday also. It is very difficult to choose backsplash. I have to say that was the hardest. I choose the counters and the cabinet colors much more easily that this. The ship lap is a great idea.

Upon the hill, Good luck with choosing trim.

We have to choose our exterior color and trim and color by Tuesday. We are leaning towards lighter color for the stucco.

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oh boy, lets see if I can comment on some of these without taking notes, lol!

autumn- love the trim and doors. we are really wanting 4 panel doors but it's a pretty pricey upgrade (around 2k for the whole house). Those doors are not molded are they? looks like nice crisp stick&panel (hope that's the right term). Hope you take pics of your cabs and post them here when you get a sneak peek!

Upon the hill- our first floor is a bit under 2400sq ft.

kellithee- love the pink!

mlweaving- beauty-ous slab!

maggiepie- love those ceilings- just gorgeous!

bluemoon- yay for excavation!

our electrical walkthrough took 2 days and I'm still not done. Master bedroom is plaguing me because I'm not sure if I'm going to offset the furniture one way or another so I can't decide where to put the plugs that would be near nightstands for charging. And I can't decide if we should put any cans in that room.

And I went in asking for motion sensor doors in the pantry and closet but the electrician is trying to talk me into jamb switches and now I'm confused. Everything else I think is pretty good.

Hope everyone has a productive week this week. Weather looks.....less frigid at least. It's a sad state when a high of 27 seems like a relief.

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mlweaving - that is one of the most beautiful slabs of granite that I've ever seen! I love it! Hope the price is right!

Shiplap….. interesting. I don't think I've ever seen that but it sounds like something I might like. Off to Houzz to look it up.

Gotta think about appliances real soon. More decisions… I can't take it. What will life be like when the only decision that needs made is what's for dinner?

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illini-they are jeldwen - I think molded? I have no idea! Not sure I've ever even heard the term stick and panel, lol. I will be SURE to take cabinet pics. I am getting really antsy!

carol.33 - here is a current thread from the kitchens forum with some pics and links. Ship Lap Back Splash Thread. I don't think it reads nautical? But I'm not really up on all of that style stuff; this element = that style. I think it could be lake home(which we are woods) or cottagy?

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I'm not off for President's Day but apparently our building crew rain with a high of 68 degrees today. We have been at a stand still for over three weeks. DH is going to track them down this afternoon and have a chat.

UPDATE: DH just got in touch with builder. He has been out of town with his sister is sick. So, this is totally ok with us (we know her). This should definitely come first. Now, this explains a lot. We can wait as long as we need to.

This post was edited by JDez on Mon, Feb 17, 14 at 13:38

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Kat81-I love your kitchen! We must be following some of the same photos on Houzz! Or else, your more creative than me :). I love the arches on the upper cabinets!

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Wow, lots going on. I can't begin to comment on all the wonderful progress and photos. Here are a few specific comments:

Carol33 (the other Carol) You have made such fast progress. Your house and kitchen looks fantastic

Autumn: LOL about posting on the Feb 2015 thread. I probably posted on the Feb 2013 (hopefully not the Feb 2102 thread) and I expect I will be posting hopefully completed photos on the Feb 2015 thread!!! I love the ceramics you chose.

Lori: I too want to see your fixtures up close (those sconces look great). Do you have any favourite fixtures that you might be willing to post on my "share and brainstorm your lighting ideas.... thread on this forum?

Mlweaving: That slab is utterly gorgeous!!! Is it granite or quartz?

Mommytoty: I just love those garage doors

Illinigirl: Your double height room with spectacular windows and outside view are to die for. You have made fast progress in the new year.

Our news: We are still plugging away at decisions. I think we have chosen quartz for the kitchen counter top. It will be Ceasarstone Bianco Drift. I have posted a picture of our kitchen colours, cabs and this counter below. We have decided to get our kitchen cabinets at Scherr's which makes very high quality RTA cabinet boxes and doors which are available in custom sizes. DH is working on the cabinet lists for our other rooms. We will then be placing one big order and needing to go across the border to pick up a truck load of cabinet box and door pieces. Lots of work to come, but the DIY part allows us to get custom sizes and maybe upgrade a bit on quality over say Ikea or Home Depot We have a lead on a good painter that specializes in painting cabinets.

I am in light fixture choosing hell! I don't want all pot lights and I found the choosing of fixtures to suit an 8 ceiling house challenging. I have spent hours, and hours going through way too many options on the internet lighting websites. Still lots more to decide. So far I have 112 options of things I like in my cart as they don't have a wish list function !!!! Obviously, I don't need that many so I have lots of paring down to do.

Bianco drift kitchen counter

Here are some of the colours together for our kitchen. The blue square is the accent wall colour and the colour of our island hood. The small off white greige square is the perimeter cabinets. The colour on the right is close to the island colour (ours is a bit darker brown). The wood on the left is the hardwood.


This post was edited by OntarioMom on Tue, Feb 18, 14 at 8:02

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Autumn, wow, shiplap! I really like it. Wouldn't work for us though since we have quarter sawn oak cabinets. All the pictures are of white kitchens with not many wall cabinets. You are doing white though, right?

Went to look at appliances today. Ugh, so undecided.

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Getting closer! I can almost taste it. haha!

Yesterday I dropped off transition pieces for the flooring. Unfortunately our building supply place closed up shop last Friday, my builder went there to maybe grab hardware for my cabinets but there was no one and nothing left. So we are taking it upon ourselves to live at Menards and get more supplies (doorknobs, door stoppers). We were going to hire a painter to finish up the painting towards the ceiling and lo and behold our builder said he'd do it. He's like "OH yeah, I can do that!" For real? yes! He also said that we are underbudget and moving right along.

Still no exact move in date and we won't have gas hooked up until May!! The foundation wasn't done in time during the fall to have it done then so we just have a temporary electric furnance.

Also getting closet organizers installed, never thought of it really until our builder mentioned it.

Read all the updates! Always so much to catch up on. :)

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Hi guys!!
Sheesh, y’all have been busy! 

Marji ~ I like the new slabs! Serendipitous Snafu it is!!

Autumn ~ really like the tile! The three panel doors are becoming more popular I see. I hadn’t even seen any like that until I started lurking on GW. I like them!

Hilltop ~ I love sunrise/sunset pictures. I’ve been snapping as many as I can lately too.  Thanks for the lighting compliment. I’m kind of a freak about lighting. I totally forgot to take pictures this weekend of it during the daylight tho! I’ll do that asap!  DH is hopefully installing the entryway light today. I’m soooo excited!!
Your hubby’s quite insightful, isn’t he? I’m sure he’s so right. Sure seems like a big f’n deal right now though doesn’t it?? Lol

Mommytoty ~ awesome Val.Day present  Love them. Mine are similar, but the panels run the other direction. They go perfect with your elevation!

JDez ~  I totally feel ya!! It will all come together I promise. This is such a roller coaster ride, isn’t it? I cannot wait to sit on my front porch!!  Love your sketch!
so sorry that builder is having sick family  so wonderful of you to understand.

Hoosier ~ So sorry about painter, that stinks. Why do people do that? I just don’t understand. If anything I’m going to tell people it’s going to take me longer to get something done, so that if by chance I get it done quickly, it’s a bonus, not a hindrance. Grr…

MFatt ~ I hope the wind lets up! This crazy weather is just getting us all!

Carol.33 ~ I love love love that sunroom ceiling! I wanted to do car siding on our ceiling, but there is sooo much of it, I wouldn’t have been able to afford anything else!!
We are supposed to thaw here too, but I’m sure not going to be happy with MUD either!! Gah…
It is wonderful how people are so different, but similar  Things come together and if it’s what you like, it’s what you like!
I can’t wait for the “what’s for dinner” decision in my NEW kitchen. We have eaten so much fast food, or restaurant food in the last 6 months, it’s insane. I love to cook, but I just don’t have time right now. I’m so ready…

Maggie ~ rejoice if you have the chance, of course.

Illinigirl ~ Love your elevation and the copula!! Beautiful windows & view!

Ontario ~ I’ll look for your lighting thread, I must have missed it, or I’ve slept since then… lol
I really like your kitchen colors. I’m not a blue person, but I really like that all together.

I am exhausted. I cleaned, packed, cleaned some more, worked on whole house sound system with a friend of mine alllllll day yesterday, got it about ½ way done. I think I was going over it all in my mind all night. I thought I was asleep, but I sure don’t feel like it today….
No new pictures. odd... lol

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

kelli, we must have been posting at the same time. Congrats on underbudget! wtg!!

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ontariomom - love your colors! beautiful blend of warm and cool!

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jdez-aw I hear ya. At least now you know why and you feel better about it that they aren't just blowing you off.

OntarioCarol-well. I love your choices. I love them all...and the quartz name is very fitting for this year. ;)

Carol.33 - we are doing white, a soft white. I think it would work? Be simple to do and easily changeable later if we decide we want something different. Still mulling it over. Quartersawn will be gorgeous but I see where it just wouldn't work with that.

lori-yes yes yes, I want to cook in there! It's basically subway and pizza with a few taco meals thrown in. No time to even buy the groceries let alone cook something. I am so ready to settle in and get back to life. Congrats on getting all that packing done! Are you going to make March 1? Should I not ask that?

kelli-now that is reason alone to celebrate!!! Congrats and yay that the builder is stepping up to paint!

Garage primed and ceiling painted last night. My neck was about to fall off with the higher ceilings. Pleasantly surprised how good it looked today since we finished up in the dark with artificial and scant lighting. Thumbs up to that!

Cabinets - sigh. Well they were delivered. And I got to see my cabinet down to counter that is prepped for glass(it was placed on top face up)......wrapped up tightly in layers and layers of that protective wrap. I love it. I want to SEE it, I want to TOUCH it. But dh is busy trying to get the windows trimmed and would not stop to help unwrap so I could pet them and take pictures. ;( He is in high gear as he took a few days off to make a dent so I didn't push but...........ack!

Did you unwrap them all and inspect them upon delivery? I did not do that. Am I supposed to? They were wrapped very well. We aren't even near ready for them yet and I want to keep them protected so I did peek but didn't unwrap any fully. ???

No school again today, got dumped on last night and today it's in the 30's. Go away winter, go away!

I think my 30 day hold is up on my granite and I have not been able to get back out there. I need to go ASAP. So busy.

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I love your blue ceilings. You and I must be the blue fans here.


    Bookmark   February 18, 2014 at 5:41PM
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ontariomom, just for ha-ha's, what color blue are you using? it looks almost identical to the swatch for my ceiling color, though the pic of my ceiling is showing up a little more green than it is in real life.

i used BM Hamilton Blue.

    Bookmark   February 18, 2014 at 7:44PM
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We are going to use SW Needlepoint Navy code 0032 -- a SW historical colour. I too thought your blue looked a lot like ours. Our blue in the kitchen will be for a few part walls (most are covered in cabinets/closet etc). We will also have that blue on our steel island vent (an industrial version of it). We will repeat the blue on some laundry room cabinets. Finally, we will have an accent wall that blue in our master bedroom. Are you doing your BM blue anywhere else?.


    Bookmark   February 18, 2014 at 9:03PM
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i did use that paint as one of the colors in my dining room art, but the paint won't be going anywhere else in the house. our backsplash is an icy pale blue, and we have a color similar to the paint as an accent in our master bath in the form of textiles. i am doing several shades darker on the office (which you can see through french doors from the coffered ceiling room) and in my son's bedroom. so there are blues, just not the same exact one.

i've got a lot of mint green and lilac as accent colors as well.

can't wait to see your industrial hood! is it built or do you have a photo or rendering of it? do post!!

    Bookmark   February 18, 2014 at 9:31PM
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Your colours sound wonderful -- right up my alley. We will also have lots of greens and greys in our house. The range hood is not yet built. We are still exploring options. It might be built by Modern-aire. We decided to splurge on this item as like it or not it will be a focal item as our cooktop is over the island in an open concept house with the kitchen smack dab in the middle of the space. Below you will find a line drawing of a proposed range hood. Also, I uploaded an inspiration picture from Houzz, but ours will be shorter and that navy blue with steel accents.

Craftsman Kitchen by Seattle Design-Build Firms RW Anderson Homes


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mommytoty, love those garage doors! Will you please share the brand and style?

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Mornin’ :-)

Autumn ~ that is exactly what I’m saying. I have frozen food & pantry food. Nothing fresh…well milk (although out at this exact moment) bread, processed cheese food (lol), a few eggs…lunch meat bc dd takes her lunch every day. All these things currently come from the Dollar General store. Haven’t been to a “real” grocery in idk how long. Oh! I did fix a fancy lunch the other day, grilled cheese sandwiches with BACON (bits)!! HA! Oh, and last night we dined on a fantastic delicacy… PIZZA ROLLS! The white sauce was a superb blend of…ranch :-) They were amazing ;-)
I am so, so ready to have my new kitchen!!

March 1…well… that really moved to March 15, which I pretty much knew would happen. Our closing is March 18th. Period. So we’re scrambling to get things done that have to be done to pass inspection, get temp CO and do the closing. Then we’ll finish what has been held up by weather…or acts of God…idk…

My plan is to be moved by April 1. :) Spring Break is gonna be fun!! Lol

I can’t believe you guys are doing ALL the painting yourselves. I thought I was going to have to kill someone just trying to get the “regular” height rooms done a couple weekends ago.

Our weather has been pretty nice yesterday & today. Supposed to start raining tomorrow and a chance of storms. But we’re above freezing!!!

Ontario ~ love the range hood inspiration pic!! :)

Hey juju! How’s the lakefront?

Sound system is in and working!!! Whoop whoop!! Just a few things to tidy up with it, and install speakers on the back porch. It’s a good thing I don’t have really close neighbors :)
Dad is coming Friday after work to help me over the weekend with closets. Trim is going up, most windows are done, doors supposed to go in today. DH is working on handrails. Tile guy is working on master shower/tub. Electrician has been MIA again, but we’re almost down to the short rows on that, and I can pretty much do the rest of the lighting install. I wanted to do the custom fixtures myself anyway.

And apparently I've forgotten how to use my camera. I'll hopefully take pictures tonight of doors & trim!! Oh crap... not tonight, kids have 4-H meeting late, so no house time for me on Weds. But tomorrow!!

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Floors are sanded!!!! In and sanded in 5 weeks... Ok 5 weekends... Slow going but going none the less. Stained the upstairs last night and would have done more but had a kiddo get sick (no she was not in the new house ).

I love how I read the posts sent to my email and I can tell who is talking without noticing the posters name first!! Ha

Progress pic.


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I just heard from my friend SJ, who talked to Jess at the bank who is married to Jay whose brother is Deputy Ray who drove by our new house on patrol this morning and said the crew is there and they are putting in the rafters!!! Wooohooo! I better find my checkbook.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

so awesome Jen!! :)

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jujubean--Great to hear from you! The garage doors are from Northwest Door and it is their Therma Elite model. It was a brand new model when I ordered it a few months ago. It is a steel insulated door with wood composite overlay and has detailed beveled edges that look really sharp. You can get all kinds of configurations in terms of design. Hope that helps!

loribug--You must be so excited to be ALMOST DONE!! My daughter asked me this morning "Why can't we just move into the new house already!" She's getting anxious! :) We will be done end of May, so a few more months to go!

jennybc--Your floors are looking great! Is that white oak? We just got our white oak hardwood delivered last Monday and will be installed this Monday.

JDez--That cracked me up--word does get around, especially in small towns!

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4" red oak...

Stained Jacobean (have the upstairs done) looks awesome!!! So excited!

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lori-eggs-scrambled, fried, in a sandwich with toast....many many ways to serve eggs and they aren't just for breakfast anymore! Good thing my boys like them and they are available and inexpensive at the local small grocer. March 18 - sounds GREAT!

jenny-that looks so nice! So much work but all will be worth it. Kudos for hanging in there all weekend long...every weekend.

jdez-lol, well first or third or twentieth person that is awesome news! So are you driving by tonight??? We are melting a bit and I actually got a peek at our shingles, woot woot!

jujubean-how are things? What's new?

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Ours is 4" also (but in white oak) and I was planning on a Jacobean stain, though may mix it with another color depending on what it looks like. Would love to see a pic of your stained Jacobean!

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Will post as soon as I get one. I was gonna take one but ran out mid stain to get to sick kiddo.

Which is why I have been able to catch up on here today!!! (The silver lining)

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Autumn ~ we've been eating a lot of eggs!! lol all those ways. They're so easy

JDez ~ totally made me spit out my drink. That is sooo our town. :) lmao

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Drywall crew showed up today! We lost a couple days due to bad weather (the roads were impassable last week), but they're hard at it. I should have pics in a couple days. It's amazing how much the spaces change with the walls fully closed in as opposed to open framing. Not only did the size seem to change, but the shape as well. It's really interesting to me, since it is my own design (with lots of help here). Either way, it's ours now!

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Thanks for the garage door info, mommytoty. I'll have to track down a similar looking door that I can get in Michigan. Anyone have recommendations?

Things are going well on our build, but we're running behind due to the horrid weather we had in Nov and Dec. It took much longer than anticipated to get weather tight. Crews are now working on drywall and siding. I'm super pleased with the siding -- Nichiha Sierra Premium Shake fiber cement board. It is currently only factory primed and will be painted in the spring.

Fingers crossed that we'll still get in by mid May.

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Ya'll are posting SO much that I cannot keep up!

JDez - Laughing out loud at that post about hearing through the grapevine that work is being done. Our AV guy called the other day from the job site, and I made a point to get him to tell me what all trades were out there working! We are supposed to have rain tomorrow night, but otherwise, we should have a run of some decent weather!

Lori - Your home is going to be done before you know it, so close!!

Autumn - We are eating super cheap here. Tonight, we are having fish sticks with rice and a spinach salad! I am TRYING SO HARD to save every frapping penny and I am SO DA*N tired of it right now! I would love to go on a date with hubby for a nice meal...

Running the gas lines in our house was 1887.00 instead of 600.00, so I am really pinching pennies, not wanting to pull from our down payment funds that are set to the side.

I will say, I think the building process has shown me that I can be more frugal and wiser with my spending than I ever realized!

I am attaching 2 pics for you ladies to give me your opinions. Our foyer originally had a wall that came down to 10' high, we removed that, rose that wall section up to be in line with the arched window above the door, and added an arch.

What do you ladies think?


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Your before picture was lovely. You after picture is drop dead gorgeous. Well done!


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upon - ohhhh yeah! Look at how it accents that door! Love it! For sure, great change.

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Thanks @Autumn and @Ontario - It was one of those things that I just felt in my gut...thinking I will love it once it is all complete.

We are going to select granite on Friday and I am hoping that proves to be a nice day for my hubby and I to get away. The granite place is about an hour and a half away...maybe we can carve out time for a quiet meal together!

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Uponthehilltop-what an awesome and dramatic change!

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I didn't make it before dark but the rafters are definitely in place and if all goes well, the roof should be covered tomorrow. And would I look like the crazy OCD lady if I put a few trash cans out for the workers? Would they use them if I did? Cans and wrappers and cups are just thrown down in the middle of the floor. I've never seen anything like it. It's like they finish lunch or a snack and just throw their trash down wherever they happened to be at the time.

Autumn4 - We have not chosen our brick yet. I'm stalling. I'm glad you're getting some warmer temps. It's like Spring down here, in the 70s. All good things come to an end though....

Hilltop - good call on the raised arch in the entry. It looks amazing.

Juju- I love your siding. What color are you planning on painting it?

Mushcreek - Considering the weather you've had, you seem to be moving right along. Looking forward to pics.

Loribug - lol....gotta love that small town news wire. I work an hour away from home and I always know what's happening whether I want to or not. ;)

Jen - Your floors are looking so good. I hope your lil one is feeling better soon.

OntarioMom & Maggiepie - I love that you two love colors! I can't wait to see your finished rooms.

Bluemoon - Pictures please.

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Have been away for a couple of days and now it is hard to keep up :)

Carol (Ontariomom) Your kitchen selections are look good. Love the blue and counter top choice.

Jenny, Hope your kid feels better soon. The floor looks great.
Uponthehill, The arch makes a huge difference and looks good.

Jdez, Glad the crew is back working. Love the story about small town news wire :)

Lori, March 15th is less than 4 weeks from now Yay! Impressed that you are already packing.

Autumn, How is it going with the trim? Sorry you could not open the cabinets and see more. Can't wait to see them! We are also eating takeout more often than usual and can't wait to go back to cooking proper meals.

On our front they have started with the trim and also have started with the tiling. Master bath and laundry room were started today. Did not get a chance to see the tile work in the evening but hopefully I will have a pictures to post tomorrow.

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upon-I love spending quality time in the captivity of the car with dh, seriously. Besides traffic it provides quiet uninterrupted time with few distractions. Sounds like a great road trip. ;)

jdez-why no of course not! We bought one of those big round trash cans for the house and have had it there since we started. Some WILL use it and some will not - we still found wrappers on the floor here and there. Overall though I'd say it helped and I needed it for the gagillion times I was sweeping up anyhow! And FWIW I did hang a please no smoking sign and once up it has been abided by - that I was thrilled with. Nothing like building a new home and walking in to start cleaning and smelling smoke. :( I am highly sensitive to it so I was glad to see they respected my wishes. Not trying to start a smoking debate here. I just figure it is MY home (finished or not) and even the contractors are guests and should respect my wishes - especially once it's closed in. 70's - wow. Yes. I can close my eyes and feel 70. Awesome!

akshars-dh is hoping to have all of the windows finished up tomorrow. The upstairs base is complete but we still have the main floor and all of the doorway trim. He is talking about starting the tile for the boys bath next week? Yay! I really want to open those cabs up. Maybe tomorrow as I am off work but supposed to be working on patching nail holes in the trim so we can eventually spray it! Oooh the tile. Yes, pics of the tile!

lori-that is super close. Any new pics of the house from afar with the fields? I know it hasn't really been a season change BUT, I am hoping hoping hoping!

I like blue also and I think mlweaving also. I don't have much true blue in our choices though. More of a teal or aqua I guess.

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Lori- Do you mind me asking if/when you locked in your mortgage rate? We are eager to lock, but it is far too soon. Praying hard that the rates don't start jumping in March/April...

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upon - we locked in September. ??? Wonder how that can be that you are locking upon completion and we locked upon start? Crossing fingers for you that the rates stay stable!

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@Autumn - We did not go with a bank that does construction to perm financing. Construction loan is set, but the final mortgage loan, can be locked in at no charge at 30 days, but at 60 days there is a charge to lock in and then if we do not close within the 60 days there is a penalty fee for not closing...#Headache!

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Here’s to hoping that the weather will stop wreaking havoc on all our buildings!!!  That’s just a general wish for all…

JuJu ~ really like the shake siding!

Hilltop ~ what a wonderful change with the arch!! Well done.
Haven’t locked in rate yet, but hoping that will happen asap. I think within 30 days (which we are) we can lock it in. I’ve got an email into the loan officer. I’ll let you know!

JDez ~ good luck with the trash cans, guys will actually use boxes sometimes, but mostly they just throw stuff where they are. My cleaning fairy (builder) must clean up after them.

Akshars ~ I know, it’s getting so close and sooo much still to do…but I think it’s doable, if everybody keeps moving!!

Autumn ~ I just flipped thru pictures, and apparently I’m a slacker…and haven’t taken a recent picture from the drive… I will do that asap!! Here are some that I took this morning!!

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Happy Thursday everyone!
Loribug- Uponthehill-major score with the added arch-show stopper for sure!

Jdez-Too funny-love and hate that about a small town-everyone knows the good and the bad in a matter of a minute LOL

JDez -youre sweet-attached is our latest site photo. They found a break in the weather and poured our footings and lower level walls-we have an exposed basement thats why they dont go all the way around to the back- now it sits for 7-10 days to cure.

I found the clean fill we will need- score!

Big lessons learned:
1-I need to keep a pair of boots or something in the car-I keep having to scrape mud off of my good work shoes from visiting the site.
2-everything we like is over our budget :/

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Jen- beautiful floors!

Upon- great change, just gorgeous!

bluemoon- seems like we were just there yesterday. I love your views! The mud is gross! I would nearly loose a boot stuck in the clay/mud mix that is our soil many a time. ick. I lined my trunk with a garbage bag and took my boots off before getting into the drivers seat.

autumn- ooooh, cabinets! I have to say I'm disapointed no pics....I'll tell ya if it were me I'd probably see if I could caaaaarefully unwrap just one to cop a feel, lol. no, but seriously I get it wanting to keep those babies protected. :)

On my end nothing to report in pictures. This week was all innards lol. Rough in (and all rough in related decisions). I'm finally feeling good about my electrical, my water heater (upgraded to 75gallon with recirc pump), the a/v wiring, security wiring, and plumbing (shower head placement). I need to sign off on cabinetry MONDAY. My poor cabinet designer has been a peach through my dozens of emails tweaking details this way and that. I think now my kitchen layout is DONE with the exception of figuring out drawer heights (not that that is an easy task).

Oh, and the biggest happy news was that the cabinet shop had this gorgeous piece of cedar timber with amazing rustic splits and knots that they will hand scrape and rough up to our liking for the fireplace mantle. LOVE!

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bluemoon - join the budget club! in the beginning, every line item that was going to be an overage was like a jolt. now i'm just numb to it. i've lost all concept of decimal places. haha

uponthehilltop - LOVE the arch. such a great addition!

loribug - beautiful doors - are they staying natural or are they going to be stained?

construction manager confirmed this morning that the mason would be back to work on our fireplace stone today, and i had a doctor appointment about 15 minutes away so i made the trip to find no masons on site. :( i also got my hopes up when i passed a concrete truck on his way out of our street because our driveway and walks are all formed and ready, and evidently he was there for someone else or lost. boooooo. double whammy on my special trip out there.

our lighting is being delivered a week from tomorrow! that is HUGE!!! and tile work is supposed to start tomorrow. starting jobs on fridays always seems to just beg for no-shows though. fingers crossed.

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At the risk of being stoned by the GW crowd, I need to tell you that it got up to 77 here today!! I had an all day meeting to go to today on Hilton Head, and I wore a summer weight silk skirt and a sleeveless top.
Loving the pictures!
Our blue for cabinetry is SW Smoky Blue, similar to the other blues posted here - at least on a monitor.
So up in Charleston last weekend I saw the new pendants from the Regina Andrews line - a recycled glass that looks a bit like seaglass. They are the perfect pendants! We went out to the house this week, I blew up 6 balloons, 3 the size of the green ones we already bought, 3 the size of the RA...and have decided that initially we are going to hang the green, with the intention of changing out to the larger ones later. And the new RA ones go better with the overall look.
Interestingly, I'm finding more and more lighting I'm liking. It's been a process though.
Carol, so glad that you're working it all out.
Do you have photoshop or powerpoint or another program like that? You could put together several boards of lighting combinations and it might help narrow some of those choices.
Lori, it's all coming together so nicely.
Mushcreek, we're just a few hours apart. But you were on the other side of the snow/freeze line. Hope it's all better up there now.
GTG, be back later with more update.
Insulation sprayed in and pressure test done today. Hubby was very impressed with the operator doing it.

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Trussess are coming right along. A little respite from the high winds was helpful. I finally got a feel for the house walking through. All this talk about paint colors has me rethinking my choices, all of yours are so beautifully bold.

This post was edited by MFatt16 on Thu, Feb 20, 14 at 20:37

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You are right we need to make some sort of mood boards. We have powerpoint, so that might be a good option. Do you have a picture of the pendants you found? They sound lovely.


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Uponthehilltop, We also locked in at the beginning but it wasn't at market rate. It was a point or so higher but we were happy to have the risk taken out of the equation. No one around here did anything but "one time close" construction loans. The conversion loans phased out around these parts.

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Mfatt, looking good!
Carol, a couple of my powerpoint boards.
First, with current choices - dragonfly lamp over table in bfst room and 3 6" pendants that we found in a local store - from Paris according to the store owner - over the island. I'm thinking the pendants are too harsh in the green now with the new island countertop. And a bit too small. And honestly, although many here love the dragonfly, I'm sort of "over it". I had it in my house in northern MI for many years, over my table in St Louis for 7 years. I'm ready for a more coastal vibe.

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Next up, same board with Regina Andrews 11" pendants and a soft silver arm chandy for over table.
I think this lighting gives me a softer look and is closer to my vision for this room. Isn't it amazing the difference two light fixtures make, even in the mood board?

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The room with 3 balloons blown up to the 11" pendant size

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Btw, meant to say, uponthehilltop, I really like what you've done w the arches. Nice decision to open up the hallway.

This is our exterior, primed only, while drywall being delivered.

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Thanks for the compliments on the doors. We had seen them at parade of homes a few times last year and both just really liked them. I also have an eye for the 5 panel but they were a bit out of budget.

bluemoon-I agree wholeheartedly with both 1 and 2. Thankfully (sort of) we have more snow than anything so while things are wet they are not dirty at this point. Spring is going to be a doozie though I'm thinking.

marjorie-yes-that is a definite difference and the first board looks more 'heavy' with the other light choices. 77. What can ya say, someone has to be getting some decent weather. Enjoy it!

mfatt-looking good. I hope gentle breezes prevail so you can see some great progress.

mushcreek-I missed your post before. It is exciting to have interior walls and I agree it does really look different in both good and bad ways, haha. Some things seem to be just how I pictured and others a little off with sight lines and things.

illini-I'll be breaking through that wrap pretty soon here. I need to grab a door to get trim paint color matched.

Bday party (just grandparents) on Sunday for my soon to be 9 year old. I guess that means I have to scrub the rental - where to go with all of the stuff. Not looking forward to it but he is excited. Pizza anyone? I can't even fathom cooking and serving a nice relaxing meal here. Wake me when it's over!

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I do like you second mood board a bit more than your first. The new kitchen pendants are lovely - thanks for posting them. I also really like your grey ceramic tile. What is that called (although may go by a different name around here)? Man, that granite is lovely (it is granite not quartz right). What white are you doing for the cabinets?

Illini, Good luck with drawer height decisions. I might work on that this weekend too. We are holding off on the cabinet order until that is done.

Autumn: Good luck with the birthday party -- pizza is expected at bday parties around here (the grandparents will go with the flow).

Maggie, I can't wait to see your lighting selections. Any chance you have pictures you can post. Maybe I will get inspired by your choices -- given our similar colour choices.

Akshars, I do hope you will post pictures of your tiles. I am also finding tile choices hard.

Lori -- So much to like about your home. You look so close to completion. Yours has been a very fast build. Don't forget we want to see your lighting fixtures.

I thought we had decided on the colour for our perimeter cabinets, but when we received a bigger size sample it was darker (of course) than I had imagined. I might go one shade lighter now (this is killing me). Has anyone seen the colours SW Modern Gray or Agreeable gray?. Those were the colours that matched up with the inspiration colour I found in one cabinet from Home Depot. One shade lighter than Agreeable gray is Incredible white (all from SW). Anyone seen that colour and do you think it would be a good colour for cabinets?


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Marji- Love your second board! Those light fixtures make all the difference! I need to learn how to make a board, those are super helpful! Love the exterior of your home!

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i'm happy to post my lighting selections, but i'll warn you... they're *ahem* pretty eclectic and all over the place. we had no rules (other than needing to be CFL or LED compatible) and just picked what we liked, and in some cases, shopped around for a less expensive alternative to what we liked. lighting selection came AFTER the rest of our material selections so we had already written a REALLLLLLLLLY big check for all those upgrades so i tried to be very frugal with our lighting.

for example, we fell in love with this $2300 fixture from Bevolo for over our dining room table which is open to the kitchen and living room.

but instead went with this $500 (before a coupon!!) from ballard and i think i like it even better. they don't look it in the pictures, but they are identical size, both 45" diameter.

in the same sight line, we have these 3 pendants over the kitchen island:

we're using this in our entry:

These are the flush mounts in several rooms:

We have 6 of these hanging in hallways - 4 in one hallway, 2 in another hallway:

The bathrooms are where it really diverges. :)

Our master bathroom lighting:


my daughter's bathroom:

and these are the bulb covers for her vanity :)

my son's bathroom:

and this is actually a ceiling overhead flushmount but shown as a wallmount in this photo:

if you take away my daughter's bathroom i think the lighting falls into maybe 3 styles - coastal, industrial, and french farmhouse and i'm ok with that. :)

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Maggie--We have some of the same lighting!! I am using the same galvanized light for my son's vanity, the same flush mount you are using in several rooms for my kitchen pantry a similar beaded chandelier (though cream beads rather than blue) over my dining table. My house is coastal-inspired, but like you, I've mostly picked out what I love. Hoping it all comes together IRL as I see it in my head!! ;-)

I stopped in at the house after dark today and I was excited to see all they got done. Lots of doors are hung, lots of trim is up, including 2 of the 3 ceiling beams. And, the painter painted samples of all my colors on the walls!!! Couldn't really get a good feel for the colors in the dark with my flashlight, so can't wait to go over in the daylight tomorrow!! :)

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Upstairs landing pre-stain

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One of two upstairs closets that were to be carpeted but got hardwood...since it was paid for and we had extra flooring. Stained Jacobean.

Stained remainder of downstairs last night!! 3hours to "paint" on, rub in, wipe off! Got up close and personal rubbing my beautiful floors last night...(read needing Tylenol today!)

Had to rush home to tend to kids, and forgot to take more pics!!! They will come.

PS Avoid the puke virus like the plague with your kids!! My youngest has been throwing up forever!! (Tues night through thurs night) hopefully it's done today.


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I’ve been MIA lately. Been trying to keep up with everyone, but not posting. I’m not gonna attempt to respond to everyone but please know I love everything you are doing! Awww, those color choices, those granite slabs, those arches, those cabinets, those floors, those stained floors, those ceilings, those doors, those range hoods, that siding, those lighting choices! Great job!!!

I think I’m beyond too much second-guessing. It’s too late in the game and I just want it done. When asked about DH using the same stain for our mahogany kitchen cabinets as we are using for trim, beams and doors, I hesitated and then said, why not! Don’t have time to mull over anything anymore. Just get ‘er done! Anyone else feeling like this?

We’ve had a very productive week so far with our painter. Yay!!! We have two coats on all the ceilings, one coat of primer and color on all the walls except the family room. It just so happens that is where the trim and beam material are stacked. I chose grays with the green undertones throughout the house. Depending on the light, the walls look gray, green, and greigish, all of which I’m okay. We are doing a headband in all the rooms except the two with the vaulted ceilings (family room and master bedroom). We have 9’ ceilings and the headband will be at the 8’ mark. As you will see in some of the pics below, above the headband will be painted the same as the ceiling and below will be the wall color. It’s a technique used a lot by Sarah Susanka in her “Not So Big” books. It makes the area in each room above the headband look like the lid of a box.

Here is the master bath looking in from the entrance. Notice the BM Moon Shadow color looks dark. We used BM Icicle for the ceilings, closets and garage.

Here is the master bath looking from the window side. The color is lighter.

Here is our master bedroom in BM Moon Shadow.

This is the entryway in BM Grey Mirage. We used Grey Mirage in entryway, hallways, kitchen and dining areas.

Same color in the hallway. One of the spare bedrooms is straight ahead in another color (BM Natural Elements).

Here is the same hallway from the view of the spare bedroom. Color looks lighter.

Another spare bedroom looking toward the window at the front of the house. The two spare bedrooms, the spare bath, and the laundry room are painted BM Natural Elements.

Same bedroom looking at another wall. Looks lighter.

The only color I haven’t seen on the wall is the darkest one, BM Dry Sage. That is only going to be in the family room. However, the ID assures me that all the furniture we purchased will look great with that color.

The painter’s helper is doing most of the staining. And, there is a lot to do! We laughed when the painter said he’d have everything done in the interior with the painting and staining by mid this week. Yeah, right! But, I love the color we chose. It’s rich. It’s a Zar stain, 50/50 mix of Rosewood and Dark Mahogany.

Here are some of the bigger pieces for the beam. No finish on these yet.

Here is a piece up against our fireplace stone.

We are going to go pick up the polyurethane for the painter today. And, while we are there, we are going to try and get the color matching done for the exterior colors. Behr did a great job on matching the dark bronze for the exterior trim, but was off on the siding color I wanted. But, we have decided to go with Sherwin Williams Duration so want to make sure we have the right color combination.

DH has called the flooring and tile rep to tell them we are ready for tiling the bathrooms and laying the laundry room floor. DH also framed up the addition to our columns on the front porch and called the stone guys to come out whenever they can to stone them and put new capstones. I sure hope they look better afterwards and not worse!

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Jenny- The same plague hit us a few weeks ago and I have small children. I can't believe you are doing all that staining and then heading home to that! Kudos! I love the way your floors are turning out, gorgeous. I love wood with character.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Went to the house last night…alone. For a while anyway, it was awesome :) I am a very social person, love to have people around, but there are sometimes I just neeeeeed to be by myself. I locked all the doors, turned up the radio and started putting door handles & plate covers on. My electrician has been MIA for almost a week. Which is really ok in some ways, b/c he’s a bit of a know it all, and our builder & his brother are working on trim. I think they need their alone time too. Lol
Anyway, so I’ve been putting on plate covers whenever I can. I might have went a bit overboard on plugs & switches. Ha!! Seems like every time I think I’m almost done, I find more!!! I think I’m going to let dd do the plugs upstairs over the weekend. She’s closer to the ground.

DH showed up after a while. Had to call me to let him in…lol I guess he doesn’t have a key yet. Oops!
While we were working on little stuff, we had a heck of a thunder storm. I am even more pleased with the quality of this house. I couldn’t hardly hear the storm at all! The wind was whipping thru the trees which is a new (old) sound. I grew up with a woods behind the house, but for years haven’t had that. Our current home sounds like it is going to blow apart in wind. Not this new house!! Yay!!!

Let’s see… doors & trim are staying the color they are, natural. They actually are finished, you just can’t really tell that from pictures. All smooth, and just a twinge shiny. I caught myself just running my hands a long them last night while putting on the handles. I have a love affair with wood. I would love to learn woodworking.

Bluemoon ~ definitely on the boots!!! I have on mud boots 95% of the time anyway, b/c I have horses to care for, but last night I sure was glad I had them! Our “storage” trailer (semitrailer on the property) is surrounded by mud. I had to climb up in it to get my door handles. Oh boy. Between wrestling the huge doors in the wind, and trying to keep my footing in the mud, it’s a wonder I didn’t land on my rear. Not that it would have been the first time. I think I’ve fallen on ice/snow about 15 times this winter. I’m pretty klutzy, but that might be a record….

Illini ~ congrats on the mantel!! Exciting, can’t wait to see pictures of it :o)

Maggie ~ maybe we should have formed a budget club. I think I’ve lost all concept of decimals also! We have a certain amount left to draw. I’m really hoping it’s enough.
I really like your lighting selections. I have this thing about matching fixtures, but also, if you can’t match them all, I love mismatched eclectic!! (I’m only consistent at inconsistency!)

Marji ~ 77!!! We got to 59 I think, and boy did it feel like swimsuit weather ha! We used to have that same, or very similar dragonfly lamp hanging in the show room when I sold lighting. And a couple lamps to go with it if I remember right.
I love your mood boards! Second one is a sure winner! Love the balloon picture. What a great idea.
Ahh…and some dormer love! Autumn ~ you and I are seriously very similar. I love your pizza idea! Totally get it. GUESS WHAT I DID??? I actually went to the grocery store! More pantry items and frozen items, but some fresh deli meat & cheese. Some small packaged meals I can throw something together fairly quickly. I’m sooo tired of eating out. Grabbed some precooked baked chicken from the deli, Uncle Ben’s 90second rice packages and broccoli steamer packs. We actually had a pretty good dinner last night… at 10:15pm. But hey it wasn’t fast food!!!

Ontario ~ Thanks so much for the compliments. I’m a bit partial to it, of course! I’m still a bit amazed at times that it all actually came out of my head (with help) and is looking like I thought! I posted a few light pictures in my morning post yesterday, the sconces, fan & laundry. I’m hoping to get the entryway light up over the weekend, and will share of course!!
I’m glad you think it’s fast…I’m dying. I guess I don’t have enough patience!
we used all SW paint, but I don’t think either of those colors. I had to go back & look.

Jen, Jen, Jen ~ as usual I am in love with your home!! Floors look amazing!

Hoosier ~ I’ve tried to have that get’er done attitude the whole time. A few things have kinked my chain, but I’m pretty good now I think!
Paint looks great, and as always I love love love your stone!!! :o)

A few pics of trim, doors, & the cool posts on the stairs!! DH walked in and said “omg those are bad @ss!!” I laughed and laughed :o)

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Autumn, Great news on getting the window trims almost done. Excited to see your tile and cabinet pictures when you get a sneak peak. We are having our cabinets delivered today. The tile work is going slower than expected so not as many exciting pictures as I hoped but will post a couple below.

Lori, The door and trim look great. Thanks for posting pictures of the lights. Love the sconces you have the lights above the vanity. The curve/wave on the lights is great. I think you should be able to get done in time. The tile work in the bathroom looks good.

Mlweaving, you have a knack for finding lighting fixtures. I loved the sea green lights you bought and now love the lights you have chosen in the second mood board. I like the chandelier you chose also I wanted to do something similar but DH nixed it. I may still use it if I don’t like what I ordered in the space. Love your exterior. It is perfect.

Hoosier, The stain looks great next to your fireplace tile. Glad that the painter is making progress.

Bluemoon, you are so right on everything you love being over budget . It is such a balance on where you can spend and where you have to cut back.

maggiepie11 , love you sense of style and color. You are so good at DIY projects. I have seen some of the pictures in the home decorating forum. Love all your lighting choices also.

Mfatt, You are making progress  and it is starting look like a house

Jenny, what beautiful floors. You should be proud of the great job you have done. Hope the kiddo’s feel better soon.

We are having our cabinets delivered today. The trim is almost done around the doors. And they will start on crown molding and windows next. Taking the day off today to be present when the cabinets are delivered and to meet a fabricator.

What is everyone doing for the window treatments? Are you doing drapes/blinds? Any tips on what to look for in drapes. We need to start working on this soon. I have no clue on where to start. We just used wood blinds in our other house.
Here are is a picture of the master bath.

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Accent tile for the master bath above that will go in the niche and the center of the main wall in the shower.

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Lori (loribug26_gw) Wagerman_Walker

Tile is looking good! Love the accent :)

I'm taking my old, faded, homemade curtains with me. I made them 15 years ago. I'm not a seemstress! But I love them, and they will work in this house too. I'm going to replace them one of these days, but not in the budget at the moment. I am doing something new with the rods though, DH made me some shelf brackets/curtain rod holders out of angle iron & horse shoes. We painted them flat black. They will go in the corner, outside the trim, with a shelf on top, curtain rod over. Black pipe with caps will be the rod. I'm really hoping I get the look I'm going for, and it will give me more places to put my knick knacks, which I have way too many of!!!
Similar to the picture only my brackets will go in the little corner that the top & side trim makes. If it doesn't work, I'll put up regular rods & use the shelves & brackets elsewhere.
I don't like blinds, and back where we are, the curtains will most likely be open 90% of the time. I want to see out my windows not look through blinds :)

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