February Decorations

tamgypsyFebruary 3, 2008

Hi everyone,

I did a little Valentines Day decorating. I don't have alot of Valentines items. I just tried to use some red items where I could. It's not much but it will hold me over until March when the Spring and Bunny stuff comes out. Please disregard the table cloth that still needs ironing...lol

I usually skip St. Paddys day but I may do a cabbage table setting for it for March...:)

by Gypsy67

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The pic is not showing Tamgypsy, could you pls repost it, thanks.


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Hi Tam, As always, everything looks really pretty. You have a nice collection of decorative accessories. And you do such nice tasteful, beautiful arrangements with them.

Love your silver/red/white table. What are the little red hearts? Can't tell if they are a candle or a little box with the heart on top.

Gosh, you still have lots of snow, don't you? Sure makes a pretty winter scene out your windows.

Love seeing the pics, but sort of wish some had descriptions, or that you could tell us where you found certain things. I enjoy knowing where everyone finds their pretties, then I know where I should be shopping! LOL

Your home looks just lovely, and I hope things are going well for you. Keep in touch.


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craftlady...I am not sure why you can see the thumbnail which is the link to the album...try this:

luvs...thank you so much for the compliments. Yes, we are still having alot of snow, it'll be April until we can call it Spring around here...until then it'll be more ice and snow and when the temps improve it turns the yard into a muddy mess...LOL
I am sorry I didn't tag the pictures. The little hearts are little candles I found at the local Wegmans. The cat I found at TJ Maxx, the ivory plates and cake pedestal I found at The Christmasshoppe, The large red plates I got at the dollar store, The silver chargers are actually cheap silver trays I bought at the local grocery store. I am not sure what else you may have questions about. If there is a particular item you are wondering about just ask. I'll try to do a better job in the future to 'tag' items...:)

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Aw, I can't see the pic or link either (I tried on my laptop and my work computer...no luck) Waaa, I wanna see! LOL I have always been able to see them before?

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I'll try to help with a link to Tam's pics for you. Hope it works. They opened up just fine for me. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Tam's pics

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Luvs, thank you for putting another link, but I am still getting the message that "it is not currently available...just like before. I will try again later.

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I love your table setting!

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Yea! I can see the photos now! Tam, everything looks great, so festive. Love your tablesetting, I have the same red dishes they are so versitile they are good for lots of occassions! Your other vignettes are great too, you definately have a talent for them.

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Tam - very pretty little vignettes all around your place - every picture posted on this forum is an inspiration - I thank all you ladies for sharing your ideas.....


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