Exhaust Fan on an Angle

Pickle73March 14, 2013

Can you install an exhaust fan/light on an angle in the bathroom? We are renovating a shower (that is kind of in an outdoor closet) at a summer bungalo, and previously we had a skylight there for light/ventilation. We may do it again, but I asked our contractor friend if we can put in a bathroom fan instead and he said it had to be straight to install.

I just wanted to make sure we weren't talking about 2 different things (like he thought I meant a ceiling fan, not a bathroom fan). This way maybe I can rephrase my question to him :)
Thanks for any help. Thanks!

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The fans usually have their outlet on one end, and are installed between joists/rafters. If you had a typical fan installed on an angle, that didn't match the direction of the joists/rafters above, it would require one or both of these:
1) creative attachment to the joists/rafters for installation
2) a fan that doesn't outlet out an end, since the outlet would probably be right into a rafter or be pinched (restricting airflow) by a rafter.

Make sense?

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It would be put right into the roof (no real ducts, like you have in a typical bathroom) - so probably the skylight option is the way to go. Thanks for your help!

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