2001 Jaguar S Type AC/Heating Problem

jassieOctober 12, 2006

I have the same problem with my AC and my heater. This summer my Ac would be blowing warm air when I was at idle or driving under 35-40mph. Then when I would accelerate above 35-45 it would blow ice cold. And just recently I found out it is doing the same thing when I turn on the heater. At idle it blows cold air but when driving over 35-40mph it will blow HOT air. Adjusting the electronic temperature gauge makes no difference until I reach 35-45mph. this is making me crazy. Can anyone please give me some insight on what could be wrong, and what I can do to fix this problem? Please HelpÂ

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sounds like a problem with a vacum controlled door on the heat/ac system.

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For a number of years the others that post here regularly have seen me predicting just how difiicult servicing certain cars was becoming. Congratulations on owning one of the worst when it comes to having good service information for it, as well as being even able to take this to an average shop because they are not likely to have a scan tool with software that supports the climate control system in this car.

First are there any codes being set by the climate control head? I don't have the information at home on how to retrieve the codes manually, or if that is even possible. Another thing to consider, there is nothing here that truly suggests the car "is doing the same thing". Simply because of how heater, and AC systems operate, one using hot engine coolant, and the other a refrigerant system to cause an effect in the air temperature. Now granted they do share certain components in the dash, especially mode doors which are electrically operated, computer controlled with feedback signals to the control head. Plus in order for the climate control system to change the door positions in the in car, it has to know the ambient temperature (outside), the in car temperature, and the desired temperature by the operator. There are sensors called thermisters on the left side of the evaporator case that report this information to the control head.

Do you really want to know how complicated this gets? The system has a water control valve, that either allows coolant to flow through the heater core, or blocks it depending on the commands from the control head. In 2000 they had issues with the valve plugging up, so they added a filter screen. The 6-clys do not use an auxillary coolant pump, but the V-8's do. Is the coolant level correct? Is the thermostat opening too soon? All of these could be impacting the heat the system delivers to the interior, and have nothing at all to do with the way your AC was working.

I have never had one of these in the shop, and cannot say for sure if I have the software to support the climate control system. The 2000's used the same system as did the Lincoln Continentals. 2001, I don't know. I'd be hesitant to take this in if the shop was busy because it can turn into a technician trap. Which means the shop could lose money and time dealing with this as it could be the one and only time they see one of these. I suggest you use a shop that regularly works on these, or the dealer.

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john_g thanks for the info, you hit the nail on the head when you said this car is one of the worst when it comes to having good service information. I canÂt find ANY good web sites to do with Jaguar help. I took it in to my local mechanic and he had it for about a week didnÂt find any leaks recharged the refrigerant and told me he has no clue what is going on. I spent allot of money on this car to have nothing but problems. Money is a little tight so taking it to the dealership is my last option. I just have this weird feeling that itÂs something so stupid and easy to fix. Well again thanks for your time and the info if you come across any thing else let me know.

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bill_h thanks for the feedback i will look in to that.

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Here is the one source that I would count on for service information for your car.


I got that from this website

Once you actually get past the fact that it is nearly impossible to sign up as a new register, then you get to see what it costs for a minimum 3 day subscription. You might want to just pay the dealership and save yourself the hassle.

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can anyone please tell me what kind of freon i need to put in my ac. i have a 2001 s type v8. and where the low pressure side located and find it either.

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i'm Gaston i had a problem with my car back last summer the heater valve was leaking so when winter came i didn't have heat i went to the mechanic to replace the heater valve that purchase online for $80 before that time my AC was working fine but since than my heat is working but the AC is not is like i'm getting an AC from the 2 central fan but the 2 extremes which are the driver and the passenger side are blowing heat what can i

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