rough shifting grand prix

joe_mnOctober 24, 2006

we have owned 3 grand prix's. a 94, 97 and 98. we are looking at a 99 GT. the tranny seems to shift very fast but somewhat harshly. almost like a jerk. the 97 and 98 shifted slowly, almost like mush. I have read that this might be due to the shift solenoid, TCC, and on and on. we just looked at the car today and it is in above average shape and the price is ok. the owner said he is going to have the oil changed tomorrow at a dealer and they could look at the trans. i wonder what i could expect the seller to say since he is trying to sell it. my point is, the trans seems to not be shifting normally. i have owned similar cars so i should know. i almost have to have it checked by a tranny shop and hope the fix if needed is not extremely expensive.

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Look on the console for a "sport mode" switch. If it has one and if this is set to the sport-mode, switch it back to the normal-mode and test the shifting action.

If the above does not apply, have it inspected at a transmission shop before purchase.

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our 98 was a GT with no performance shift mode and the 97 we still have is a GTP with performance shift mode. It seems odd to be looking at another GP. at least we have some idea of how they drive. both cars were for my kids so i rarely drive them. my son mentioned the GT was shifting funny right before we sold it. teen driver, lead foot. i checked online and there are plenty of "rough shifting" grand prix links. yes, the bottom line is have it looked at by a shop. funny thing is, about 50% of the repairs for the shift solenoid does not fix the problem.

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