Dishwasher problems

Tanny_GMarch 18, 2013

Hello.. I've been having chronic problems with Dishwashers the last 3 years... I'm on my 3rd dishwasher in about 3 1/2 years. This Maytag we have now just died 2 months after warranty expired. I thought if we pay $600+ for a dishwasher it will be one that will last for years.

The motor is making a loud grinding noise. I am able to get the dishes clean, but have to take apart the chopper and clean it after every load. Chopper seems to be working fine, just a lot of noise in the motor. I've ran several loads of CLR through it, and cleaned out everything that I could. Pump bringing in the water is fine.. Pump pushing out the water is fine.. When I first cleaned out the dishwasher.. I found a couple of pieces of broken glass, a garbage bag tie, and some other gunk in there. Any ideas what I can do? I'm in a financial pinch, I can't afford buying new dishwashers every 15 months.

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Don't buy a maytag next time.

Try not to put foreign objects like twist ties and broken glass in the baskets. clean out the bottom when you break something BEFORE you run a cycle.

You could attempt to clean the sump out - if you can get to it - but that glass might be stuck in the impeller permanently.

For others - while $600 is a lot of money, it's kinda a low to medium priced dishwasher. That's what a top of the line Hobart / KitchenAId cost 30+ years ago.

Quality dishwashers start at $1000+ today.

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