Shower Door or No Shower Door?

mustangs81March 26, 2010

The tile guy has been giving me suggestions for the master bath remodel. I thought we would go with a frame-less shower door but he suggested no door at all. He said that as large as the shower, we could go without a door. Of course I've seen these before and like them but my question is "isn't it cold without a door?".

I am going to test it i.e. shower with the door open. But I notice when I open the door to reach for the towel, it's cold. Any experiential feedback?

Thank you.

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I think this is definitely one of those situations where it's going to depend on the person - I get cold easily and wouldn't even consider not having a shower door - I kinow some people love them- and they definitely look cool. Your experiment sounds like a great idea 0

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I don't have a shower door, BUT my shower is in a small room with the toilet, and the heat does stay in.

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Hi there, friend! I am just setting out on a bathroom remodel, too. At least without a door, you won't have to worry about keeping the glass clean and using the squeegee all the time. Will there be other sources of heat, such as a heater as part of the fan or heated floors? Actually, considering your location, heat is not usually a problem. In fact, now that I think about it, I think a doorless shower would work well for you. Your experiment sounds like a good way to start.

I also have seen showers that are spiral shaped, so you walk into the center to shower. DO you have space for something like that?

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I just finished a full remodel and have a shower with no glass at all. Very European and open. I worried that it would be cold and bought a small space heater to run when showering but I've found I don't really need it. The warm air from the shower warms the room but doesn't steam the mirrors because of the room size. We love not having to clean any glass and it looks great. I'll try and post a picture later.

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Hey Pam!! Thanks, I'll look into the spiral shaped thing.

Of course considering our very hard water, I would trade a little cold for not having to deal with the glass door. I keep the AC pretty low so I'll see what my tolerance for the cold is.

I appreciated everyone's input. There are always things I haven't thought of.

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I have one bath with shower door (hate cleaning it!), and the other with shower curtain. Much prefer the curtain. I can always throw it in the washer, and when I'm tired of it, switch to something else. PLUS, no shower door to clean. They look nice, but I can't get everyone to wipe it down after each use so it's a royal PITA!

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I've showered in a friend's glass shower a few times. I'm cold by the time I get done wiping the glass before getting out. There is no way to win.

I'm planning a forced air furnace vent in my big shower ceiling and a heat/exhaust fan at the entrance, but someone pointed out that a lot of air blowing around just feels cool on wet skin.

We need better shower door options!

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Here is our open shower. There will be glass on the half wall but nowhere else.

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We started our master bath remodel almost 3 months ago (DIY)....we're getting down to the end now. We opted to go without a shower door, and after a month or so of using it without a door, I don't know why we didn't do it sooner. Yes it can be a little chilly if the bathroom itself is cool, but generally not an issue. I love it. No shower door to clean, no shower curtain, the shower seems so much larger. We initially did it to enlarge the shower doorway for wheelchair access, we took an 18 inch doorway and made it into 32 inches! Very happy with the results.

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Doesn't the water splash out?

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The water doesn't splash out at all when I shower, however, it does a little bit when my hubby showers. As a result we also tiled the wall adjoining the shower. But the amount of water that gets on that wall is very small.

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We have no issue with splash-out using the Rain Shower head. If I use the Hand-held I have to be a bit more careful but generally not a problem at all. The shower is 4X5 so there is plenty of room. I think the splash issue is over estimated. I don't even get water on the half wall during a normal shower. My cat sits there and watches me.

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