Jaguar Engine Won't Shut Off!

dadoesOctober 4, 2009

My neighbor has a 2000 Jaguar S-Type. The engine won't shut off. When he turns the key, car keeps running. There's a warning on the dashboard about "engine failsafe mode." He had some odd trouble over past months with the battery going dead, then TWO replacements also being bad (both confirmed and replaced by AutoZone). Apparently there's some other electrical problem happening, whether related to the previous battery issue or not.

The immediate problem is how to shut off the engine, which is running at this moment, car parked in his driveway. I believe he tried disconnecting a battery cable, no effect. Is there a fuse could be pulled? Surely it doesn't have to keep running until the gas tank is dry? He said there are three fuse boxes. Any suggestions welcome ASAP!!

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Crisis over. He found the right fuse now to kill the engine.

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If his normal means of having diagnostics and repairs performed includes AZ, the crisis is far from over. JMHO.

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AZ is not the "normal." I'm aware that the car has been to Jaguar service several times. The dealer, however, is 1.5 hours away, one-way, so a routine battery replacement is reasonably obtained locally.

When the battery issue continued after the first replacement swap, I advised having the car checked for electrical problems ... but per what I was told, the last swap with AZ, the battery ~6 months old, was leaking acid, wouldn't take/hold a charge. Perhaps an electrical problem causing the battery to overheat? The car isn't driven much, he has a company truck. It may stay idle for 5 to 6 days at a stretch.

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