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Marlene KindredFebruary 20, 2013

Hi Everyone~

Most of you know I had a knee replacement on Jan. 29th. I'm actually doing well with the healing of the actual knee, but I am having a huge problem with my sciatic least I think that's what it is. I have this terrible pain that runs from the top of my leg (in the groin area) down to my knee. I can't sleep at night because of it. I would appreciate any help you ladies could lend....I NEED some good sleep!

Thanks...sorry to make this a medical forum.....

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Marlene Kindred

Ooooppps....I was just told by my PT that my issue is the PT band that runs along the front of my leg to the knee....any ideas?

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I was about to post that it doesn't sound like you're describing the location where you would feel sciatica pain. So what do you mean by a "PT band"? if it's some kind of gizmo related to your physical therapy then you should be asking your PT guy to help you with the problem! Otherwise, you need to explain.

I've spent a lot of time over the years in PT with neck and back problems, and in every instance ibuprofen was prescribed for me to help take down the swelling and relieve the pain... double-dosage, actually. I was going to suggest that first, but need to know what you mean by PT band.

And then there's always alcohol to help you sleep, of course! :O)

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No helpful ideas for you, Marlene ... no experience with this but I will add more prayer for you... please talk to your dr., too. You need to find a way for 'restful' sleep. Jeanne S.

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Well heck, I know a lot about sciatica nerve pain unfortunately. But I know nothing about this PT band thing. I sure hope it goes away soon, MORE pain you do NOT need!!

Hang in there,

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Marlene Kindred

Well, here we go...I'll educate all of us. It seems that the PT band is the large muscle that runs from the front of your hip down the outside of your leg and attaches to you knee. Oh....that explains the pain. My PT told me yesterday that a lot of times after surgery the muscle tightens and can be very painful...much like sciatic pain only in the front. She showed me a couple of exercises to help stretch the muscle. I could do one of them and looked online for some others I could do. I did them throughout the day and lo and behold, it helped. I actually slept for six hours last night without waking! The first time since my surgery. It is amazing all of the different things our bodies can do to cause us pain, but I am thankful that there are ways to coax it into not being painful as well.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support. I'm not at the "I'm really glad I did this stage" yet, but I'm at the "okay, I'm ready for this to be over" stage, so I push along each day and the doctors say I'm still doing better than most at this stage, so I'm encouraged by that.

Thanks again ladies for the support!

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Might ask the PT if you could use a little heat(heating pad ) on the painful area or alternate heat & cold for 10-20 min. has been recommended to me at times. My torn gluteus Maximus was so painful in hospital & the morphine had started making me feel like I was on fire(after only 3 shots in 2 days) so refused any more. Dr. came in & I asked for heating pad(none as would get stolen or patients might get burned) but she said ,I'll be back. She went & put a dozen terry washcloths in water & then in zip loc bag & microwaved them- it was wonderful. They told me to take washcloths home as they would just throw them out. Wow! But they made a great heating pad wrapped in towel so not burning your skin. Hope that will help, sometimes it's the simple things that work best.! Jan

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Marlene, sure hope the exercises will keep the pain
down. Heat and cold is recommended alot any more
as Sunnyca mentioned. Might be worth a try to ask at
next PT appt. There are so many reasons for leg pain
like you described. I've dealt with some and think it's
from over doing or dehydration in my case.

Surgery is no fun and so many seem to need it any
more. I often think we push to hard and live to regret
it later. It's been 10 yrs since I had foot suregery and
I still have pain when I'm running non stop a couple
days in a row.

Keep us informed on how your feeling. Will keep
sending 'Get Well Wishes' to you.


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