St Patricks Table and Buffet

phonegirlFebruary 23, 2013

I dug out my Wedgwood Napoleon Ivy dinnerware so I
could use it on my St Paddy's table. When I seen this
at the ys I knew I wanted it. Some of the ivy on the dishes
is black, others blk & green and some just green. If you
look close at the pictures you will see the difference. I
was hoping to find more information on the different

I also bought two leprechauns and have brought
them out to play on my table. They are made by
Wayne Kleski and so darn cute. The placemats
and Welcome clover on the buffet mirror are from
DP this year.

The green, on the rock glasses, green candle holders
and tureen came from an estate sale a few weeks ago.
Paid $15 for all whick included an old Bassett mirror.
I sure didn't need another tureen but liked the style.LOL

Check out the rainbow to the right of the leprechaun
in the mirror. Couldn't make that happen again I'm sure.

My vintage table cloth that is hand embroidered.

Hope you enjoy looking! It's a beautiful day here with the sun shining.


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Lovely Punk!!
Cute vignette on your buffet and yep...I don't think you'd
get that perfect Rainbow in the mirror behind your leprechaun again! Great shot.
I think you did really good on the Tureen (can never have too
many) green glasses and candleholders at that Estate Sale and...a Bassett Mirror too...Wow!
Loving your Vintage TC which goes perfectly with your Wedgwood Napoleon Ivy dinnerware. Also, great flatware and napkin & rings
I think those little
leprechauns are enjoying all the details you put into this table.
This was a fun table to look at Punk..TFS

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Awe, thanks Jane! You always know how to make
a lady feel good with your comments. I'm going to
have to add on or build a new house myself it I don't
quit buying! Actually, DH bought an enclosed trailer
so I would fill it to go donate.LOL I'm hoping to get
out to that shed and clear some shelves this spring.


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Wow...Punk - an enclosed trailer..that's extreme!! lol

It's easy to compliment what you always make
me smile each time you post your TS or Decos.
I also smile because I picture you having so much fun
doing it all !...Your name should actually be 'Spunk' !! hehehe

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Jane, I'm sure DH will use it for other things too. I'm
loving it that I can go find more antiques and be able
to haul them in any weather. I think he can justify the
purchase if it was done out of love for my benefit tho.
I will have to show you my latest cabinet we bought
this winter. We moved the secretary to the master bath
after Christmas. We love it in there.

Funny you should mention the name 'Spunk'. I've been
called Spunky alot thru the years. I still think you should
convince DH to move to MT, girlfriend!


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Spunk? Really...I don't doubt why they would call you
that! You must be a real trip to be around...hehehe
As far as MT...great place to visit...but I'd die w/the
cold up in those Mts - GF !! LOL
Bad enough we're still buried under snow and another storm to hit tonight! Geesh - this Winter seems endless.

Your DH is a 'keeper'...he knows how to keep you happy...and I can't wait to see your new cabinet..and would love to see what you did w/the one in the Bathroom...
I love putting pieces in unexpected place in the house.
Makes it so more interesting.
Happy Cleaning..and keep your warm & dry..Lol

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Punk, the tablesetting is lovely. And that tureen!! I'd have bought that in a heartbeat too.

I'm thinking that leprechaun created a bit o' magic with that rainbow in the mirror! Bet it really surprised you. LOL.

I want to see what you did in the bathroom too, like Jane I love seeing something unexpected in a room.
Speaking of Jane....I'm not sure the weather is much worse where she is compared to Mt. Of course you both could move to Phx, where it will be mid 70's by end of next week. My 3 young trees are already getting new little sprouts and will leaf out soon. ;o) (normally they wouldn't have lost their leaves, but we did actually have a couple of real winter days for a change.)

hugs, Karen

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Love your table and buffet, Punk
they really say 'Happy St. Patrick's Day'
The vintage tc is perfect for your table. I love the shamrock place mats they really set off your lovely Wedgwood china
The soup tureen is wonderful. You can send me those green candle holders they will look good my my table. lol
I really look forward to seeing your tables.
Thanks for sharing them with us.

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Karen, that rainbow did make me take a second look,
maybe a third! The tureen is generic but the shape is
what I liked. I will share pictures of my cabinets today.
I took some last night before DS showed up.

Nana, I'm a copy cat with the dishes! You do have the
same ones. I went back and was thrilled when I found
your first table. Loved the ones in the second St Pats
table post too. Jane had some Wedgwood Ivy and
donated them or we'd see more. Have you set a table
yet for St Paddy's or decided which dishes your using?

Hope I get lucky this year while out and come across a
set of those.LOL I would send you the candle holders
but this is the first table I've used them on! Maybe you
will find some while out shopping this year.

Thanks for the sweet comments and keeping our
Holiday forum active.


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Marlene Kindred

Well geesh....I was going to start listing the things I liked, but then I realized just how long that list would be! Especially love the tablecloth and the plates and you even have shamrock placements! You are just too on the ball!

Lovely, lovely table!

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Marlene, thanks for the sweet comments. How are you
doing? Sad that surgery takes so long to recover from.
I just had a checkup and my doctor said no more down
on your knees so not sure what will take place in my
yard this year.hmmm


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Well, 1st off ...that tureen! Wow! Great $$ & so lovely! & then the vintage t'cloth ...hand embroidered!.. perfect for this table! And I so love the Ivy dishes sure found a terrific pattern in Wedgwood! Your napkins & flatware look great on this table!

I've not got a bit of 'Irish' in me I don't usually decorate or celebrate for this Holiday ...but always wore 'green' to work ... those Leprechauns sure are cuties on your buffet/table! And candlelight...yes! Now I'm still looking for something unusual , always surprise me w/something that I would never think of, punk! It must be the 'rainbow' this time! LOL! TFS, punk! Jeanne S.

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This is so lovely.
You sure found some treasures!!
The rainbow in the mirror is just amazing!!
I'd say you captured the spirit of the holiday in addition to capturing the rainbow. Now your leprechaun should lead you to the pot of gold, LOL

Erin Go Bragh!

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