Love this sink, but it has no overflow...

elizawhyzaMarch 31, 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a large sink for a 5' bath vanity that can accommodate 2 faucets. I really like the Kohler Brockway, which I would use as a drop in for a vanity.

Unfortunately, it has no overflow. Let's just say that on occasion I've been known to forget that I left the water running, so in the interest of limiting marital drama to things that can't be prevented, I need a sink with an overflow. :-)

This sink is a utility sink, and from what I gather, they don't have overflows.

Do you know of any sinks that resemble this one that have an overflow?

Many thanks, in advance.

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I love that sink. Do you leave the kitchen sink running too? I would think you could train yourself :) Another thought is that you could get those automatic on off faucets that turn off themselves.

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Interesting idea about the automatic faucet. I have seen those in public bathrooms, but hadn't thought about them being available for home.

I will work on training myself in the meantime. The kitchen is the one that is more of a problem. Sometimes I walk away when I am filling it to let something soak. I've gotten much better about it, but I just get distracted! Embarrassing!

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Great sink! This about how often you would even be plugging the drain. I don't do that often in my bathroom sink, so the lack of overflow wouldn't be a big worry.

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That's an interesting idea for a bathroom sink -- is that what you're doing with it? I dont think you specifically said, but you did say it's a laundry sink...

You could always put in those little grate drains instead of a pop-up. That way you'd have to cover the drain with a rubber thingy or something if you actually need to fill it for some reason. Less likely to accidently have the drain stopped up and then overflow it.

I bought two glass bowl vessel sinks for my master bath, and they have no overflow either. I did do the pop up drains because I don't ever have a problem with leaving the tap running. :)

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That's what I was thinking, too. You could leave the water running forever and it wouldn't fill that sink unless you plugged the drain. My vessel sink has no overflow and can't be plugged, but I did have one close call when I turned on the water to get hot to wash my face and laid the washcloth on the sink and it floated over the drain. Oops. But I saw it in time.

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Good points, all! I'm not worried anymore! Thanks for pointing all this out.

Here's a link to installations of the sink:

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