Clear coat peeling off

scarlett2001October 29, 2008

So how do I deal with this? Should I go to an auto paint place or the dealership? It's really bad, not a little patch but all over the roof. I can't paint over it, obviously.

Is there some way they can just get it all off without destroying the paint underneath? Or am I looking at a big operation? It's not new, but I still want to drive it a long time.

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Any good body shop will do. How to proceed depends on the cause of the problem. That's where an experts eye comes in. You didn't say how old your vehicle is or the environment it's been in. What seems to happen in older cars that have been in the sun a lot, the sun shines through the clear coat and damages the color coat. The clear coat then becomes delaminated and flakes off. That's where the expert comes in. You may just have the paint flaking off the top today, but the hood and deck lid may be next up tomorrow. If the problem is only with the clear coat, it is possible to wet sand it and re-apply. Time is money and paint work always takes a lot of time.

The most cost effective way of dealing with it is to leave it alone and drive it. It won't be the best looking car on the block, but it surely won't be the only one with a flake away paint job either. If nice paint jobs were cost effective, everyone would have one. jmo

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