George Washington Dined Here

oldalgebraFebruary 20, 2011

Here's my Presidents' Day table. I wish I had ChristmasCandy's tankards. They would have added the final "frosting on the cake."

Here is a link that might be useful: Monday is Presidents' Day

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OA, great table. Love the layered dishes. I found the tankards at a TS, so keep on looking, you never know what you'll find! Your pewter goblets are just as good.

The bunting around the table edge is wonderful.
Since George's birthday changed when the Gregorian calendar was adopted, you could also celebrate it on
Feb. 11.
I love that you have his "autograph" to prove he dined there, LOL.


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OA, Wonderful table. Red white and blue always makes a great statement. I love the bunting. You were so lucky to have the Father of our Country dine with you!!! What an honor! I remember when Washington's birth day and Lincoln's were each special days. Thanks for sharing.

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Yep, I remember when we used to get both Washington and Lincoln's birthdays off from school. Then came the desire for a three day weekend to celebrate President's Day.

Love all the red white and blue especially the way you used the bunting. I left more comments on your blog.


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OA...your table certainly cries God Bless America with it's RW&B linens, placesettings & centerpc. And, as luck would have it, a genuine autographed plate from W! Wow! And... how you pulled that "bunting" off is a wonder & quite spectatular!!!

Love the dishes, the stars, stripes & the beautiful flower arrangement in the pewter tankard! I am esp oogling over your pewter metal chargers (thx for that info) ...& your heavy flatware! W certainly deserves his own day (& I mean George W) have enjoyed this table of honor you've shared! Jeanne S

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You are so lucky to have a signature piece,hmmmmmm. All the table linens are so wonderful, including the bunting. And as you stated the solid disher work so well. I had in mind to do a George table and use my cherry table cloth, but we just got in from a weekend camping trip, so I most likely get to it. I really enjoyed yours and Candy's.

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Wow OA...I didn't know you 'hob knobbed' with such important people!
Great table you set to honor George. I too think he got
'shafted' with the grouping of the Presidents. This country - sadly - is chipping away, at too much of our History...but that's another story...and not for here.

I love how you gave the tablecloth such an elegant look by trimming it with the bunting. The layered look of your dishes using the pewter chargers and other pewter pieces, along with the neat flatware does give it a real Colonial flair. The floral arrangement in the large tankard is beautiful and makes a nice statement too.
Nice job on everything. I'm think I'm going to steal your bunting idea for the 4th !!


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Thank for the kind words, everyone.
It's so very nice of you to leave "double comments." I know that is time consuming.

The material for the tablecloth CAME that way. That bunting runs down both sides of the fabric.
Of course, I had to cut the bunting part off and sew it back on again, as my table is rounded at the end and much narrower than a regular table. It wouldn't have shown up as nicely as it does if I had just let it hang down naturally.

If you want bunting to be at the ends of your table, as well as down the sides, You need enough fabric to cover the
1) the length of your table plus
2) the width of your table (one side of the fabric will supply bunting for one end, and the other side of the fabric will supply bunting for the other end.
Make sense???
3)And of course, you'll need to allow for shrinkage.

Candy, Luvs and I can tell you that the Goodwills where we live are pretty high in price. I had to visit that tankard for three weeks before it's colored tag matched the color that was 1/2 price for the week. I got it sometime after February of last year. I think it was originally $10. Most of the time, when I wait, someone buys the item out from under me. I guess that's why they can keep up the high prices. People WILL buy. I'm been known to cave in a few times myself.

Again, glad you all enjoyed the table.

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Thanks OA for the tip on the bunting. I actually thought you bought fabric then added bunting to it. I have a very long bunting. I'm thinking of basting it along the edges of a piece of fabric that fits just across the top of the table. (rectangle shape), and let the bunting hang over...Of course, I would measure to see if the bunting fits on all four sides. I could add a piece, as I have several sets of bunting, or shorten it if I have to. Do you think it would work?


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OA, sorry to be so slow posting on this but have been busy with a household shower(had to finish my gift) How do you do it? You come up with so many neat ideas and they all turn out so great. I love the table cover with the bunting and I especially love the pewter. I wish I had just a "little" of your inspiration. Janet

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That's EXACTLY what I did, except my "top" was from the same fabric as my bunting.

First, I make it a habit of getting out of the car after I arrive home with new yardage and going DIRECTLY to the washing machine. If you are going to make this "to fit" like mine, you won't be able to use it if it shrinks. So DON'T forget. I only say this, as I have forgotten this step once in a while and I've paid Big Time.

After I gave the fabric a quick press to get out any major wrinkles, I laid the top fabric on my table, WRONG side up and put heavy books on it so the fabric wouldn't move around.

Then I trimmed the top so that it was about 1-1/2 inches wider than the table top. I just sort of eyeballed it.

After I sewed the two bunting sides together to get one long piece, I pinned it all around the table. The wrong side of the bunting should be facing out when you do this.

After THAT, I basted it all the way around, all along the edge.

Out came the pins. Sew using your machine and you're good to go. It does look pretty cool when you're done.

Actually, I did this months ago, so I hope I haven't left anything out. As you can see, it's not hard.

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OA...that's EXACTLY what I was thinking of doing!!
You're right about the washing part and paying the price if you don't..On ocassion I've been lazy and let it slide only to be so sorry later on. I'm going to give it a go when I find some 'off time'..I've got to look for a nice top fabric to compliment the bunting first. I bought bunting real cheap at CTS yrs ago.
I just held on to it thinking I'd find a use for it one day.
When I saw how beautiful your tablecloth turned out..that was it!!
Thanks for the 'inspiration' and all your input too..


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Denise, love this table you created to honor Washington. You put so much into your tables.

Jane, I hope you make a tc with bunting too. So much fun ahead.


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I've run out ways to say you are OhSoAmazing and creative,
so I'll just have repeat myself on your delightful tables.

By the way, Jason has to take my DH to dinner since you didn't invite him...LOL. He shares Washington's birthday.

hugs, Karen

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jeannespines wonder I LOVED your pewter have GREAT taste...I looked it up! Very nice additions to your t'scape! Jeanne S.

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Well, I paid a lot for them, if that's what you mean, but not $60. I just looked up my original post and found that I paid $45.49 (no shipping). Still, it's a pretty penny for chargers that are pretty limited in style.

If you'll remember, I was looking for chargers to go with some sentimental dishes(shown below) I got at Williamsbury, VA. I only had two placesettings, so money was not much of a factor. Maybe, someday, I'll get a couple more.

Bye for now,
Moneybags Algebra

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OA, yes, I remember those dishes! Beautiful! & those pewter charges...PERFECTION! I LOVE THEM! You got a good deal! I've been looking for this type (metal) .... & maybe I'll find a bargain like yours yet! (just 2 for us, also). I'm not sold on the "plastic" ones yet...weird, uh? But I do love seeing others use them in their "stacking" of place-settings! Sorry, GWTW t'scape, NO pewter chargers!(yet) Thanks, OA! Jeanne S.

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