Does anyone own a Buick Rendevous?

jlj48November 27, 2005

We are thinking of purchasing a Buick Rendevous. I would be interested in comments from people who own them or from others who have stong opinions for or against the Rendevous. Thanks everyone.

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My boss had one. She traded it in on a Lexus SUV, claiming she had too many problems with the Rendezvous. She did not elaborate. It's just one data point.

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No strong opinions against or for the Buick Ren..... have I.

But it is not right for the manufacturers to supposedly "poorly" build a vehicle as complex and costly as the Rendezvous and then stick it to both the dealer and buyer..
As I have said, primarily, GM must learn to respect..

There is a "Is GM going bankrupt....?" thread on this subject...

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You will hear complaints about any vehicle, but the Buick Rendezvous is on the Consumer Reports list of recommended vehicles. It's a versatile vehicle that offers many attributes of both a van and SUV.

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Thanks to all responders. You're right cowboyind, complaints can be made about any vehicle, but we all have to choose what is right for our needs.

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