Bleaching Oil / Cedar Shingle Stain

duffydawgFebruary 8, 2013

Live in Chicago area and we are building a house. Wife wants Cabot Bluestone. I want it a bit weathered look if not a slight bit grayer. Was wondering if anyone has added a bit of Cabot Bleaching Oil to the stain? How did it do? I was thinking 75% Caboth Bluestone and 25% Cabot Bleaching Oil. Thoughts?

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Cabot's Bleaching Oil is their oil modified penetrating stain with a small amount of gray pigment and a mild bleaching agent that eventually turns the wood a silver color. White cedar naturally lightens in the sum but this gives it a head start.

If you want to make the Bleaching Oil darker or another shade of gray, you could add more pigment (ask a dealer to be sure this can be applied evenly) or use the more common method of mixing the Bleaching Oil with Cabot's Weathering Stain. I suspect the bleaching effect would be reduced but I guess it would still be noticeable.

I don't think mixing the Bleaching Oil with another Cabot Stain is recommended but you need to ask a Cabot dealer or contact the company.

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