Red and White Table

kathleen_liFebruary 9, 2012

A Valentine table in the traditional colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red and White Love Birds

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Oh, I LOVE the t'cloth! What a backgrd for this traditional R&W table! Bright & cheery & makes a BIG splash for V-day! Those once-a-yr DS plates are perfect here! Stemware is beautiful & the shorter stem pattern looks a bit like the motif on the heirloom pcs I have from late 40's (saved in a cedar chest for me as a child). Beautiful!

Great style you created w/the berry wreath centerpc...simple & can use it on the table for awhile! it!

Napkins are pretty w/the recycled Cardinal tag & alabaster rings. And, once again, your dinner pics are luscious! TFS this table, kathleen! Jeanne S.

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Oh my, I am in awe of your talent and creativity.
I love this is a beautiful traditional Valentines table.

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Thanks, Jeanne, and Nana! Yes, the cloth spoke to me in TJMaxx. It said, you don't need me, but buy me anyway! :)

Jeanne, those shorter stems were my friend's mom's so they could easily be from the same era as yours!

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I keep looking at those plates at DT, but haven't given in yet, LOL.

You certainly have a flair.

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My DT never has pretty dishes anymore--wonder why? Yours are just perfect for this table. Looks really "classy" too. Love the tablecloth, good find. Luvs

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Love the R&W tablecloth, and your dishes go perfectly
with it.
I agree with Luvs - My DT doesn't carry such nice dishes either.
Great flatware and those stems are pretty too.
Kathleen...everything looks just lovely.

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Do you realize I've spent YEARS in total awe of your decorating, creativity, cooking, and unbelievable variety of tables? I ran out of words so long ago...

hugs, Karen

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Thanks so much Luvs, Candy, Jane and Karen!
Luvs, i think you just have to be there the day they put them out. The closest to me, 45 min away is always pretty much cleaned out!

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Unfortunately, Luvs is right. There are hardly any decent dishes at our Dollar Tree anymore.
I like the way you crisscross your table runners and make them into placemats. I think I'm going to have to make some runners to fit my tables too.

All those polka dots are fantastic!

Thanks for the Edge of the Cup link. I've got my order in.

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