1988 Ford Ranger

wiz4867October 3, 2006

Hi My truck starts good and runs well, but when I start it when it was set for a shor time ( like 1/2 hour) it will start and run ok. When I go into 2nd gear it starts to go bad, after I race the engine it will be ok. It acts like it is getting to much gas. bill

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sounds like you need a tune up

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Hi Have had 3 tune ups and $500.00 later, truck runs fine when outside temp is 70 or above or below 50. In between 50 and 70 degrees it will not run right till the engine gets warm. After that it is ok.

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Sticky auto choke ? Does it blow black smoke out the back ?

Or it could be the thermostat (but then it should run crook in cold weather).

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