54 willys truck

kentuck_kenOctober 25, 2005

I got a 54 willys truck the other day.It has a blown up 305 chevy motor in now.I bought another frame and drive train system with the Hurricane 6cyl.

The engine and frame been sitting out and the coil and points and condensor are shot on it.It turns over and its not locked up.My question is.

Does anyone know if a electronic distributor from another Jeep or Amc product would interchange with the old coil and point setup distributor or am I stuck useing the old one with new parts?

I Don't want to put another v8 or chevy engine it cause the ditributor hits the firewall and I don't want to bang it up anymore than the previous owner. Any help or information would be helpfull. Thanks in advance.

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I would be a daunting task to upgrade to a fully modern system since these use sensors that read directly off the cam shaft and flywheel, sense vacuum and absolute manifold pressure, etc., and coordinate all of these with an engine controller (computer). I see two ways you might go:

1. Find an after-market kit.

2. Possibly, graft parts from an interim system where the manufacturers were replacing points with add-ons, but retained the same distrubutor housing and vacuum advance plate. The redesign of the advance plate may have had different mounting holes in it to mount the distributor shaft sensor, but otherwise it was a drop-in for the older, point plate. A typical Chrysler system consited of:

1. A toothed rotor and trigger sensor inside the distributor. (In early systems, the distributor cam may have been retained.)

2. A "power module" bolted to the fender to supply the capacitor discharge jolt to the coil.

3. The coil mounted where the older coil did and was the same size. It's windings may have been different to the point-ignition style.

All other parts were the same as the older point-ignition system: Vacuum advance, centrifugal advance weights, distributor rotor (the one that directed the spark to the proper plug), and plug leads.

Look for parts from Chrysler slant 6 and AMC circa 1976 - 1983.

Jeep used a number of other manufacturer's motors as well as the AMC 6 clyinder. It could have had a motor from GM. If it was a Chevy, you could get lucky in finding parts.

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