Which sink, wainscot, vanity, or other combo option do you like?

enduringMarch 24, 2012

Hi there, here are my concept drawings for my new soapstone sink and vanity. The sink will be built by me first, then my carpenter will build a vanity. Please look and tell me what your thoughts are on my sink and vanity ideas.

The wainscot is to scale as are the rough dimentison of the wall length and height. First set of 3 pics are with wainscot at about 3.5', the second set of 3 pics are with the wainscot at 4'. My intire wall is 9.5' wide including the built in on the right of the picts. BTW the built in opens to the side of the sink and not to the viewer. The built in is showing the side panels that I will have built onto the existing built in to improve its appearance. The ceiling height is 7'.

Vanity is drawn at 36" wide and counter at 36" tall. The lower left rectangle is a cutaway of the tub. The sink is O.D. 18" wide.

Nothing is written in stone; the wainscot could go even lower, the sink backsplash a bit higher. I would like to keep the width at 36", no wider.

1. fancy side sink with 3.5' wainscot:

2: fancy center sink with 3.5' wainscot:

3: plain side sink with 3.5' wainscot:

4: fancy side sink with 4' wainscot:

5. fancy center sink with 4' wainscot:

6. plain side sink with 4' wainscot:

I welcome your feedback, thanks.

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My vote is for option 5. i like the look of the centered sink. though i think the side sink might give you more continuous counter space and more useable drawer space.

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I'm with michoumonster on this one--#5. I like the pretty backsplash detail & IMO it looks better with a higher wainscoting. I like symmetry, so the center sink gets my vote.

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I agree with the other posters; mock up #5 is a winner!

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Yes, it's #5 for me too. I think that would look awesome with sconces on either side of the mirror.

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Thanks you guys, so far its unanimous!

Isn't anyone going to vote for #1? That is my favorite because of the enlarged counter area and more functional drawers. I think the wainscot looks better at that point or even have the top of the backsplash come up bit higher. #5 was my first attempt & always had that in mind until very recently when I started looking at vanities and functionality.

Your welcome to keep voting:)

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Another vote for #5 -- But those drawers are going to be pretty useless...

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I'm wondering why you have the vanity and backsplash blocking the wainscot trim. Have you thought about having the trim be the backsplash at 36 inches -- just above the height of the counter?

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Michoumonster, I'm with you on the usefulness of the side counter, thats why I am liking the side sink.

Mydreamhome, I like symmetry too, but I sort of like the intersection of the listello into the side of the soapstone backsplash. I want this to look like a console instead of a cabinet installed.

Andreadeg, thanks for your vote, I bet you like symmetry too :)

Treasuretheday, yes, I have 2 single scones in chrome and bathroom quality on order:

Sweeby, the drawers will be very small on the center vanity. I'm guessing 4" wide. They might work if they were the box type without the drawer glides, but I really don't know how cabinets are made. So, since I am not a fan of "useless" I am steering away from the centered design.

Inmc, just for you I have updated the centered cabinet without the backsplash. But for our house it won't work. Also as I mention above, I want this to look like a console instead of a base cabinet installed. I am trying to make this a beautiful spa like farm bath - heard of those? ;) What this means is that I can take a lovely soaking bath from time to time AND my family can still wash their tractor greasy, livestocky hands in the sink AND guest can use it. I don't think the marble listello will hold up to all those uses, while the soapstone should be prefect for this use.

For Inmc (and I put a human in there for scale):

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Oh! Where are those sconces from?? They're lovely! I'm having a hard time finding sconces I like in chrome and not polished nickel. Thank you!

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Hi Babs, (I think we have the same name?) The sconces are Norwell brand, the model is Emily. They have some nice styles, both traditional and some modern. I hope the quality is excellent. I bought them on ebay and have not received them yet.

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My vote is for #4. I like the side sink with the higher tile line.

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Yea!!! dibinnh, that is my plan! Thanks for your input.

I have decided to use the higher wainscot and definately the side sink on that side. The other side sink is too close to the door. The center sink would not be very functional for my.

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Coming to this discussion late, so don't know if you have already made a decision. I like #1 and #4 -- because I like asymmetry. I also slightly prefer #1 over #4 because I like that the sink appears to rise a bit above the wainscoting -- which gives it a bit more prominence.

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Thanks Kashmi, I like the offset sink too and I have settled on that style. When I emailed my drawings to my carpenter he liked the offset the best too. The offset will provide more counter work space.

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No kidding!! I JUST bookmarked those earlier in the week! How is the quality? The price is really good, which makes me nervous to buy site unseen. Thanks again!

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Hi Babs, sorry I can't give you a quality report on the Norwell "Emily". I haven't received mine yet from the ebay order. I had talked to the ebay seller on the phone to confirm that I still wanted them as they were on back order. He wanted to know if I wanted a different model, but I am waiting.

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