Snowplow for a SUV

perk2October 26, 2005

My husband wants to get a snowplow for his 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good one. Will use it for plowing our driveway and his parents. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Assuming the Jeep has an auto tranny, put on an oversized tranny cooler; the extra load of plowing snow generates a ton of heat in the torque converter and can fry the tranny in no time. Too many weekend warriors find out the hard way.

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Good advice from FormulaRoss - that and changing the two oils more frequently during these work outs..
Jeep should have heavy duty packages for snow removal duties, and they probably do, at the dealerships....
And the Jeep forums should be of help..

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The Jeep Cherokee is unibody construction - no frame- although the members around the engine are hefty. So, whatever model of plow you select, make sure that it fastens to the stong points on the body. Come to think of it, maybe it would be a good idea to get advice from the dealer as to which plows are acceptable.

The front wheels drive the vehicle through control links and bushings. I'm not sure how the rear wheels are fastened to the body on the newer Jeeps. The older ones had a standard solid axle construction and drove through leaf springs set in bushings. One end of the leaf springs set in a link and do not transmit driving force to the body; The other ends of the springs are held in a bracket with a bolt and bushing, and this end transmits the driving force. Make sure that the driving bushings at both front and rear wheels are in good shape before attaching a plow.

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Thanks for the help. I guess we will get ahold of our Jeep dealer.

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I read somewhere in a catalog that someone is making a "personal" plow for small pickups and SUVs. It's meant for doing your own driveway only and NOT for doing the neighborhood. It sells for about $1000 complete. My driveway is only 100 feet so it's not good for me, but those with long driveways it's a pretty good deal.
I have a guy in our area that just hooks up a plow to an old CJ and plows driveways all day long for $20 each. But he has a rule. "I do primary homes first. Vacation home owners can afford to wait."

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If you happen to remember who is making this will you post it. Jeep dealer said Sno-way was suitable but now we found they are discontinuing the one that would work for our Jeep. (ST80)

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The company is called SnowBear.
They have mounts for everything from Acuras to whatever. All Jeeps are in there as are Ford Rangers, Explorers, as well as Lincoln Navigators.
If it's an SUV or small or large pickup, they have mounts for it.
But remember, it not a regular size plow. It's for doing your own driveway, not commercial use.
They even have plows for ATVs.

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Sorry it took so long to get back but had some family problems here (daughter-in-law diagnosed with cancer). We have decided that maybe we should look for a beater vehicle with plow. We are afraid that maybe it(plowing) will beat the heck out of my husbands jeep. Thanks for all your help. May God Bless all.

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