Wanna Take A Little Journey With Me

phonegirlFebruary 6, 2011

We ran to the city yesterday and I found some sweet deals. I've never seen so many items marked down at Ross & TJM. I got all the first photos plus the cake dome there. I'm loving the crystal candle holders. I do need to find some dangle crystals for them. I started to take off the price tags and stopped so I could share some pictures. The ones left standing were not discounted.sigh

Then we ran to DP and I found the little heart votives, Norfolk black plates, and a couple of little round mirrors.

On to GW where I found the other things in the last picture. The gal who checked me out wanted my little shoe but I didn't give it up. The little bunnies under my dome ($7.50 TJM) is a Home Interior candle shade ($1). The little angel in the hands reminded me of Jeanne's she used on one of her tables. It was $1.99.

The pink bunny ($2)I should be sending to you Frou. Will use it on my Easter table, if I can find it when it's time.lol The porcelain heart vase (1)and the little birds (2) are musical and match my DM's napkin holders I have. I also bought a Christmas votive w/candle and ring that was $15 from Dillards for $2. Still had some wrapping paper from Christmas on the bottom.

Shopping didn't end here tho. Got the cutest tree made out of birch wood that will go with my woodland scene for Christmas. It was $44.99 and I paid $4 for it. I already put it away or would share. You enablers are filling up our home fast!

Also a few ornaments on clearance at Shopko that I'm hoping to use on my St Pats table. Some of the ornaments were $11.99 and I paid $1 so I won't be out much if they don't work. I'll show pictures of these on my table next month.

Anyhoo, had a fun day and need to get busy now and start some laundry and find a place for my new finds. Hope you enjoy. BTW DH was a wonderful partner in crime and encouraged me to buy some things that I wouldn't of if he wasn't with me.


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Marlene Kindred

WOW! What a great day you had and such wonderful finds too! Sounds like you and DH make the perfect pair in crime...that makes it so much more fun, doesn't it? Love all of the figurines, candlesticks, and others. Looks like your house is going to have to "absorb" things like mine does...TFS!

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Not only do I love the bunny, I love every little thing. The little bird family is precious. And I always love some sparkle and bling, so those candle sticks are speaking to me. I've been looking for a cloche on a stand like that, love it. It looks like a great haul all in all. Speaking of laundry, I finished my laundry room today, paint, new floor and lots more shelves and storage.

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Oh my, I am so coveting those black/white plates! Wow, you really found some fantastic buys! The candleholders are wonderful too. I can't wait to see how you use all of this!

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SWEET DEALS, alright!
WOW! what a fun day for you!
the pink bunny calls to me ...& the cloche!

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Marlene, yes it is fun when you know you can buy anything you want. What are your hobbies? Do you have pictures to share. Would love to see how you spend your DH's money.LOL

Frou, I love the little cloches so many on here have too. This is my first and only one like that I own. Sounds like you accomplished alot today. Are the shelves for some of your collections? I don't know how you have so many and find time to change them out. You must be Super Woman.

Dream, have you seen all the different style dishes like these with different colored ribbons? There are so many with pretty polka dot ribbons in blue, pink, green and black.

My question to all of you is, do you replace the ribbon when it gets food on it every time you use it? This has kept me from buying this type to use. But for $2 it wouldn't matter if the ribbon got dirty and I never replaced it I guess.

Jeanne, I'm not surprised at what's calling to you.lol

Thanks for your comments.


I also bought this chef platter for $1 at TJ Maxx and the cappuccino cup and plate at GW for .69 ea. I had set them on th counter and forgot about them earlier.

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Oh I love it! Those white plates with the ribbon are great.
I am glad you had fun with your partner in crime! I don't buy much when dh is with me!
I am Nana also! :)
Great finds, Punk!

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My most fav is the sweet little bird family! You sure got allot! I didn't think you eat off those plates with the ribbons, just hang on the wall or display on an easel. You will enjoy doing displays in your pretty pedestal cloche, and bunnys are good all year IMHO. LOL Glad you a good time and found lots more goodies to decorate with.


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Kathleen, thanks for your comment. I can see you using these dishes on your ts.

Luvs, you always like birds and I'm sure you are one of the ones who started me in that direction too.lol I really don't need any more in my home.

Do you see what you've done to me by bringing me here?LOL I will try to practice control and tell my family NO MORE. I will be lying and they will know it!!! Thanks for your comments with the blk & wht dishes. I will google and see what I can find on there too.


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So Punk....did you remember to buy a lottery ticket while you were out? LOL. You sure were on a winning roll with your shopping! My favorite is the white plates with the ribbon too. Tho like Luvs, I wouldn't eat off them. Fun to decorate with. I saw one in a display on a blog awhile back (different colored ribbon) and thought that was such a neat plate. Figured I could watch for "lace edged" plates at GW to add ribbon to.

Just consider your house a big ol' SPONGE that will soak up all the goodies you bring in. LOL.
(works for me!)

hugs, Karen

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Wow Punk! you got so many wonderful buys and for so many ocassions too!
I can see you whipping up lots of great t/scapes.
I recognize the little angel like Jeannes..it's precious.
My DD has similar plates with the ribbon..I always admired them. I love your little cloche and the bunny and birds are darling. I'm seeing and 'feeling' lots of Spring on the way!! Love the cute 'Nana' sign..perfect for you.
Guess you can say you had a VERY fun and sucessful day.
Hope you have places to store it all! lol


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Punk, You really lucked out!! I think the pink rabbit and the cherub are my favorites!!
Your sign would work in my house too.

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