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author62October 30, 2005

Hi Folks,

I have 98 ford ranger and seems the wipers are going on the blink. Most of the time the wipers do not work on the intermittent settings or the just get stuck mid-swipe. However, the reg and fast speed settings work. I live in Alaska so I need to get them taken care of soon. One auto repair place said the wiper motor needs replaced ($70 part) and and another said it was the switch. I don't know what that means. Please advise so I can make an informed decision or at least know the right questions to ask the repair shop. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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The wiper motor itself is ok since it works on regular and high speed. However, it may need replacing since there is so much more stuff being intergated into the wiper motor assembly these days, for example, the park switch.

Your problem is with the intermittment feature, and since I don't have a repair manual for your vehicle, I don't know where that feature is located. It could be part of the wiper switch assembly, or there may be a separate module that controls the intermittent function. The wiper switch may be at fault since the delay timing is often included in this assembly.

Maybe someone else can offer more specific information.

A repair manual would be really helpful. If you don't have one, you might be able to see selected pages from an on-line manual at your local library.

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I am sure you have a problem with the multi-function switch and not the wiper motor . You will probly need to have a tech change this for you. He should be able to test the switch before replacing.

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