Vacuum cleaner won't shut off.

caflowerluverMarch 19, 2012

I have few questions about my vacuum cleaner. First when I was using it this morning, the sliding on/off button got stuck and wouldn't shut off so had to pull the plug to shut it off. Do you think WD40 sprayed in the area of the on/off button would work? Also noticed that it seemed to be working harder or sounded that way plus really holding onto the rug. I had it at the right carpet selection. And the cord was hot when I pulled it out of the wall to shut it off. Is this vacuum cleaner toast?


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Review: Model U5458-910 Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Windtunnel

1. This model works as it should, but the off/on switch will break down after 6 -7 months of use. It has happened to me and one I bought for my daughter(same model). It costs $80.00 to replace the switch at Sear's where it was purchased. So far I'm on number three switch.

2. There was no zero. I am on my second Hoover wind tunnel, actually I still have the first one. For an item that is meant for daily use, I've had to replace the switch on the first twice and now need to change it on the new one, but the replacement parts in NOT even close to compatible and even a magic wand could not make it happen, so where can I find the original switch and stop saying it's compatible, its not.

3. Replace the handle assembly.

I am going to get a new canister vacuum.

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