igntion lock will not turn

jms45October 14, 2007

newer cars all have this problem yes even toyota's.simple repair the ignition switch tumblers or tumbler are stuck in the upward position.just take a box wrench and tap on the metal part of the ignition switch.you just need to vibrate tumbler down.may have to do this a couple of times just tap then try key if ignition turns your in business. Then coat key with graphate.auto stores sells this. what causes this problem is every time keys are put in pocket or purse they collect lent and dirt.only takes a speck to jam a tumbler.the dealerships are making a killing off of this problem.if you take your car to the dealer to replace ignition switch. check your keys if there the same this is what they have done.in short you got screwed.

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A shot of tuner Spray or electrical contact spray also works well along with a tap

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jms45. Seriously, what is your point? Do you really think that some graphite lubricant will fix every possible lock cylinder failure? Today, many people have lots of keys, and key fobs, trinkets, and who knows what all else on their key chains. I'd estimate my key chain is over 1lb. While I'd like to break it down and carry less, not to mention reduce the strain on the car's lock cylinder, I just don't see how I can do that reliably. Sure enough if I tried to use two or three key chains, one of them would come up missing. So just like most everyone else, I keep all of my essential keys together. This will ultimately result in a loss of the lock cylinder in my Explorer, in fact the wear that is occuring is quite obvious. I routinely have a problem with the key binding on insertion, and having to be removed and another attempt at inserting it made. While lubrication of the key and lock cylinder do help to slow the process the ultimate failure of my lock cylinder it is virtually assured.

So from there, lets really examine your advice. Better yet, lets make you the tech at the dealership and me the customer. I bring my car in for the lock to be serviced, losing a couple hours at work, or having to make arrangements for a rental car, or some other kind of transportation. I get the car back and within a week, or two I experience the exact same problem that I had before because you didn't actually fix my car. I feel I was ripped off by your incompetence and the only way for you to make it right is to "Give me a loaner car, and fix the problem for free". That means replace my lock cylinder and key out of YOUR pocket.

That being said, how would you approach the next car with a similar complaint?

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