hitch mounting

joe_mnOctober 31, 2011

found a real nice class 3 hitch at the boneyard today. $9. i did not have tools to remove it. the hitch mount bolts to the bottom of the frame rails. 2 large 1" nuts on each side. i cannot see any access thru the sides of the frame rails. i wonder how the bolts were inserted during install? the bolts are about 6-7" apart. i cannot imagine a U-bolt style setup here? its a gm newer car. pretty sure this model never came from factory with hitch installed. will check it out tomorrow.

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You could try putting a wrench on the nuts to see if you can budge them. If you are very lucky, the nut will turn and the bolt will stay stationary. Very likely, you won't be able to budge the nuts - they'll be rusted in the threads and it will require the services of an extraction specialist to get it off.

Since you found this in a salvage yard, ask the owner if he would remove it for you (probably for a fee). I'm betting that a cutting torch will be needed. If it has to be 'torched' out, don't bother. Buy a new unit.

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Went to drawtite website. Found some nice pics of hardware. Yes I do not see these nuts coming off easy. Hitch was $188 at site. Would be nice to get it.

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It's class 2. 300 lb tw. 3500 gw. Got it off easy. Had 12" ext but borrowed a shorter one from fellow scrounger. Got all mounting hardware. Easy to see how hidden nuts lock into rail. Thing is heavy. Great shape.

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Hitch was on grand prix. I put it on an intrigue. Had to drill 2 new mounting holes. Easy. Much nicer than class 1 hitch.

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Son sold intrigue last week. With hitch. Oh well.

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found a hitch for my caddy at yard too. never seen one on my vintage in yard before. lots of cars my age but never hitches. is nice also. a caddy with hitch. i need to get my aarp membership now.

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