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EATREALFOODMarch 1, 2012

I have read other threads regarding Miele installations. I am located in the US not Canada.Please clarify the install for me.

My previous DW was hardwired, must I put in an 120V outlet or can I hardwire the Miele ? Miele told me either one as long as it's grounded.

Also what else do I need to have in place for the plumbing ?

Please list what I can expect from the install so I can make sure it's done correctly. Also is 24" space correct to allow for the unit?

In my state this is an expensive install :(

thank you

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Well, what do the install directions for your model say re: hardwire vs. plug in? My Miele can go either way. Sounds like yours can too. Either one will be grounded if your electic feed is 3 wire. (Hot, Neutral, and ground).

We're doing this the hard way. What model do you have? It's a simple matter to look up the installation specs.

Everything is in there - electric and plumbing hook ups needed and required cabinet size.

Best wishes

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Please excuse my question if it seems redundant. I read the thread listed below and just want to make sure all is ready for install. Model is Crystal G5105.

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Here's the manual, with installation instructions (linked below).

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Crystal DW installation manual

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All miele residential dishwashers have the same install specs.

They can be hardwired, but it is really difficult and time consuming, plus you'll just waste the cord and plug you paid for.

It's better and almost always cheaper to just have the home's existing supply wire terminated in a box with a plug inside the sinkbase cabinet.

Plumbing is now hooked up with a standard 3/8" flexible hose. You need only provide a shutoff/stop for it to attach to. Hot is typical but you may consider a cold feed if your model has a china and crystal program.

"Also is 24" space correct to allow for the unit? "

Not exactly. 60 centimeters or 23 5/8" is the standard width for a Miele install. You can leave 24" of width, but you will have a noticeable gap on either side of the machine and will need longer install screws.

If you leave 24" and don't want the gaps , you can order compensation strips from your dealer which are black plastic pieces, are fairly expensive, and not really that good looking. You can have your cabinet maker produce some matching strips also.

Is this a prefinished model or is it paneled? If it's paneled - your cabinet maker has determined the install width as the panel's width is different for a 60cm install vs. a 24" one. Prefinished ones look best installed in a 60cm opening.

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Best to leave capability for a standard dishwasher by making the cabinet gap 24 inches and attaching a removeable matching strip to fill the small gap. This strip has to be wide enough to go from the cabinet frame face back beyond the screw holes that are inside the dishwasher frame by a small amount. This depends on the dishwasher door treatment; a built-in with cabinet facing will have the dishwasher frame set behind the cabinet frame because the door is now doubly thick.

My Miele Optima intake hose has a garden hose fitting on the end, so the water interface should be garden hose male.

Intake hose, drain hose, and power cord will require some planning to ensure that after hooking up the hoses, it is possible to easily disconnect them and get them back through the cabinet hole to provide slack to pull out the dishwasher for repair. Keep in mind that it is otherwise really tough to lift the granite to do repairs.


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My Diamante Plus was installed almost two years ago, but our kitchen remodel was in'06. At that time we had the opening at 24" for a GE dishwasher we were buying. The Miele has a total of 4 side-mount screws (2 on each side). The gray rubber strip on the side fill the gap and I don't see any space between the unit when opened and the side cabinets. But when the unit is closed, there is a bit of space between the stainless door and the cabinet. If I were to ever have a custom panel dishwasher, the gap would look weird and take away from the "built in" look.

If I was doing the remodel now, I'd have it at 60cm instead of 24" so that it would be the correct size for Miele, but still get one with the stainless door as I prefer that look over custom panels.

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Geez - when are we (USA) going to choose metric?

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I need some remedial cabinet work done to correct install issues and will have them fill the gap between the incorrectly measured 24" DW cabinet, which should help reduce noise which is more than usual as a result.

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This is exactly the information you can rattle off fast which would take me more time to figure out.
The model is prefinished. I'm getting the tape out now...23 5/8".

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kaseki - 24" is fine if you don't care about the looks or don't sleep well at night because you might not like your new euro DW and and may want to trade it in for a Whirlpool or Samsung. Then you'd have a problem if you only left 60cm for the opening.

There are plenty of DW choices besides Miele that fit a 60cm opening. You won't get stuck with Miele if you only have 60cm.

Also, the current generation of Mieles has done away with the "garden hose" hookup and replaced it with a more standard 3/8" supply hose. The water management box that use to be on the end of the hose has been transferred into the cabinet bottom. This makes for a simpler install.

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Thanks for the info. How does a 3/8 hose have room for the water line and an outer liner to catch and sense leaks?

In my case the filler strip (which exactly matches the cabinet wood) is on a side of the dishwasher that abuts an angular cabinet. The door panel of this cabinet already has a larger than standard gap to the next panel (the dishwasher) as a result of not allowing the door panel to protrude beyond the cabinet row door line (a geometry effect). Hence, the gap is not obtrusive in my view.

Who knows, maybe an SZ-grade dishwasher company will rise in the US and need a 24-inch space.


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"How does a 3/8 hose have room for the water line and an outer liner to catch and sense leaks? "

It doesn't ! However - a braided supply line is not the weakest link in the system to begin with.

"Hence, the gap is not obtrusive in my view. "

Sure , but if one's kitchen has a standard 1/8" gap then 3/16" gap on both sides of the DW will look less than ideal to many people. It really boils down to the cabinet design and construction and the end user's conception on how thing's should look.

As a generalization - a DW made/designed for a 60cm opening should be installed in a 60cm opening - not 24".

A SZ dishwasher has been in the works for a while now, but this is a pretty complex appliance to design from the ground up. Designing, manufacturing AND delivering a DW on the quality level of a Miele is extremely difficult. Just ask the engineers at Dacor.

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